Where in the world did The World Pursuit travel in 2017?

2017 brought us another year of incredible travel. I had so much fun making this video as it brought back many wonderful memories of the year. We hopped around 16 countries (plus a stopover in the US to see family).

The first portion of our year was spent finishing our “Hashtag Africa” trip. Where we drove overland across Africa for the year in our own car that we bought in Cape Town. New Year’s Eve was spent in Lusaka, Zambia’s capital, and was incredibly lively and fun! From there we finished out Africa in Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Rwanda.

After Africa, we took a road trip around Scotland’s Northern Highlands before heading off to the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Finland, Estonia, and finally Italy! We have many more adventures planned for 2018! As always, thanks for watching and taking this crazy ride with us!

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