We Traveled the World for a Year with a GoPro: Here’s What Happened

So, it’s officially been 12 months since we quit our jobs, left our NYC apartment, and packed up for a life on the road to travel the world for a year. We had so much positive feedback detailing our first six months of travel (told by a GoPro,) that we decided to update everyone on our next six months. If you missed it, feel free to catch up and check out our GoPro travel story from Latvia to Serbia. We pick back up here in Serbia and finish the year at the tip of Africa. Needless to say, it’s been a fantastic year of travel. 

Why all the GoPro shots? We absolutely love taking photos with our GoPro Hero 4 as we travel the world. It travels well, fits in perfectly with adventures and creativity, it’s small, and lightweight. We never leave our hotel, apartment, hostel, beach shack, yacht, or tent without it on our travels around the world. Looking for a GoPro recommendation? Check out our tips on picking the right GoPro and GoPro accessories!

We Traveled the World for a Year with a GoPro: Here’s Our Story

We left Serbia’s capital city and hit up the countryside

At the Peak With ACE Adventures

Had to get back to being one with nature, so we explored this Balkan country a little deeper.

We couldn’t go to Skopje and not venture through Matka Canyon

Travel the World for a Year and see Matka Canyon

Although Skopje may be the strangest capital city in the world, it’s beautiful in its own way.

We found tranquility on Europe’s most beautiful lake

Beautiful Lake Ohrid in Macedonia

Lake Ohrid in Macedonia holds a special place in our heart

Then we took to paragliding over the same lake

Paragliding with Fly Ohrid

There is no way we could miss out on soaring over Macedonia’s crown jewel

And then we figured we just couldn’t skip Albania

Travel the World for a Year and see Albania!

Seriously this country deserves so much more attention. It’s incredible!

We naturally made our way to Perast, Montenegro after

The purple wisteria in Perast

and got completely lost in the blooming wisteria that spring brought us in Perast

We needed adventure on Hvar, so we rode a quad all through the island

Riding around in Hvar

Hvar may just be one of our favorite islands in the world!

Still craving an adrenaline rush, we went white water rafting in Split

White Water Rafting in Croatia with Adventure Dalmatia

You can start thinking of Croatia as an adventure country now

And enjoyed sunsets like these in Croatia

Travel The World Photos

Wondering where to go in Croatia? Why not everywhere!?

Then we made our way to another beautiful European lake

Perfect Day Trips in Slovenia

Lake Bled. Slovenia’s famous sight is definitely worth a few days of serenity

And we made a few friends along the way

Group pose overlooking Lake Bled

We stopped at Big Berry camp in the Slovenian countryside for a bit, and never wanted to leave!

It was then time for a little R&R sailing the MediterraneanTasha Diving and Travel the World for a Year

Feeling like the little mermaid for a day is never a bad thing, right?

Not too much R&R though. Had to get a little active somewhere!

One, Two, Three JUMP into adventure

We are two twenty-somethings who just spent a week on a yacht. No, we aren’t rich. 

Jumping into the sea is always so refreshing

Jumping into the Med

The perfect Olympic training center

We docked in Rhodes for a scuba lesson

Diving with Waterhoppers

It was much less scary the second time

And took an overnight ferry to Crete and found this pink sand beach

Travel the World for a Year in Crete

Crete has so many beautiful beaches, it was hard to pick a favorite!

We had to cross continents at one point

Travel the World for a Year

We’ve become very fond of airports

And ended up in The Seychelles on an airfare deal

Cartwheels in The Seychelles

It’s a hard life

this was paradise on earth

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

An island group fit for a king

Every day was spent in the sunshine

seychelles with a Gopro

Even the fish swim right up to you in The Seychelles

Snorkeling in The Seychelles

Can we live here?

We became friends with the zebras in Swaziland

Hiking Around Swaziland

and ended up falling in love with the Kingdom of Swaziland

and then crossed borders into Mozambique to catch this sunset

Incredible Mozambique

Travel the world for a year and find total seclusion and amazing sunsets in Mozambique 

While getting up close and personal with wildlife

Swimming with Whale Sharks

Have we mentioned that Mozambique is one of top travel destinations ever?

The views never ever got old

Travel the World for a Year and see Bazarutu

We found so many beautiful places and people in Mozambique

We worked with the South African rangers and tracked lions in the Western Cape

GoPro Game Drive finding lions

We saw more than lions though! Read about our eco-friendly safari here!

We rode into the sunset in Free State, South Africa

Montusi Mountain Lodge

We may have snapped a photo or two on top of the Drakensberg

Meet The World Pursuit

after overcoming complete fear in the Drakensberg

Okay, just one more photo on top of South Africa

Scary times in the Drakensberg

A nerve wrecking viewpoint

We took to a little snowboarding in Lesotho

Snowboarding at Afriski

Yes, there is a slope that you can ski down in Africa!

and had one last adrenaline rush to ring in a year on the road


Bungee jumping off the highest bridge bungee in the world

Our twelfth month on the road ended in Cape Town. Here are the views from Table Mountain.

Travel The World For A Year Table Mountain

One more shout out from the tip of Africa!

The view from Cape Point, South Africa.

I think we found the most heavenly spot in the world at Cape Point.

So what’s in store for the next six months of travel? We’ll be making our way from Cape Town up to Ethiopia. Make sure to follow along!

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