Best Apps for Backpackers: Traveler to Gadget Geek

As interesting as it would be to travel like our parents did it’s hard to ignore the new digital age. It is important to always have the best information readily available when needed.  Here are some of our favorite and best apps for backpackers to make life a little easier.

    The Best Apps for Backpackers

The Best Apps for Backpackers

We use Skyscanner to book almost all of our flights.  The key to using this app is flexibility.  Skyscanner lets you search for flights in terms of days, weeks, months, and even the whole year! I love that you can type “everywhere” into the destination and it searches where the cheapest flights in the world are from your departing location.  We have often traveled to certain countries just because they had the cheapest flight option on Skyscanner.

The Best Apps for Backpackers

It’s important to stay up to date with world currencies when traveling. We use XE to always make sure we have the most up to date rate.  You have to be in WiFi to add new currencies, but you can use it without internet connection once you have updated the currencies.

The Best Apps for Backpackers

The European Rail Planner app is crucial for planning rail trips around Europe and one of the best apps for backpackers.  It has up to date schedules to get you all around Europe!

The Best Apps for Backpackers

It’s important to stay connected to family and friends while traveling.  We don’t normally buy sim cards or prepaid phones unless we are actually living in a foreign country. It’s an unnecessary expense for us, and we enjoy being “disconnected.” Magic Jack lets you call your loved ones actual cell phones and talk as long as you want.  The only kicker is you have to be in WiFi to use it.  With technically impaired parents, this is a lifesaver. No more having to explain how skype works!

The Best Apps for Backpackers

I could probably tell you around what 25 °C is.  But Units Plus will convert those units that all the other countries seem to be in the know on.  No WiFi needed!

The Best Apps for Backpackers:

The Companion App is one of the coolest new apps I have heard of.  It is a personal safety app that lets your friends and family track you as you walk home. You can request a friend from your contacts list to track you by the apps GPS until you reach your destination.  If the user strays off path, is pushed, or starts running the app ask if you are okay.  If this goes unanswered the app will trigger the phone into a loud alarm and instantly gives the option to call the police and also notify your companion.  The only downside is that you will need to be in WiFi or have a data plan, so if you are abroad without a sim card this app will not work properly.

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