What Men Should Pack For A Trip Around The World

A popular question we get is what pack for a trip around the world. So, let’s get into it. Since we’ve started I’ve tossed, picked up, and sent back items I felt were necessary or unnecessary. Which means my packing mistakes are for your benefit.

When it comes to packing we’ve both put lots of thought, research, testing, purchasing, and even returning to what we carry as we take a trip around the world. It isn’t easy considering we pack for just about every climate and activity around the world we can.

Even with all the time I’ve spent thinking about what I carry in my pack I still feel it’s too much. I aim for minimalism and to find things that have versatility, like my NorthFace Triclimate jacket. Let’s get into it.

What to pack for a trip around the world?

Horses in Iceland


  • North Face Alpen Blitz Trimclimate jacket: After, making it through fall, winter, and now spring this jacket has become a staple of my wardrobe keeping me dry and comfortable, no matter the weather. I’ve now switched now switched to one of warmest men’s down jackets and have never been happier.
  • Carhartt Beanie Hat: It goes without saying carrying something to keep your noggin warm is a necessity. Oh and it’s reversible so I don’t lose my mind wearing the same hat everyday.
  • Shemagh: Is it a scarf? Is it a bandanna? A convenient carrying case? Who knows, but it’s highly versatile which is key.
  • Winter gloves: Again, like the hat no one want a cold pair of hands and if you’re into alpine sports it’s pretty much a necessity.
  • Goggles: Okay, I realize this ain’t for everyone, but I need ’em. They’re great for snowboarding or riding a motorcycle through the countryside.
  • Sunglasses: If you’re packing for a trip around the world, you will need sunglasses. Buy them cheap, and bring one pair. You will loose them, but you can find cheap sunglasses anywhere in the world.


  • Patagonia Cords: They’re warm, comfortable, tough, and have a bit of stretch. To top it all off they look great they rock at both hiking and a restaurant. I can’t suggest one pair of pant’s that look great and are comfortable enough.
  • Patagonia Tenpenny PantsThese pants are lightweight super rugged and great for milder climates and when you’re hiking.
  • Patagonia shorts: I’m one of those people who hate men in shorts, but sometimes it’s just too damn hot.
  • Adidas shorts: You’re going to live out of your pack on a trip around the world carrying a pair of shorts around for relaxing or working out is key.


  • T-shirts: There are a few things you need multiples of. I can get away with wearing the same pants a week straight, but the same T-shirt… I didn’t think so.
  • Polyester shirt: For those truly hot days or doing something active a good athletic shirt is a life saver. Bonus when you live out of a pack around the world you might not always access to laundry. Who can afford the ridiculous prices at a hotel? So, a polyester shirt drys quick when you wash them in the sink.
  • Patagonia Flannel: This is pretty much my go to shirt when it’s cool. It’s warm, comfy, durable, and it looks great (as long as you don’t get sick of looking at it, sorry Tasha).
  • Dress shirt: I’d look pretty ridiculous wearing a T-shirt or a flannel out to a nice meal, and what’s the point of traveling if you don’t enjoy some great food occasionally?


  • Danish Endurance Socks: Good quality socks are a must. Any avid outdoor enthusiast will attest to this, they’ll save your feet.
  • Socks: I bought a brand new pack, and have no intention of them holding up. You can always buy more socks.
  • Underwear: Well, because you always need a clean pair.
  • Thermal Set: On those truly cold days, you’ll be happy you have them. Not everyone needs this one, but if you’re going to spend some time in mountains it’s best to be prepared.


  • Vasque Men’s Hiking shoes: A good pair of shoes are worth their weight in gold. I love spending my time outdoors and needed something good for hiking. A pair of boots would be better, but they just aren’t as versatile or cool as the shoes.
  • Relaxed Sneakers: Just like the flannel the hiking shoes look a little ridiculous for walking around a resort or bar.
  • Flip flops: Lifes a beach. Traveling around Asia without a pair of sandals is a no-go since most places have a no shoe policy. Who wants to untie and tie their shoes every time they enter a store or restaurant.


  • Youphoria travel towel: We don’t really spend time in hostels anymore, but it’s saved me once or twice, such as a one night Airbnb with no towels -_-.
  • Safety razor with blades: I’m one of those people who love the old-school practical things. Straight razors are the way to go. It’s time men got away from all these fancy cartridge razors design to give out after a few shaves.
    Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss


  • ENO DoubleNest Hammock: I love my ENO hammock. Just give them a google and you’ll find plenty of photos, tips, reviews, and odes to why you should too.
  • Leatherman: I love my time outdoors. So, it often lead me to needing things that will come in handy. A multitool is great, and you need to know when to go cheap, multitools aren’t the case.
  • A Good Passport Wallet: Essential to keep your passport and credit cards safe and secure when traveling.
  • Luggage locks: They’re always useful to keep your stuff secure.
  • Led Flashlight: There will be a point in time when it comes in handy. Maybe you drop something under the bed, taking a nighttime walk, or the power goes out.
  • Lifeproof Go water bottle: It’s well known not to drink the water every where, bottled water can become costly and it’s environmentally unfriendly. Grab a water bottle with a filter to save your wallet and the environment.
  • Moleskine notebook: There is something to be said to writing down your thoughts in a good quality notebook, and it’s great for a quick note.
  • Little Sun: We love saving the environment and picking a product that goes to a good cause. We also like to see at night. With our portable Little Sun we’re able to solar charge our light and a portion of the profits go towards providing a Little Sun to those in need.
  • Scrubba Wash Bag: This is probably one of my favorite things in our packs. It helps save the environment, our wallets, and our backs. Why? Because this awesome bag is one of the smallest washing machines in the world. It allows for us to wash our clothes anywhere and without electricity. The ability to wash our clothes on the go has translated to less in our packs, meaning our backs are saved.

Now where does all this go?

Cameron Cubes

Any more questions about what’s in my pack? Ask away!

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