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This late Fall we decided to explore a bit of the French Countryside around Brittany and Normandy. France hasn’t been high on our list for years because of its popularity so we decided to explore in the off-season. Well, good things are popular for a reason.

Brittany and Normandy are two tremendous regions in France with beautiful rolling countryside, preserved medieval towns, castles, old forests, and gorgeous wild coastline. We got to explore epic castles, beaches, provincial towns, drank calvados, and eat delicious seafood. The best part was we were some of the relatively few tourists because the weather was cool and balmy. Lucky for us we brought along a great travel jacket that works in a multitude of climates.

What Did We Get Up to in France?

We were not sure where to go in France other than the coastline for some delicious French seafood. So, when we found a beautiful French farmhouse on the border of Brittany and Normandy twenty minutes away from a landmark of France Mont-Saint Michel.

The first time I saw a photograph of Mont-Saint Michel I couldn’t believe it was real. A towering castle topped with a spired abbey on an island off the coast of France feels more appropriate in a fairy-tale than real life. However, against logic, this place exists and it’s every bit as magical to visit in person as one would think.

The magnificent sight draws in monstrous crowds during the summer months, but in late November the cold weather drives away most visitors. Rain, wind, and cold temperatures blow across the tidal marsh that leads out to the island.

Outside of visiting Mont-Saint Michel, we visited the nearby coastal towns of St-Malo and Honfleur. St-Malo is a walled coastal city that is surrounded by a deep blue sea that has one of the largest tidal changes in the world. Honfleur feels like a town stuck in time with historic row houses and an atmospheric wood church.

Naturally, with this being France, we enjoyed spectacular French food. We loved the fresh oysters, fish, and scallops. Then there were the wines like Sancerre and Bordeaux that we enjoyed almost every night.

Even simple things like bread and butter the French seem to have perfected. The delicious food and mesmerizing historic coast made for a wonderful trip. We left with the knowledge we’d have to return.

What jacket did we pack for this trip?

When we travel for extended periods of time hop between a lot of climates or at the very least witness the changing seasons. So, any jacket we pack should be able to handle a multitude of climates.

Natasha ordered The North Face ThermoBall Eco Snow Triclimate Jacket off Zappos for this trip. The North Face makes a wide range of jackets that are perfect for inclement and cold weather. We were able to transition for cool windy weather in France to snowboarding back at home in Banff.

The Thermoball Eco Triclimate Jacket is a 3-in-1 style of a jacket that provides me three different jackets in one. It has two elements a poly blend lightweight shell exterior and an Eco Thermoball jacket. The down jacket gets its eco-friendly name due to insulation created from post-consumer recycled polyester.

A 3-in-1 design is built upon layers. When combined the jacket is cozy warm in cold inclement weather, but in warmer temperatures, the jacket separates. This provides you with a lightweight rain jacket or a comfy down jacket for cool weather.

This means Natasha was able to use the jacket for a safari in Southern Africa, exploring the coastline of France, and then the ski resort at home in Banff. To complete this ski outfit Natasha paired the jacket with The North Face Freedom Pants and the Salty Dog Beanie.

Natasha ordered her North Face gear off Zappos. Zappos is our go-to online store as they have a wide range of styles and that extends beyond shoes. Not being an in-store shopper, Zappos makes it incredibly easy for me to get what I want right to my doorstep when we are visiting the USA.

Zappos offers fast and free shipping and 365-day return policy. We stay pretty busy so all of these things make shopping online for gear super convenient. We love to use them for many of our footwear and outdoor wear needs!

All in all, it was a fabulous trip to France and I can’t wait to return. We put off visiting the country for far too long and couldn’t be happier that we visited in the off-season thanks in part to the right clothing.

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