The 12 Best Passport Wallets for Travel (for Men and Women)

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Best Passport Holder

You want the best passport wallet to protect your most valuable assets when traveling. Replacing travel documents while traveling is a serious issue and not something anyone wants to deal with. That is why we always carry a quality passport holder when we’re in a foreign country. It’s important to have a firm grasp on where your identification, boarding pass, or credit cards are located.

Otherwise, it can result in unnecessary stress during a long international flight or a new country. Travel is meant to be enjoyable so staying organized is key to relaxation. Organization and preparedness are two are important elements to a successful trip. An organized passport holder is like a breath of fresh air.

It keeps all your travel documents, dollars, itineraries, and rewards credit cards in one place. We suggest something that is hard to lose, combats theft, and organizes the details of the trip. In this post, we share some of our favorite passport wallets on the market.

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What makes a good passport holder?

best travel wallet

RFID blocking technology:

You’re going to see this acronym thrown around a lot in this post. RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification. RFID tags use electromagnetic fields to identify and track store your information. It’s a new feature utilized in a lot of new credit cards and passports.

Long gone are the days of actually stealing a credit card. Thieves can now use this technology against you to steal all your information. Thankfully, many passport travel wallets have RFID blocking technology to discourage this.


When you’re traveling you want something that is durable and going to hold up through all your trips. Why spend money on something that won’t last? The materials used in the construction and design of your wallet should be high quality.


They make passport holders in all shapes and sizes. Some wallets are big and bulky while others are small and lightweight. It’s important to identify if it’s convenient for you and your needs. For me, that means it fits easily inside a purse or backpack and holds my phone.


Some of the best passport wallets only hold a passport. Some come with credit card slots and change purses, while others can hold pens and USB sticks inside them. Make sure you get one to hold all that you need.


For many people, style an is an important aspect when traveling. It wouldn’t be fitting for a business traveler, honeymooner, or fashionista to pull out some ugly neck wallet to pay for their cappuccino.

Best Passport Wallets for Travel

1.) Herschel Supply Co. Raynor Passport Holder

Hershel Supply one of my favorite brands for backpacks, so why would I not choose them for travel accessories? They are known for durable high-quality products. It is likely you will have this passport cover for life. The Herschel product comes in different colors so you can easily choose one to match the rest of your carry on luggage set. The Herschel travel wallet is just the right size to hold your passport plus some space for extra cash, notes, and visas.

Pros of the Herschel travel wallet

  • Durable and backed by a great brand
  • Large enough to hold two passport, credit cards, and visas at 5.75″ high and 4″ wide
  • Stylish Look.
  • Great for not only traveling but also hanging around town
  • Fair Price

Cons of the Herschel travel wallet

  • Not RFID
  • Have to fold cash to fit it inside

Check the prices here!

2.) Zero Grid Neck Wallet

If you’re looking for a passport holder that hangs around your neck comfortable the zero grid is perfect. The Zero Grid is made out of ripstop nylon and is lightweight, and water resistant. There are also many zippers and compartments allowing for optimal organization and protection while still implementing the best RFID technology. The best part is that neck wallets like these are hard for thieves to identify making you less of a target when traveling.

Pros of the Zero Grid Neck Wallet

  • Water resistant, comfortable mesh materials
  • Neck strap
  • Many compartments for organization and can easily fit even your phone
  • RFID technology

Cons of the Zero Grid Neck Wallet

  • Neck strap may get uncomfortable
  • You look like a goofball
  • Not as durable as leather or sturdier material

Check the prices here!

3.) Agilisk Family Passport Travel Wallet

This is the ultimate travel passport holder for families. This holder can take in all you travel with like four passports, money, credit cards, keys, change, a phone, a flash drive, and even a pen with a small notepad. You may think with all these features it wouldn’t be great for securing your belongings. However, the Agilisk has a RFID blocking linerand is made out of soft nylon.

Pros of the family passport holder

  • Can fit all your families important items in it
  • Great price
  • RFID technology to secure your information
  • Designed for both men and women

Cons of this family passport holder

  • Large and can be inconvenient to carry around the airport
  • Nylon, so less durable than leather

Check the prices here!

4.) Pacsafe RFIDsafe V150 RFID Blocking Bi-Fold Wallet

Best Passport Wallet - Pacsafe V150

Pacsafe specializes in designing bags and products to protect your valuables from theft. Their passport wallet is one of the best for security so for those who plan to spend some time backpacking and walking around in crowded local markets, this could be a great option.

The wrist strap is designed so that it is difficult to cut and tightens on your wrist – this will stop snatch and grab thieves. The clutch is roomy and can fit 6 cards, cash, coins, and even multiple passports.

Pros of the family passport holder

  • Great security
  • Best RFID wallet technology to secure your information
  • Multiple Passports
  • Bifold Design
  • Unisex

Cons of this family passport holder

  • Large
  • Only available in black

Check the prices here!

Best Passport Travel Wallets for Men

1.) Bestkee passport wallet

I knew I loved the Bestkee passport holder as soon as I saw it. This product is made out of Italian Full Grain leather so it is stylish, yet soft and smooth.

There are multiple slots to this wallet so you can easily keep your passport, credit cards, cash, and boarding passes separately from each other. When you can stay organized with a great passport holder like this it’s hard to lose things. 

Pros of the Bestkee Passport wallet

  • RFID Blocking Shield to protect yourself against scams
  • Many different slots for credit cards, boarding pass, keys, and credit cards
  • Fits in cargo pants
  • Stylish and unique design

Cons of Bestkee Passport holder

  • With all different slots, this holder can easily become bulky
  • Cheap Leather
  • Fits in cargo pants (who wants to wear those?)

Check the prices here!

2.) Mr. Lentz Leather Passport Wallet

This is one of the best and most beautiful men’s passport wallets on the market.

Simple, yet functional, and perfect travelers who want to portray that simplicity. Made out of high-quality vegetable tanned leather right from the US and hand riveted with solid brass this is one fancy passport holder.

Pros of the Mr. Lents passport holder

  • easily fit 4 cards and a bit of cash as well as your passport
  • There is a two-person passport holder as well if for couples or families
  • 100-year warranty
  • can be personalized
  • One of the best leather travel wallets for men
  • Different beautiful color leather options
  • Rugged
  • High Quality

Cons of the Mr. Lents Passport Holder

  • Not RFID
  • Must allow leather to stretch for optimal fit

Check the prices here!

3.) Saddleback Passport Leather Wallet

We love Saddleback Leather. We’ve had their backpacks for quite some time now and can testify to their beauty and durability.

This is a long passport meaning it won’t fit easily in your pants, however, the passport wallet holder is great for flipping in and out of a jacket. Saddleback Leather hasn’t skimped on the RFID shield or their 100% full grain boot leather. They use the highest quality materials and are backed by a 100-year warranty, so one of these is sure to last you a lifetime.

Pros of the long leather passport wallet

  • Beautiful and slim design
  • RFID technology
  • 100-year warranty
  • Easily holds passport, boarding pass, credit cards and cash safely

Cons of the long leather passport wallet

  • The long design does not allow for it to easily fit in pants
  • A high price tag at $130

Check the prices here!

4.) SimpacX Fabric Passport Holder Wallet

A cool, no-frills passport holder is exactly what some men may want when they travel. What’s great about the SimpacXis that is an incredibly affordable price, but still features RFID technology, and many slots to hold credit cards, cash, and a passport. This wallet will also be able to easily slip in and out of men’s travel pants.

Pros of the Fabric Passport holder

  • RFID technology
  • Slick and simple
  • Super Cheap
  • Holds credit cards, cash, and passport
  • At $10, you can’t really beat the price

Cons of Fabris Passport holder

  • Some users note a strong chemical scent upon receiving.

Check the prices here!

Best Passport Wallets for Women

1.) Zoppen Tri-fold Document Organizer Holder

For the ladies that want a high-quality tri-fold passport holder that still looks great, I would highly recommend this Zoppen wallet. It has so many compartments I don’t know where to start, and even has a cell phone pouch. The wallet comes with RFID technology and can be purchased in a myriad of colors.

Pros of purchasing the Zoppen Tri-Fold Passport Holder

  • RFID technology
  • many pockets to stay organized
  • More than 20 colors to choose from
  • Holds smartphones

Cons of purchasing the Zoppen Tri-Fold Passport Holder

  • The eco-friendly material may feel cheap

Check the prices here!

2.) Michael Kors Jet Set Passport Case

For the stylish woman traveler this Michael Kors passport wallet is exactly what you want. This wallet is small and discreet enough to stash away in your purse, and conveniently holds one passport and a few credit cards. For the designer lover, this Michael Kors passport case is beautiful, strong and functional.

Pros of the Michael Kors Passport Wallet

  • Beautiful Michael Kors design for the fashion conscious
  • Small and not bulky
  • Holds passport and credit cards well

Cons of the Michael Kors Passport Wallet

  • Not RFID
  • Micheal Kors is an expensive brand

Check the prices here!

3.) Fintie Vegan Passport Holder

I have to admit this is not only one of my favorite travel wallets because of the low price, but because it is certified vegan! For less than $10 you can choose from many beautiful designs to fit your needs as well as protect yourself from scams with RFID technology. This passport holder has numerous slots to hold business cards, credit cards, and boarding passes easily but is still lightweight. It’s obviously synthetic leather on the inside and out and protects from the harsh outside elements of traveling.

Pros of the Fintie passport holder

  • Vegan!
  • Small and discreet, yet functional
  • Low price
  • RFID technology
  • Unique design to fit your taste

Cons of the Fintie Passport holder

  • Synthetic leather so not as great as real leather

Check the prices here!

4.) Pacsafe RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

Pacsafe is a great brand for travelers to use and are well known for their theft proof products. This was one of the first travel wallets I ever picked up and it even after four years of traveling it has held up extremely well. This wallet is 100% nylon and is large enough to hold a passport, cash, loose change, credit cards, and even a slim smartphone. What I love most about this is it is in the shape of a clutch so it can easily double for a fun purse on a night out of the town.

Pros of the Pacsafe wallet

  • Conveniently holds a passport, phone, change, and credit cards
  • Can act as a wristlet or clutch
  • RFID blocking material
  • Pacsafe brand

Cons of the Pacsafe wallet

  • Very large for the average traveler

Check the prices here!

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