20 Romantic Things to Do in NYC For Couples

Live In NYC Cheap

There is no shortage of unique experiences to share with your loved one regarding romantic things to do in NYC. It can feel overwhelming to narrow it down to one thing, so today, we share some of our favorite couple things to do in NYC, The best part is that most of these experiences are …

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Where is the Cheapest Place to Live in NYC? A Breakdown of What it Cost Us

cheap places to live in new york

There must be something between the rat-infested subway platforms and three-star restaurants in New York that make people believe it’s impossible to save money in NYC. We graduated with liberal and fine art degrees, so naturally, we thought it was a good idea to move to one of the most expensive cities in the world. We’re not alone! Many …

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Don’t be a Tourist in New York City

New York City

Once upon a time, we lived in New York City. We were residents for more than a year, but soon after we quickly realized that we were not New Yorkers.  Although the city was not the environment we wanted to call home, it is still a great place to visit! There are so many people …

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