HeyMondo Travel Insurance Review: Is It The BEST Travel Insurance?

The world of insurance can be a complicated place, but whether you’re hiking in Chamonix or bungee jumping near Cape Town, one this is certain – you need travel insurance.

There are so many options to choose from and then once you have it narrowed down to the ones that seem appealing to your needs, you have to navigate through that complicated insurance lingo.  

If you’re like me, you have a hard time understanding what it is you’re getting.  I never really know for sure if I’m fully covered or what I’m actually covered for.

Not so ideal, right? But travel insurance is a necessary evil and since I don’t advise you to travel without it, I’ll share my knowledge of one company that stands out from the rest. We will provide you with all the details in plain English!

If you’ve never heard of HeyMondo, you might want to look into this unique travel insurance option that many travelers are turning to for their insurance needs. I’ve put together this article to help you understand what HeyMondo is, what the company offers, and why you should consider them the next time you need travel insurance.  

Of course, you may also be wondering if this insurance company is even legit. With all the scams out there, it’s only natural to wonder if what you’re reading is authentic. I assure you that HeyMondo is real and in this article. We use them ourselves for travel insurance and have been for the past year. Thankfully, we have never had to file a claim yet, but we know that they have our backs if a bad situation ever arises.

What Is HeyMondo Travel Insurance?

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snorkeling with mantas in The Maldives

HeyMondo has been around since 2019 and is a travel insurance company that knows travelers and offers insurance tailored for a variety of trips. Every traveler is different and so is every trip they take.  HeyMondo understands this better than most of the alternatives out there.  

Travel insurance is different from your everyday car or home insurance. Why buy it through a company that doesn’t really understand the unique needs of today’s travelers? That’s why so many travelers from all walks of life have started using HeyMondo. There are so many other reasons though, so let’s dive into them! 

Why Should I Get Insurance With HeyMondo?

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scuba diving in the Philippines

There are many reasons why you should consider HeyMondo the next time you need travel insurance. With travel costing so much more these days, who wants to spend more money than they need on something they may not even need to use? Travel insurance is a necessity, but it can be costly too! With HeyMondo, we often find more competitive ratesfor a quality product that offers the best full coverage for your needs. 

It’s easy to sign up, it’s easy to use and it provides you with peace of mind if something does go wrong while you’re traveling. And it doesn’t matter where you live in the world because every one of the company’s plans covers people from every country. 

So What’s Included In Most HeyMondo Policies?

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While the combination of plans varies depending on the individual needs of travelers, many things are included with every package. 

Every policy includes worldwide assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you know you’ll get the assistance you need no matter what time it is and where you are in the world. Medical expenses are insured up to $10,000,000 USD and this includes coverage for Covid-19-related issues. 

There are no deductibles on many of their policies or out-of-pocket expenses which is always nice too! With all the news coming out these past few years about trips interrupted by Covid-19 and airlines canceling flights at an unprecedented rate, you’ll be happy to hear that HeyMondo’s trip cancellation and interruption will cover you up to $7,000.  

Just to ensure that the service is even easier to access, every customer is provided with free access to the HeyMondo app which comes with 24-hour medical chat, free emergency assistance calls and simple claims management options. 

This is a favorite among customers because it’s easy to install on any Smartphone, it’s easy to use and it’s always with you as long as you have your phone with you. And most people have their phones on them whenever and wherever they travel.

Insurance For Single Trip and Long Stay Packages

HeyMondo provides a variety of insurance policies for short short-term and long-term trips so you only have to buy the insurance you need rather than an all-inclusive policy that forces you to pay extra for things you don’t need. 

Insurance For Single Trips

Even if you’re only going to one destination for a few days or weeks, unforeseen events can happen at any time and you’ll want to be prepared as best as you can be if something occurs. Coverage for this type of travel is far-reaching. Emergency medical and dental expenses are covered for up to $10,000,000 USD and include things such as sudden illness, accidental injury, prescription drugs, hospital stays, physical therapy, extended lodging in the event of illness or quarantine and travel expenses for a family member.

If your luggage gets lost while traveling, you’ll be covered up to $2,500 USD and if your trip has to be canceled or is interrupted, you could be covered for up to $7,000 USD. Also included are personal liability for up to $60,000 USD, accidental death or disability up to $60,000 USD and rental car excess of up to $500 USD.  

Of course, since every trip is different and every traveler is unique, there are other add-ons you can have included with your insurance package. Do you like to participate in adventure sports when you travel? Be sure to add this optional coverage! Taking a cruise? Insurance for cruising is also available in addition to your basic single-trip insurance. 

Insurance for Long Stay Trips

Insurance for long-stay trips is very flexible. You can sign up even if you’re already traveling abroad and you can sign up for a minimum of 90 days and renew only if you feel it’s necessary. 

Don’t worry; renewing is easy to do while you’re on the road because it can be done right in your online account as long as you have internet service. You’ll always be told in advance what your renewal price will be so there are no surprises at the last minute. 

Some of the things you’ll be covered for with this insurance include emergency medical and dental expenses overseas up to $2,500,000 USD which includes things like medication, hospitalization, physical therapy, transportation, lodging in the event of illness or quarantine and travel expenses for a family member. 

Personal liability up to $60,000 USD and accidental death and disability up to $10,000 USD are also included. You can add additional coverage for adventure sports, baggage up to $1,200 and travel disruption up to $350 USD. 

What Is Not Covered by HeyMondo Insurance?

With any kind of insurance, it’s just as important to know what’s not included in your policy as it is to know what’s included. And yes, some things are not included by any HeyMondo policy.

These include any pre-existing medical condition you have, any injury or loss caused by your engagement in illegal activities, luggage that was left unattended, any injury or loss caused by you being under the influence of drugs or alcohol and any injury or loss caused by you deliberately putting yourself in harm’s way.  It’s always important to double and triple check your travel insurance policies!

Adventure Sports Add On

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Unfortunately skiing and snowboarding is not covered by HeyMondo Travel Insurance

The Heymondo travel insurance plans already include coverage for numerous activities, including.

Athletics, gym activities, activities with undomesticated animals (bullfighting, etc.), basketball, motorboats (with driver), bicycle riding, canoeing, curling, shooting/small game hunting, organised hot-air balloon rides, general hiking, jogging, football, golf, pedal boats, ball games, beach games and other beach and camping activities, karting, kayaking, jet skis, snowmobiles, swimming, sailing, orienteering, paddle surf, paddle tennis, paintballing, helicopter rides, skating, fishing, canoeing, rope bridges, snowshoeing, climbing walls, offroading, segways, hiking, snorkeling, surfing and windsurfing, tennis, zip lines, trekking at altitudes below 3,000 metres, sledging in ski resorts, mushing, equestrian tourism and other activities of similar characteristics.

With the Adventure sports add on, the coverage will also apply to the following activities: White-water rafting, airsofting, canyoning, diving and underwater activities less than 20 metres deep, bouldering up to a height of 8 metres, horse riding, climbing, fencing, caving at depths of less than 150 metres, water skiing, fly surfing, hydro bob, hydrospeed, kitesurfing, bicycle touring, mountain bike rides, deep-water soloing up to a height of 8 metres, quad biking, rafting, abseiling, bungee jumping, survival, trekking at altitudes of up to 5,000 metres and any activity of similar characteristics.

*As avid snowboarders, we were disappointed to learn that skiing and snowboarding, even within a resort is not covered by HeyMondo, so if you plan on skiing on vacation make sure to take out the proper insurance for that.

How Much Does HeyMondo Travel Insurance Cost?

example cost for 2 travelers for one month including USA and Canada

Now the answer to the most important question, the one any traveler wants the answer to before signing off on any travel insurance; the price. Travel can get expensive and travelers, particularly the ones on a strict budget, try to save wherever they can and that includes insurance no matter how important of a purchase it is!  

With HeyMondo travel insurance, the answer isn’t so cut and dry because the price you end up paying will depend on many factors including where you are from, if you are traveling the US, the type of trip and what you’d like to have included.  

While I can’t provide a one-price-fits-all answer, I can provide a range from the least it will cost you to the most. That range is quite wide and can run anywhere from $36 USD for HeyMondo Medical for seven days to $384.85 USD for HeyMondo Premium for 90 days. 

Just to give you some examples of the prices of a few other insurance combinations, you’ll pay $67.92 USD for HeyMondo Medical for a 14-day trip and $114.98 for HeyMondo Premium for a 21-day trip. 

When it comes to long-stay insurance, the prices are more universal. You’ll pay $303.63 for HeyMondo Long-Stay insurance every three months and you’ll pay $197.96 for Heymondo Multi-Trip insurance for a year. Heymondo Cancellation insurance is always $91.87 USD. 

The World Pursuit readers get 5% off their travel insurance, automatically applied at checkout!

How Do I Make A Claim With HeyMondo?

While I hope, and I’m sure you do too, that you’ll never have to make a claim with your HeyMondo travel insurance. If you do have to, the process is very simple! 

When you research and subsequently purchase insurance, you do so based on the price and the things that are covered but it isn’t until you make a claim that you know for sure how good a company is.  

With HeyMondo, there’s no false advertising, hidden fees, or broken promises. The company falls through when you need them to and that includes the moment you make a claim and everything after. In fact, travelers have said time and time again that making a claim with HeyMondo is super easy and painless compared to other travel insurance companies they’ve dealt with. 

What you’ll need to do will depend on the type of claim you make.  For any claim, the first thing to do is contact the company and follow their instructions.  HeyMondo has a convenient app with 24/7 support, as well as a WhatsApp number to reach (+34 627 28 33 66 – Monday to Friday – 09:00 to 18:30 GMT+1.)

For a theft claim, you’ll need to make a police report and provide a copy of it and you’ll need to make a list of the items that were stolen along with the price you paid for each item. It also helps to provide any photos you have of yourself with the items in question. 

When it comes to claiming lost luggage, you can do so through the HeyMondo app where you can upload the necessary documents which typically include your flight ticket, booking confirmations, and proof of payment. 

If you find yourself needing to see a doctor, the first thing to do is contact HeyMondo through the app or by phone and let them know you need to see one. The company will find a doctor in your location for you and book an appointment with the next one available. This information will be sent to you by email once the appointment is made. 

All you have to do is show up for the appointment, sign some documents and request a report to send to the insurance company. 

No matter what the details of your incident, whether it be an accident or illness, it’s very important to document as many of the details as possible. Take pictures, write anything down that you think may be needed, keep copies of any bills and log times and phone calls.  

Of course, it’s not always possible to do this depending on the situation but having as much detail as possible will help your case when making a claim. The most important thing is to not wait too long to make a claim. Contact HeyMondo as soon as possible so they can get to work on your claim right away. We recommend downloading and making use of their slick app.

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Should You Buy HeyMondo Travel Insurance?

And there you have it; a rundown on one of the fastest-growing travel insurance companies in the industry. I hope that you now have all the information needed to see that HeyMondo is definitely legit and is worth looking into the next time you need insurance for a trip. 

We recommend starting a quote on their website where you can input your trip details as well as your country of residence, this will then give you a rundown of what is covered and how much it will cost. No matter which travel insurance you go with, one thing is for certain, you need travel insurance when you travel.

Travel is a fun and enlightening experience but sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. Having the peace of mind that you’ll be taken care of during such an event will help make your trips that much more enjoyable. After all, you’ll have one less thing to worry about so you can focus on what really matters! 

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