A Magical Safari In Zimbabwe With African Bush Camps

sundowners in hwange

A safari in Zimbabwe is an excellent decision for exploring Southern Africa’s wilderness and wildlife. The country is a stunning safari hub, offering breathtaking landscapes and memorable wildlife encounters. Despite its historical challenges, Zimbabwe remains one of our favorite destinations in Southern Africa and a sanctuary for intrepid explorers. Its primary draw lies in untouched …

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23 Things To Know BEFORE Visiting Victoria Falls


There are few things more majestic than a waterfall, but when it comes to Victoria Falls, “majestic” doesn’t even BEGIN to describe it. This humongous waterfall is one of the world’s most remarkable natural wonders and a true gem of Africa. With rich forestry, abundant and diverse wildlife, and natural beauty wherever you set your …

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Hwange National Park Safari Guide: All You Need to Know

Hwange National Park

Bordering Botswana, Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe’s largest national park and covers an area of 14,600km². Its massive size leads to varying landscape, game, and wild bush. The park moves from desert scrubs on the edge of the Kalahari in the south, to granite hills and woodlands filled with mopane and teak in the North. …

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How to Check a Canoe Safari in Africa Off Your Bucket List

A canoe Safari in Africa

We sat on an island in the middle of the Zambezi River having arrived via canoe. Behind us, something stirred in the bushes, with a quick flash of my torch I could see the bull elephant keeping a watchful eye on our camp. We turned back to our conversation, lest we disturb him. It would …

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Seeking Petrol For The End Of Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba Can

Driving in Africa is a different experience. When I take a look at GoogleMaps everything is flat and roads are solid lines. It gives off the impression of “ah, this will be a piece of cake!” That is a serious misconception. Sitting comfortably at a lodge in Victoria Falls we knew it was time for an …

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Is Zimbabwe Safe? An Honest Opinion of Traveling Zimbabwe

We debated about traveling to Zimbabwe on our overland trip through Africa. We had heard rumors of fuel shortages, cash restrictions, power cutoffs, and harsh police roadblocks. However, this is Africa, and we decided that crossing into Zimbabwe was right on our route and could not be missed. We had received word of hour-long queues at …

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