25 South Africa Vacation Travel Tips To KNOW

South Africa Vacation Tips - robberg nature reserve

Going on a South Africa vacation? Before our long vacation in South Africa, the nation was one I knew little about. Like any little girl addicted to The Disney Channel, I watched The Color of Friendship and was introduced to apartheid. I watched nature documentaries showcasing the beautiful visuals of the Cape and the effects of …

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35 Fun and Interesting Facts About Morocco 

fun facts about morocco

Morocco is located in the northwest corner of Africa. It’s a country that boasts a diverse range of landscapes, including deserts, mountains, forests, and coastlines. The population continues to grow significantly every year, and there are lots to do and see, meaning there are some interesting facts about Morocco to learn! It’s a cultural hub …

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The Best Zanzibar Resorts & Hotels PERSONALLY Reviewed

Best Hotels in Zanzibar

Are you seeking the best hotels in Zanzibar? The gorgeous island has a long, colorful past and has drawn in tourists for decades. They come to soak up the beautiful white beaches, warm weather, and the perfect relaxing stop while on safari in Tanzania. When we arrived on the island of Zanzibar after driving across …

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32 Romantic and FUN Things To Do In Cape Town for Couples

romantic things to do in cape town

Looking for a few fun things to do in Cape Town for couples? After spending months in the city together, we feel confident we can share the best romantic things to do in Cape Town. It is the longest time we have spent as a couple in any one place we were not actually living …

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15 Zanzibar Travel Tips To Know BEFORE You Go

Maasai in Zanzibar

Planning to travel to Zanzibar and in search of a few Zanzibar travel tips? Whether you are on an African honeymoon, finishing up your Kilimanjaro Trek, or exploring the plains of the Serengeti when ending it all with a long beach holiday one thing is for certain  – Zanzibar Island is beautiful. We spent three …

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What to Wear in Egypt • Example Egypt Outfits

What to Wear in Egypt

Are you planning a trip to this Northern African country and wondering what to wear in Egypt? We just returned from a fantastic month in the country and loved every second of our time. We stressed our Egypt packing list and how to dress in Egypt. However, the Egyptian dress code can get confusing. After …

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41 Safari Animals and Where to Find Them

Safari in this day and age is about preserving the land and its inhabitants, that is, African safari animals. The romance of a wildlife safari is unmistakable. It had long been about the hunting of animals for the rich and adventurous back in the day, but with a growing appreciation of conservation, the idea has …

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37 Interesting & Fun Facts About AFRICA

Uganda Self Drive

Searching for some facts about Africa? I know it sounds cliche, but there is just nothing like Africa. There are so many beautiful countries, animals to see, unique cultures, and a variety of unique activities to partake in that it makes picking one place almost impossible. We spent a wonderful year traveling Africa and there is …

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