What to Wear in Egypt • Example Egypt Outfits

What to Wear in Egypt

Are you planning a trip to this Northern African country and wondering what to wear in Egypt? We just returned from a fantastic month in the country and loved every second of our time. We stressed our Egypt packing list and how to dress in Egypt. However, the Egyptian dress code can get confusing. After …

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28 FUN Things To Do In Egypt

Things to do in Egypt

There is no lack of things to do in Egypt, as the country is brimming with ancient locations, beaches, landscapes, dive sites, and museums. Visitors can explore the iconic Pyramids of Giza and the ancient temples of Luxor, cruise along the Nile River, or head to Nefertaris’s tomb. However, Egypt is not all about temples …

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35 Fun and Interesting Facts About Egypt


There’s no doubt about it, Egypt is one of the most fascinating places on earth! This ancient country, which is often referred to as one of the Cradles of Civilization, is an incredible contrast between old and new. You can imagine there are so many interesting facts about Egypt to know. Even the country’s geographical …

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27 Egypt Travel Tips To Know BEFORE You Go!

Egypt Travel Tips

If you’re looking for a few Egypt travel tips, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve just returned from a fantastic few weeks in Egypt, and there is so much to share about this overwhelming, ancient, and mesmerizing country. Egypt is a place that will frustrate you beyond belief, but at the same time, it …

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When is the Best Time to Visit Egypt?

When is the best time to visit egypt

Egypt is fascinating, whatever time of year you’re thinking about going. However, you might want to know that, despite being pretty much a desert, Egypt sometimes gets really cold. And, yes, it also gets super hot, too! That’s why we have created this handy month-by-month guide to the best time to visit Egypt, including temperatures, …

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