Travel Resources

After three years of traveling worldwide, we have found many travel resources to help you. We’ve put down all our favorite tools, brands, and websites that we found helpful over the years. 

We’ll try our best to keep this page up to date with the latest and greatest on the internet.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

Travel Planning Tips

Getting ready for your next trip? We know there is a lot to think about regarding travel. We love to have certain key elements planned well in advance for our trips.

Don’t get me wrong. We still like to leave a lot to the unexpected. However, with the right tactics and planning, we can save money and make sure we don’t miss out on the highlights. We share tips like how to manage your finances internationally, book a hotel room, or cool things to do. 

things to do in Namibia

Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

We try our hardest to be more eco-friendly in our travels. As we learn more about our impact on our planet, it’s apparent we face peril if we fail to address climate change and preserve our natural planet.

Machu Picchu Travel

Save Money for Travel

The old idea that travel is an expensive hobby for the rich and famous is an outdated notion. Many people ask us how we could afford to travel to more than 60 countries in our twenties.

Winter Packing list

Travel Packing Hacks

As frequent travelers, we have learned many packing hacks over the years. Don’t worry if packing for your next trip has you stressed because it is a skill that comes with time.

Health & Safety

Eight Ways to Access Money Overseas

I get a lot of questions about the best way to access cash abroad.

hiking for beginners

20 Easy Ways to Stay in Shape While Traveling

It’s tough to stay in shape while traveling the world.  You’re in new environments, have different time zones, and lack access to the comforts of home. 

Is Traveling to Africa Safe? What You Need to Know

It was our first time in Sub-Saharan Africa. I had dreamed of traveling across Africa ever since The Lion King. 

Travel Gear & Packing Tips

Our collection of travel gear and experience continues to grow every year. When we first left to travel the world we made so many mistakes. It’s easy to pack too much, too little, or just all together the wrong stuff. 

We’ve cursed gear and we’ve praised it. When you spend months on end traveling you learn to find the best gear possible to make your life easier. Check out our travel gear page to learn more. 

Cost To Backpack Europe: Edinburgh

The Best Travel Backpacks For Europe

The right travel backpacks for Europe will make travelers’ lives a lot easier! For many of you, it’s the first backpack you’ll ever purchase, and on top of that, there is a good chance you’re going to live out of it.

Travel in Costa Rica - Latitude 10

35 Life-Changing Eco Friendly Products

Read on for a great list of eco-friendly products to help you go green on your travels. Most of these environmentally friendly products are here to help reduce your waste and make simple purchase decisions

Linyanti Expeditions Tent Safari

Ultimate Safari Clothes Guide • What To Wear On Safari

Safari clothes are a serious affair in Africa. Yes, it is a bit “old-fashioned,” but fashions like the proper safari outfit never die.

Trip Ideas

travel quotes for instagram

32 Cheap Places to Travel When You’re On a Budget

If you think traveling is always expensive, think again. There are more than a fair share of cheap places to travel.

A Helpful 7 Day Yukon Road Trip Itinerary You’ll Love

A Yukon road trip is one of the most epic trips in Canada. The Yukon, a territory in northwest Canada, is wild, mountainous, and sparsely populated.

Galway, Ireland

36 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe

The most beautiful city in Europe is a pretty subjective term, but there is no shortage of contenders. We’ve spent years traveling around Europe exploring its historic cities and charming towns.

Get Outside

Womens Hiking Clothing

The Best Hiking Clothes for Women • Tried and Tested

It was only a few short years ago that Cameron and I would go into the outdoor stores only to find hiking clothes and gear that was only suited towards him. Times have changed!

Camping in Iceland Ring Road Trip Happy Campers Van

Campervan Iceland Trip • 15 Helpful Tips to Survive and Enjoy

Driving around Iceland in a campervan is a nature lover’s dream vacation. Doing a campervan Iceland trip is a bucket list trip for many.

Best Skiing in Canada

15 Best Ski Resorts in Canada You Should Check Out

What are the best ski resorts in Canada? As residents of Western Canada, we share our insights into our favorite ski resorts.

Resources For Travel Planning

Whenever we need a guidebook we turn to LP!

Our go-to for up-to-date information. Usually very reliable.

Truth be told, we really do research destinations on travel blogs! Our peers are great resources.


When we are looking to stay in a hotel we check first.

We like to stay in hostels when we want to meet people and be in a lively atmosphere!

When traveling around Asia we use Agoda.

We often like to cook when we travel so we look for apartments on Airbnb!

Booking Flights

We love Skyscanner’s “Everywhere” feature which lets us search openly for flights around the world.

Some fantastic flight deals can be found with Momondo. We recommend giving it a search before booking a flight.

Sign up for Secret Flying emails to find good error fares on flights.

Expedia is good all around search engine for flights, car hire, and hotels.


Organic Farming your way around the world is made possible largely to Wwoof.

Heymondo is our favorite option for travel insurance around the globe.

Workaway is where you can work exchanges! A great way to travel for free.

Teaching English abroad is a popular way to share your language skills with those in other countries.