Travel Resources

How do we learn this stuff? We often get asked where we find information as we travel. A lot of the info comes from other websites and our own personal experiences. Here’s a list of a few of The World Pursuit’s favorite travel resources.

Our favorite research sources

  • Wikitravel: This site operates on the same basis as Wikipedia, it’s all user generated from a faithful group of contributors. The site is meant to display the facts much like Wikipedia and offers great information regarding how to get to locations, such as what bus to take, and information about entering and exiting a country, scams to look out for, and general information you may not think to research.
  • Lonely Planet: In recent years these guys have taken over as the preeminent source of travel information. They have good info on almost every location around the world. They produce great looking and thorough content. You can’t go wrong with a lonely planet guide in your pack.
  • Rough Guides: Rough Guides offers some of the best travel books around. Their website offers some tips and provides you with travel inspiration. We like these guys a little more than Lonely Planet because they’re geared towards backpackers on a budget like us!
  • SkyScanner: We stumbled across Skyscanner back when we first started traveling. It’s an awesome tool to help find the cheapest flight between destinations, or to find the cheapest destination to fly to. Jump to our favorite apps page to check what more we have to say about it.
  • Google Flights ExplorerGoogle flights works similar to SkyScanner, it is hard to find as Google keeps it hidden. You are able to search for destinations to full continents within a certain time frame.
  • MomondoVery similar to SkyScanner, but the European version. We’ve found while traveling Europe that Momondo includes more Euro airlines as well has a greater search range of flights to select from.
  • SeatGuru: SeatGuru is a dead simple site rating airplane seats, but it’s always a good idea to check out the layout of the plane and make sure you get a good seat when taking long haul flights.

Trip Planning

  • G AdventuresA great website to book guided and packaged tours on.


  • (Global) Agoda is always the place we go to book accommodation in Asia. Like they have a easy user-friendly interface.
  • Always the first place we check for accommodation.  The have an easy to use interface and the search range varies from dormitory style rooms to five-star resorts.
  • AirBnB If you haven’t heard of Air BnB yet, then we need to pull you out from underneath that rock.  This awesome platform lets you rent out people’s actual homes. Great for big groups! Sign up with our link and we both get $35!
  • HostelBookers No booking fees for hostels around the world.
  • Couchsurfing is a great way to stay cheap and get to know locals when you travel.  Hosts and travelers alike gather on this website to offer up their couch to travelers in exchange for new culture being brought to their home.  Always be safe when couch-surfing and use your best judgment with who you are staying with/let into your home.
  • Trusted Housesitters: Housesit your way around the world. If you’re looking for a sweet discount use “worldpursuit” for 10% off your signup fee.


  • Auto Europe is a car rental booking service that compares all the major brands like Hertz, Avis, Alamo, and option for choosing the best car to rent. They have great service!
  • (Global) We have both traveled with a Eurail pass and loved the experience!  Check out the rail planner app in this post.
  • Seat 61 The best and most detailed website for train travel across the world.  Mark Smith has been traveling the world by train for years and breaks down all the logistics for you. Especially helpful when you are in rural or developing countries.
  • Hyperdia The easiest website to look up rail information in Japan.
  • Seat Guru Avoid ever sitting next to a bathroom on a plane again.  Seat Guru lets you check out the best and worst seats on your next aircraft.


  • REI We LOVE REI gear.  They have an extremely large selection of outdoor and travel gear.  Their gear is quality and durable, and they have an awesome Money Back Guarantee.  They also have annual garage sales for members where you can find items up to 95% off. Here is the Official REI Coupons and Rebates page
  • Patagonia Another great company that stands behind their products.  We both travel with Patagonia gear as it is durable and packs up nicely.
  • CamelBak Yet another company we trust and respect.  Backpacks and bladders last through even the toughest sportsman. Great lifetime warranty policy. [Read more about our favorite travel accessories here]
  • Eagle Creek We use Eagle Creek mainly for their packing cubes and daypacks.  Highly recommend for easier travel.
  • Osprey They make some of the best backpacks around. Comfortable, full of features, and durable. They also have the all mighty guarantee,where they will repair any damage or defect in their product no matter the age.

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Money Management

  • Personal Capital lets you manage all your accounts in one app.
  • Charles Schwab International travel would be much more expensive and difficult if it weren’t for our Charles Schwab Debit Card. Plan ahead and make sure you have this checking account before you travel next. [Read More abour Charles Schwab Here]
  • NerdWallet keeps us up to date on credit card sign ups and bonuses.  If you ever have a question about your credit, bank, retirement accounts, etc. Nerd Wallet is bound to have the information.
  • XE Currency Essential for converting your currencies while abroad.

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  • HelpX Find homestays, farms, hostels and much more to volunteer at around the world in exchange for a room and culture.
  • Grassroots Volunteering directly connects you with organizations around the globe in need of volunteers.
  • Omprakash is similar to Grassroots Volunteer. Another organization that will connect you with numerous organizations.
  • Volunteer South America Simple website offering free and low cost volunteer opportunities in South America.
  • Volunteer Base Similar to HelpX is this a volunteer exchange program.
  • Work Away Another great volunteer exchange program.
  • Wine Industry Jobs Ever wanted to work with vino? This website specializes in jobs in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Wine Jobs Specializing in wine jobs in New Zealand.
  • Backdoor Jobs Seasonal jobs for the adventure lovers.
  • CoolWorks More geared to US jobs in national parks and ski resorts.
  • Kareeve All kinds of seasonal jobs in all continents.
  • Backpacker Board NZ Specializing with jobs in New Zealand.
  • WOOFing live and work on organic farms.

ESL Info

  • ESL Employment  Various ESL job postings for countries around the world.
  • Daves ESL Cafe Similar to ESL Employment, good for job searching around the world.
  • Arjan Thailand specific job postings.


  • Travel Insurance with World Nomads. We ALWAYS travel with travel insurance. Natasha is a bit of a worry wart and would rather stay safe than sorry. World Nomads offers incredible flexible and great plans!
  • Prey Sign your laptops and other electronics up for prey.  In the event that something gets stolen you will be able to track the device and even see the thief once they use your gear. Read Matt’s awesome story with Prey!
  • Travel.State We check to keep up to date with any travel alerts and warnings.

Visa Info

  • Visa HQ Lets you apply for your visa online and they handle it from there.
  • Project Visa Comprehensive information on visa requirements for all countries.


  • The Skimm I love checking my inbox every morning and getting a run-down of the news. Sign up for The Skimm to stay up to date on news around the world.
  • A great resource for making your own travel blog.
  • Serial: Spending a lot of time on buses, trains, cars, and planes requires something good to listen to.
  • Ted Radio Hour: I love getting lost in thought. Nothing better than a great TED talk to inspire.

Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning we make a small commission if you go on to buy something. This service costs nothing extra to you and helps keep The World Pursuit running.