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The World Pursuit was launched to push the everyday person out of their comfort zone and into a life of adventure. This blog began in 2015 and since then has quickly made a name for itself.

Currently The World Pursuit reaches an audience of over 500,000 followers every month – it’s now one of the most read travel blogs in the world. Cameron & Natasha focus on crafting high quality and informative content revolving around adventure around the world. The intrepid pair have traveled to over 80 nations across six continents in their twenties.


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The World Pursuit will see over 4,000,000 pageviews in 2019!

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Our Services

Content Creation

We can craft a personal story of your tour or destination offering promotion through our personal brand. With sponsored posts, destination campaigns, and social media campaigns we offer a multitude of ways to promote. We are active on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook video and have many viral videos featuring destinations! Check some of them out!


We bring with us the talent and passion of visual storytelling. Our high-res professional photos can highlight your product or destination in the best light. Would you like your destination featured from the air? We can do that too.

We offer separate photo packages for social media and digital use on websites.

Social Media

We’re active influencers across all major social media platforms, and understand digital trends. We harness the power of social media to promote and engage. We can help your brand grow.

We have an engaged Instagram following with a predominantly North American audience.

How We Can Collaborate

Using the services above we can create a tailored campaign that will serve as a benefit to our readers and partners.

Destination Campaigns

We work one on one with DMOs to create content and promote destinations in a natural and organic way. It is a multifaceted approach with photos, information, articles, and social media.

Brand Ambassador

We are open to long-term partnerships with brands, products, and services that align with our mission. Natasha and Cameron have sold over $3,000,000 worth of travel products this year through trackable affiliate links and we can guarantee the sale of your products.

Brand Consultation

Want to better understand your clients? We can utilize our experience and klout in travel to develop effective strategies to promote a destination or brand.

Previous Collaborations

Destination Promotion

We’ve been hosted by tourism boards around the world to help promote their destination. As experienced travelers, professional videographers, writers, and social media influencers we know how craft buzz about a destination.


We are experts at highlighting properties, hotels, resorts, and lodges. We have crafted a variety of unique multimedia stories that drive business to properties.


We have worked hard to establish a reputation within the travel industry. If we feel your product is a benefit to our audience we’re happy to discuss long term partnerships.

Generated 100,000 social media engagements and 10,000 page views within the first 30 days live on site.

We generate over $3,000,000 a month in sales of travel related items through affiliate links.

We have worked with hundreds of brands throughout the years. You can see more of our press mentions and brand collaborations here.


See The World From The Air

We’re excellent at crafting enganging and beautiful videos built purpose built for social media. Our high quality videos can highlight a product or destination in the best light. If you would like your destination, resort, or hotel highlighted on video please get in touch for a special rate.

Want us to spread the word about your brand?

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