32 Fun & Interesting Facts About Albania You Didn’t Know

fun and interesting facts about albania

Albania is a wonderful country located in the Balkans region of Southeast Europe. It has a coastline on the Adriatic and Ionian Seas and shares borders with Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Greece. It’s one of the smallest countries in Europe that many know nothing about, so we wanted to introduce some fun facts about …

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15 Balkan Travel Tips to Know Before You Go

Balkan Travel

If you’re traveling to the Balkans, you’ll have a fantastic time. It is one of our favorite regions we’ve been to in Europe. However, before you travel around the Balkan region, you should know some travel tips. Regarding the region, we should clarify what we mean by “Balkans.” Where exactly is the Region, and what …

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15 Beautiful Places To Visit In Croatia

travel in croatia

Wondering where to go in Croatia? Croatia continues to pop up on more travelers’ radars as a hot destination. The medieval walled coastal cities are backdrops to popular TV Series and movies, while the region of Istria could be confused with Tuscany with its artisan products and hilltop towns.  When I first visited Croatia back in 2013, I thought of …

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10 Best Cities In The Balkans To Visit

balkan cities

On our last European tour, we spent almost half of our time on a trip traveling the Balkans. Every country and location has something unique to offer, from Albania to Romania. The Balkans are slightly less traveled than Western Europe. They are more affordable and are filled with friendly locals. There are so many awesome cities in …

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All You Need to Know About Visiting Hvar Island

Hvar Island

There is rarely a destination that is only for one type of tourist, but some go beyond. The Croatian island of Hvar seems to deliver on almost all levels. There are some fantastic things to do in Hvar, and you definitely won’t be disappointed with the number of choices here. It is a posh island …

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The Best Cafes in Ljubljana, Slovenia

the best things to do in ljubljana

On our first day in Ljubljana, we spoke to a local who described her city as “a little girl who likes to play dress-up in her mother’s clothes. She’s beautiful and has refined elements, but should never be taken too seriously.” The city center is brimming with cafes serving the local specialty drink, white coffee. …

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10 Amazing Things To Do In Kotor, Montenegro

best things to do in kotor, montenegro-1

Kotor is one of those places to visit in Montenegro that everyone must visit. The travel buzz about Kotor, Montenegro, is swirling, and it’s quickly becoming one of the best places to visit in Europe. When considering where to spend a summer in Montenegro, Kotor is a natural choice. This Adriatic gem is appearing on everyone’s travel radar, and …

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11 Best Things To Do In Belgrade

things to do in belgrade

The former capital of Yugoslavia may not be filled with beautiful architecture, but there are plenty of fun things to do in Belgrade for all to enjoy. Belgrade is one of the most interesting capitals in Europe. The Balkan city has much more than first meets the eye. Once you delve deeper you’ll find a thriving …

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Best Coffee Shops in Belgrade • From Coffee Dream Beograd & Beyond

Belgrade Coffee Shops

It’s no secret that we love discovering new coffee shops in the cities that we explore. It’s safe to say that millennials around the globe are outgrowing the typical Starbucks chain coffee retailers and searching far and wide for the hippest cafes. The Serbian capital Beograd, (internationally known as Belgrade) has been quick to jump …

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