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We’re Cameron Seagle and Natasha Alden and on this site, you’ll find our experiences, photography, and informative travel guides from traveling to over 80 countries and counting. We have a passion for traveling, drinking delicious coffee from around the world, being outside and active, taking photos, and a bunch of other random things.

We were nomadic for over three years across six continents and 80 countries. It took us 500 blog posts, thousands of nights in different beds, a few horrible meals and a tons of amazing ones until we chose to base ourselves in the Canadian Rockies. Now we travel for half the year and explore the mountains for the other half. We think our lives are rad and want to help our readers live an awesome life too!


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Linyanti Concession - Botswana

Safari Outfits for Men • What Should Men Wear on Safari

Safari outfits, especially for men can be tricky to put together. You obviously want your safari clothes to have practicality, but still look like you belong in the bush. We love going on safari. Over the past five years we have been on over 100. While the safari animals and landscapes are the highlights of

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Michigan Romantic Weekend

10 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Michigan (from a Local)

Looking for a romantic weekend getaways in Michigan? Most Americans and foreigners alike don’t think of Michigan when they are planning a vacation. Images of abandoned houses and factories in Detroit, water crises, and country farms come to mind. However, the mitten state has much more to offer than that. I was born in Michigan,

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