55 FUN Things To Do In Wilmington, NC

Things to do in Wilmington

There is no shortage of amazing things to do in Wilmington, North Carolina. Visitors can enjoy a spooky ghost walking tour, visit a local distillery, catch some waves at the beach, or cruise down the Cape Fear River in this historic port town. It’s one of my favorite destinations in North Carolina, and we should …

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25 BEST Things To Do In Carolina Beach

Things to do in Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach is a fantastic place to travel to year-round. Every time we visit, we find there are so many things to do in Carolina Beach that it’s pretty easy to fill up every day of your vacation. Plus if you’re looking for more, the city of Wilmington is just a short drive away! Walking …

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Where To Spend Winter In Europe

We’re not much for gloomy, overcast, and rainy weather, but we must admit we love winter in Europe. It’s all about the right destination choices, as there are tremendous places to visit during the coldest time of the year. We love winter for its snowy alpine villages, lively Christmas markets, and quiet landmarks. It’s also …

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The BEST Travel Clothes For Women

womens clothes for travel

After eight years of traveling full-time, across seven continents and nearly 100 countries, it is safe to say I’ve tested some of the best travel clothes for women. With countless product samples, purchases, and research, I’ve narrowed down my favorite clothes for travel. Unsurprisingly, not all clothes, shoes, and accessories handle travel well. Some popular …

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25 BEST Places to Visit in April in the USA

Best Places to Visit in the USA in April

It’s not yet summer, and winter is slowly ending in many places. April means spring throughout much of the USA! You can feel the weather getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and the thought of shorts probably dance around your dreams. All in all, there are plenty of amazing places to visit in April …

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The Best Safari Pants for Men and Women

kenya travel tips

From rugged outdoor pants to lightweight technical offerings, we share our favorite safari pants to tackle the bush. Nothing beats the comfort and protection of the right safari pants in the African bush. We share a wide range of pants to fit multiple styles and budgets. Safari pants should have quick-drying, breathable, lightweight fabrics, functional …

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25 Easy Ways to Save Money for Travel

Save Money For Travel

The old idea that travel is an expensive hobby for the rich and famous is outdated. Many people ask us how we have been able to afford to travel to more than 60 countries in our twenties. This is where saving becomes a crucial step to traveling and financial success. Saving money is not a …

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18 Helpful Tips for Renting a Car in Italy

Natasha Stands With A Rental Car In Sicily

If you plan to spend some time in the boot country, renting a car in Italy is a great option. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to travel how and when you want and also allows you to visit parts of this fantastic country that are difficult to reach. On almost every trip, we …

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26 BEST Places to Visit in April

best countries to visit in april

We share the best places to visit in April in honor of the changing seasons. Spring has sprung in much of the Northern Hemisphere, and April can be an amazing time to travel. Some excellent destinations to visit in April are Fiji, Jordan, Southern California, Ethiopia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Florida, and Thailand. We love the …

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26 BEST Places to Visit in March in the USA

Best Places to Visit in the US in March

So it’s not quite spring, and winter is yet to be over throughout much of the USA. Whether you are dreaming of escaping for spring break, want a ski holiday in the mountains, or just need a little bit of fun in the sun there are plenty of amazing places to visit in March in …

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