17 BEST Things To Do In Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Things to do in Ayia Napa - Sea Caves

We have you covered if you’re looking for the best things to do in Ayia Napa, Cyprus. From the best restaurants to eat in Ayia Napa to amazing places to stay and attractions to see, we’re digging into this famous Cypriot city. Ayia Napa is one of the most popular areas to visit in Cyprus, …

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20 BEST Beaches in Cyprus to Lounge on (+Map)

best beaches in cyprus

If you’re looking for a few Cyprus beaches to swim in or get your tan on, then you are in the right place. The small island country is full of beautiful beaches and undiscovered coves. Cyprus boasts a warm Mediterranean culture that will surely welcome you to its gorgeous sandy beaches and rocky coves. We ventured around …

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15 Car Rental Cyprus Tips to KNOW


If you’re planning on exploring Cyprus, you will need a rental car. Not only doesa car rental Cyprus give you the freedom and flexibility to travel how and when you want, but it also allows you to visit parts of this fantastic country that are difficult to reach. We rented a car in Cyprus both …

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15 Best Hiking Trails in Cyprus

best hikes in cyprus

Seeking the best hikes in Cyprus? That’s understandable On an island like Cyprus, with its sun-baked, rocky coastlines, turquoise-blue waters, hidden cave waterfalls, and mountainous valleys, the diverse landscapes mean there will always be adventure options for the traveler who likes to hike. Some of these are popular purely for their astounding views, while others …

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When Is The Best Time To Visit Cyprus?

Beachbums Cyprus Best GoPro Travel shots

Cyprus is the third most populous island in the Mediterranean and is known for just about everything, including Crusader history, ancient history, and even a little bit of modern history.  It’s a historic place – with beaches to boot. But knowing the best time of year to visit Cyprus can be tricky. Think it’s all …

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Best of Cyprus • Why Everyone Should Visit the Country Now!

Awesome things to do in Cyprus

We flew into Latvia in late September. Fall time in the Baltics, it can’t be that cold…or so we thought.  Over the past few months, we had saved and stocked up on expensive outdoor equipment to prepare for wintertime in Europe.  I didn’t think I’d be breaking out the Patagonia jacket until at least November. …

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20 Amazing Things To Do In Cyprus!

Things to do in Cyprus

We first visited Cyprus years ago while seeking an escape from the European winter. We landed mid-October, found everyone was still enjoying the sun and beaches, and decided we never wanted to leave. The island nation is rich in culture, closely related to the Greeks, and has no shortage of lovely beaches and delicious places …

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