25+ Cool Camping Gear Items You Haven’t Heard About

We spend countless amount of days outside, in that time we’ve accumulated some cool camping gear and continued to add to our wish list. With that in mind, we decided to share some of our favorites pieces of cool camping gear to pack for your next camping trip.

Camp equipment here ranges from fireplaces, portable espresso, Bluetooth speaker, waterproof matches, and natural cling wrap. In no particular order, let’s share some awesome camping items that have caught our eye in the last year.

Cool Camping Gear

1.) Wacaco Nanospresso Maker ($65)

Wacaco Minipresso Cool Camping Gear

If you’re anything like us, chances are you’re pretty much a zombie before you’ve had your morning coffee. There’s nothing any amount of open-air and beautiful scenery can do to stop your crazy sleepiness. Solution: a portable espresso maker. This thing is genius, pocket-sized, and even though it’s pricey, coffee fiends will not care at all. You’ll be packing up your tent in a fraction of the time after using this cool camping gear product.

Wacaco Nanospresso Maker on Amazon

2.) Snow Peak Folding Coffee Pour Over ($30)

Snow Peak Folding Coffee Pour Over Cool Camping Gear

But if you’re more about the traditional methods of making coffee, forget the electronic gadgets and go for the Coffee Drip by Snow Peak. Part of the new Field Barista line by stylish Japanese outdoors brand Snow Peak (also including the Kettle and Coffee Grinder), the Coffee Drip disassembles into six pieces and comes with a handy bag to carry it around in. A cool way to get a caffeine fix for coffee aficionados. 

Snow Peak Folding Coffee Pour Over

3.) GSI Camp Stove Toaster ($10)

Camp Stove Toaster Cool Camping Gear

One thing that can be pretty difficult to obtain while camping is the humble slice of toast. Toast is a piece of bread – easy, you think. No, it’s not. Before you know it, you have a square of literal charcoal on the end of a skewer. Make life easy and get the GSI Camp Toaster. It’s got neat holsters for your bread and sits on top of your butane stove, making sure the bread is not actually touching the flame. It folds away, too, making it easy to carry around.

Camp Stove Toaster on Amazon

4.) Reusable Utensils ($13)

Reusable Utensils Eco Friendly Gifts

We always keep some of these in our car, backpack, hiking or with us when we’re traveling. Single-use plastic utensils are wasteful so we take aim at reducing where we can with reusable utensils. It’s a great sustainable gift that’s inexpensive and can be used by anyone.

humangear GoBites Trio Utensil Set

5.) MR300 Mosquito Repeller ($25)

Mosquitoes. You can’t do much about them other than holing up in your tent and covering every inch of your body in clothing and/or DEET spray. One awesome way to not be bitten to death by these awful critters is to invest in a mosquito repeller, namely the MR300. Using heat, this cool camping gadget disperses repellent into the air and creates a 15-foot no-mosquito-zone around you.

MR300 Mosquito Repeller

6.) MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe Stove ($70)

MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe Stove

This is the latest burner from MSR who has been designing these burners for ages, and the Deluxe is their best one yet. It’s not the lightest burner on the market, but at only three ounces, it’s pretty close. It’s a significant update to the old RocketPocket 2 with new recessed burner holes, regulator, a piezoelectric lighter, and pot supports. The result is a burner that is easier to light, burns consistently, and handles wind very well that feels nothing like its predecessor.

MSR PocketRocket Deluxe on REI

7.) Portable Solar Panel ($100)

Eco Friendly Gifts

This is great for adventurers, outdoors lovers, or even beach bums as it is a portable solar panel that can charge your phone, tablet, or small devices.

It’s rugged and built for backpacking adventures so it’s made to stand up to being thrown into a dirty pack. What better eco gift than a solar panel to reduce energy consumption. It’s also a great lifeline for adventurers who like to get off the beaten path.

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel

8.) Bee’s Wrap ($19)

Bee's Wrap Sustainable Gift

Ditch the silly single-use plastic cling wrap for something that is both natural and reusable. They’re made from organic cotton, beeswax, oil, and tree resin for a fully natural product.

They work a lot like traditional cling wrap except you’ll need to warm them up in your hands to shape and stick, plus and most important they’re washable. It’s a tremendous sustainable gift and we love these ones with the bear print!

Bee’s Wrap

9.) Pico Projector ($329)

Pico Projector Cool Camping Gear

Tiny and easy to tuck away in your bag, this is a cute bit of camping gear that’s perfect for chilling with a movie or your favorite series – or just some YouTube vids. Store whatever you want to watch on a USB drive or SD card, then plug it into the Pico AAXA P5 Projector and away you go. Good for projecting on the outer or inner side of tents. Genius idea. Rechargeable and good for 135 minutes.

Pico AAXA P5 Projector

10.) The Pint ($32)

The Pint Cool Camping Gear

Camping cups don’t get much cooler than The Pint canteen. Made by the good people at Stable Goods, this thing is a water bottle by day but converts easily into a cool looking chalice by night. Fill with beer (or whatever takes your fancy) and refresh yourself in your throne as evening falls. If you hadn’t guessed, it fits a pint of your favorite liquid.

The Pint by Stablegoods

11.) JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker ($80)

JBL Flip 4 Cool Camping Gear

Weighing just over one pound it’s pretty lightweight and the JBL Flip 4 is good quality in just about everything. It’s durable, waterproof, and suitable for 12 hours of music. Toss it in your bag, then connect your phone via Bluetooth to have whatever awesome music as a soundtrack to your camping trip.

JBL Flip 4 on REI JBL Flip 4 on Amazon

12.) Barebones Cast Iron + Trivet Set ($120)

Barebones Cast Iron + Trivet Set  Cool Camping Gear

If you’re all about cooking when you’re camping, this super simple frypan and pot set (complete with a trivet to rest it on) is a great option. It’s a no-frills set of stuff that ain’t exactly lightweight – like, we wouldn’t suggest putting this in a backpack – but it’ll be perfect for a road trip or lakeside retreat.

JBL Flip 4 on Amazon

13.) Yeti’s Lowlands Blanket ($200)

Yeti's Lowlands Blanket Cool Camping Gear

A great multi-use we’ve taken to using in the mountains is Yeti’s Lowlands Blanket. Of course, with the Yeti names comes premium products with a high price tag. However, what you get is a blanket that’s use extends far beyond the beach we regularly use ours in the mountains on the cold ground, a wet riverbank fishing, or when we’re out at a friends lakehouse.

Yeti Lowlands Blanket

14.) BioLite Headlamp ($45)

BioLite Headlamp 330

Traditional outdoor headlamps have used disposable batteries such as AAs or AAAs. Batteries require a lot of minerals and resources. A great sustainable gift is a headlamp that is rechargeable via USB, such as the BioLite. If you combine this with the solar panel above a backpacker could be off the grid for ages without need for extra batteries and everyone likes a lighter pack!

BioLite HeadLamp

15.) Panini Press ($20)

Cool Camping Gear Panini Press

When it comes to portable pie ovens, Rome is where it’s at. Their panini press is one of the coolest camping gear products we’ve ever seen. Paninis are good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can fill ‘em with whatever, and this press makes rustling up one of these awesome sandwiches a breeze.

Camp Panini Press on Amazon

16.) Camp Shelter ($200)

Cool Camping Gear Camp Shelter

You’ve got your tents set up, which is great for shelter – obviously. But if you want some shelter outside the tent, the is a great option. This will keep out the sun and the rain and is covered on one side so it’ll keep out wind, too. Makes for a perfect indoors-outdoors situation, which is what camping is all about, we say!

Camp Shelter on REI

17.) Primus Campfire Prep Set ($80)

Primus Campfire Prep Set Cool Camping Gear

By campfire giants Primus, this is a neat little set with an oak fork, spatula and spoon, a stainless steel grater, and the all-important 12cm campfire knife. It’s all rolled up in a polycotton wrap, so it’s easy to wedge it in your bag without it barely making a dent in your packing. With this set, you get to unleash your inner chef without having to use cheap plastic utensils that bend when you try to cut stuff or melt in the pan.

Primus Campfire Prep Set

18.) Camerons Tailgating Table ($45)

Camerons Tailgating Table Cool Camping Gear

This is an all-in-one snacks ‘n’ drinks bonanza, one of the coolest camping gear products we’ve seen. It may not be a utility knife or some other nifty gadget, but sometimes simple is awesome. There are drinks-holders, a central holster for all your snacks, and the lowest part is for keeping stuff as cold as can be. Perfect for sitting around a fire or rocking up at a music festival.

Camerons Tailgating Table

19.) MPOWERD Luci 2.0 Solar Lantern ($20)

MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0 Inflatable Solar Lantern

These sweet little solar lights are sure to be loved by anyone. MPOWERD makes small solar rechargeable lights that are great for camping, emergencies, outdoor adventures, or the backyard. However, what really makes them great is the initiative behind them that uses a portion of the profits to bring solar power to those in need around the world.

MPOWERD Luci 2.0 Solar Lantern

20.) Hydroflask Wine Tumblers ($30)

Hydroflask Wine Tumblers Cool Camping Gear

Created by Hydroflask, this cute set is perfect for wine-drinkers. Or, you know, any other liquid you want to keep cool. The jug itself is super insulated and keeps things cold for up to 24 hours, while the tumblers do their thing in a series of colors. Much better than a bag full of broken glass.

Hydroflask Wine Tumbler

21.) Yeti Tundra 65 ($349)

Yeti Tundra 65 Cool Camping Gear

Yeti is renowned for its durable coolers that are keep ice for days one end. The Tundra is their flagship cooler and the 65L is the most popular size for good reason. This bit of camping gear isn’t something you’re going to be carrying, but it’s perfect for the back of the truck. Pack this holy grail of coolers with ice packs, food, and refreshments, and your camping trip will turn into a veritable banquet.

Yeti Tundra 65

22.) Scrubba Wash Bag ($50)

Scrubba Wash Bag Cool Camping Gear

No more excuses for having dirty clothes when you’re in the wilderness. The Scrubba Wash Bag is basically a dry bag, but on the inside, it’s coated with rubber nodules; mix in some water and soap, throw in your clothes, seal the bag up, and knead the bag like dough for regular wash cycle in just a few minutes. Simple but awesome.

Scrubba Wash Bag on REI

23.) Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit ($300)

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit Cool Camping Gear

It definitely isn’t cheap, but the Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit. The design maximizes the efficiency of burning woods so you get a hot smoke free fire, the perfect campfire. It’s built with stainless steel and should last for years to come.

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

24.) GSI Pinnacle Camper Cookset ($140)

GSI Pinnacle Camper Cookset Cool Camping Gear

For probably the most comprehensive cooking set out there, go for the GSI Pinnacle Camper. It’s almost $140, but at that price, you get four plates, four bowls, four insulated mugs (complete with sip-it tops), and a two-liter pot with strainer lid, which nest into a generous three-liter pot and frypan with a strainer lid. It’s all about efficient space-saving with this modular, Teflon-coated extravaganza of a camper cooking set.

GSI Pinnacle Camper Cookset

25.) Joseph Joseph Wash + Drain ($20)

Joseph Joseph Wash + Drain

Nobody wants to do the dishes. It’s not a fun task scrubbing dirty plates, but someone’s gotta do it. So, instead of coming up with some sort of totally inefficient makeshift way of cleaning your crockery, use this thing. It’s literally a portable sink with a plug so you can drain it easily instead of having to throw a gallon of water into the undergrowth. Best of all, leftovers get caught in the drain so you can bag them up.

Joseph Joseph Wash + Drain on Amazon

26.) Primus Aeril Campfire Grill ($100)

What more can we say other than, well, you need this in your life if you can’t not BBQ when you’re in the great outdoors. Lugging around a whole BBQ grill with you sounds like a massive effort, but the folks at Primus have this ingenious solution for all your grilling needs. It’s a rolling grill. How does it work? Roll it out, set it up, light a fire, and the scent of sizzling meat will soon be in the air.

Primus Aeril Campfire Grill

27.) UCO Stormproof Matches ($12)

Lighting a fire in damp conditions is not fun. One of the worst things about it is matches not even lighting in the first place. Getting yourself some UCO stormproof matches, ones that light even in the wind and rain – and will even light after being submerged in water – is a no-brainer. As long as there’s phosphorus (the orange bit), these things are virtually invincible!

UCO Stormproof Matches


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