DUER Performance Jean Review • The ULTIMATE Jean

The Performance Jean line from DU/ER is billed as the ultimate jean for comfort, travel, and daily life, but is it true? After extensive testing, it’s safe to say that these jeans are our new go-to for everyday life.

We love these jeans and clothing, for many reasons, from comfort to performance and durability. It’s tough not to love a pair of jeans that feel and fit like joggers. It’s safe to say you should buy a pair if you’re in the market for new clothing, thanks to their versatility.

DU/ER Performance Jeans Review

DU/ER Performance Jeans Review


  • Exceptional Comfort
  • Great Style
  • Performance & Mobility
  • High-Quality Denim
  • Denim Color Choices
  • Excellent Stitching And Construction


  • Stretch can cause them to ride up occasionally
  • Price

Jeans are a fashion staple but aren’t the best packing pants. However, travelers have options, such as DU/ER jeans. The organic cotton jeans look sharp, but the blend of polyester and spandex allows the jeans to stretch. They look like quality stone-washed denim without discomfort and stiff feeling.

At the first appearance, it’s tough to tell the difference until you feel them. Once on, the jeans are comfortable and move perfectly with the body. I love to wear slim-fit jeans for a clean look, but they restrict my movement. However, thanks to the added tech in DU/ER jeans, I can easily make any movement.

Fit is exceptional, with a slim fit throughout the leg. You can comfortably wear the jeans on long travel days without any discomfort. The synthetic blend has many benefits, including wrinkle, odor, and stain resistance. As a frequent traveler, they’re great for lengthy trips as there is no need to wash the jeans.

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Wearing the Women’s Performance Denim Girlfriend Vintage Light Stone

It’s tough not to dig into these jeans and clothes without discussing the material. It’s what sets these DU/ER apart from many other brands. It’s apparent once you wear anything in their line of clothing.

Whether that is the Performance Denim Jeans, Weightless Poplin Shorts, or the Only Polo, they feel different than standard fabrics. Comfort is at the forefront, and they handle daily stresses admirably.

Fabric is a blend of cotton, COOLMAX polyester, and Lycra. The polyester adds durability to the jeans, provides excellent temperature management, and wicks away moisture. In conjunction, the small amount of Lycra provides the stretch for comfort.

The exceptional water repellency of the fabric allows you to brush off dirt and spills easily. In light rain or after a spill, you remain dry. COOLMAX fibers are woven throughout the fabric and pull moisture away from the body, so you remain dry.

I feel noticeably cooler in these jeans in warm weather, although they are still jeans. Thickness in the denim is a nice middle ground. Light enough to feel comfortable but not too thin to lose their denim appearance and feel.

Style & Fit

Wearing the Women’s Performance Denim Girlfriend Vintage Light Stone

The initial impressions of the jeans are excellent, and they look sharp. We tested the men’s Performance Denim Slim and the women’s Performance Denim Mid Rise Slim Straight. Men’s and women’s products are true to size and match other popular jean brands such as Levi’s.

A gusseted crotch is common in performance clothing like hiking pants, but it’s rare to find in jeans or chinos. However, DU/ER jeans feature the gusset panel that allows for better mobility and reduces the stress on the jeans. I’ve ripped several pairs of regular jeans in the butt due to the stress from normal movement.

Style is excellent, and the quality tech denim is complemented with stylish cuts. Jeans pair nicely with a dress shirt or relaxed tee. They offer a wide range of styles and colors. Appearance is sharp and versatile enough to dress up or down the jeans.

Don’t mistake all of the performance for athletic clothing. The jeans still use organic cotton and natural indigo dye for a beautiful denim appearance. The natural indigo also allows for them to fade naturally with time.

Most Comfortable Jeans

Wearing the Men’s Performance Denim Slim in Heritage Rinse

It’s safe to say with excellent fit, style, and comfort, these are my favorite jeans. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the most comfortable jeans I’ve worn. The tech allows these jeans to outlast my other pairs of jeans and more than make up for the higher price tag. There is no doubt they’ll be the pair I reach for on my next trip.

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Other DU/ER Products We Love

DU/ER Performance Denim is far from a secret, but we wanted to test out what the rest of their clothing line offers. We tested a range of shirts and poplin shorts along with the jeans.

Weightless Poplin AC Shorts

Wearing the Weightless Poplin AC Shorts

These shorts are exceptionally comfortable and airy. The fabric is substantial enough to handle more than workouts, but I also feel comfortable hitting the gym or practicing yoga. A true jack of all trades shorts with a thick comfy waistband that feels like loungewear. They remind me of my other favorite shorts, the Vaha Short from prAna, but the material here has more stretch and is better suited for daily activities.

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The Only Polo

Lightweight, cool, and comfortable, The Only Polo feels perfect for those hot summer days with a bit of style. It has a nice slim shape so be mindful if you need a bit of room around the waist. That fit is also a plus for those seeking a fitted polo.

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The Only Tee Crew

Wearing the Women’s Poplin AC Short and Women’s Only Tee Crop

Excellent comfort, shape, and ability to resist wrinkles. The tech Only Tee manages to stay fresh after multiple wears. It has a tapered fit that pulls the sleeves down and looks flattering. It’s a wonderful tee shirt if you don’t mind the price.

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DU/ER Brand

DU/ER aims the gap between athleisure and daily clothes. They use athletic tech clothing to blend it with wardrobe staples. Their versatile clothing allows you to move on the go and reduce space in the closet. You can easily commute on a bike or take a short hike in performance denim.

They manage to nail a couple of clothing staples. They haven’t lost focus and design wonderful garments with excellent fabric tech. Their clothing and jeans will likely be in regular rotation for my daily wear and always be in my suitcase on any trip. Check out their website to learn more.

Final Thoughts

DU/ER Performance Denim and their superb clothing line will make a regular appearance in our wardrobe. As frequent travelers, the DU/ER Performance Denim Jeans are easily the best travel jeans. We also consider them some of the best travel pants for any trip. It’s easy to say that the DU/ER Performance Jeans are an excellent purchase.

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