The Best Restaurants to Eat and Drink in Cape Town

We didn’t know when we arrived, but it only took a couple of days to figure it out. Cape Town, South Africa, was a food lover’s heaven. It may just be the New York of Africa, for every corner has some amazing new restaurant popping up.

From Ethiopian to Mexican, to Thai food, Cape Town has something for every palette, budget, and diet. Don’t ask me if I found a good sushi spot, either. Just read on to find out where you should eat and drink during your Cape Town experience!

The Best Restaurants in Cape Town

In the Mood for Sushi and Fish?

Try Salushi

Salushi is one of the best places to eat in Cape Town!

For fusion sushi at an incredibly affordable price, try Salushi, right in the heart of Claremont. The bar and atmosphere are perfect for relaxing in after a long day out and about in Cape Town. The menu is huge and filled with many delicious options for sushi. We decided to try a bit of everything here and were more than satisfied.

Our favorite was their signature “Prince’s Prawn Kisses.” If prawn and strawberry wrapped in fresh avocado don’t tantalize your taste buds, then I don’t know what will. Salushi features high-quality ingredients and affordable prices, and I believe it will skyrocket as one of the best sushi restaurants in Cape Town. Check their Facebook page for some of their many specials.

Try Sevruga

Dine in the V & A Harbour at Sevruga, in a perfect location overlooking the water. Sevruga is an elegant restaurant that specializes in sushi and dim sum. Their rolls are massive, and we had to bring a couple of pieces of sushi home with us from Sevruga for the first time ever.

Even if you’re not in the mood for fish, the menu here features entrees like Springbok Carpaccio, Mozzarella Salad, and Potato Gnocchi. We would suggest making reservations on weekends. Good food and a waterfront location mean this place fills up fast! Check them out on Facebook and find yourself at one of the best sushi restaurants on the waterfront in Cape Town.

Looking for an entertaining night out in Cape Town?

Try Gold Restaurant 

Oh my, we had fun at night at Gold Restaurant. Gold brings African cuisine to a whole new level every night. Start your night with a 30-minute drum story, followed by a hand washing ceremony before being graciously led to your table for the evening. For the next two hours, you will engage with entertainers and waitstaff from all over Africa while trying delicious drinks and African-inspired cuisine from around the continent.

There are many dance and song numbers by the performers throughout dinner so there is never a dull moment. It may seem a little bit touristy, and although we are usually not up for that, our night at Golds went above and beyond our expectations and was some of the best African food in Cape Town. Check them out on Facebook!

Looking for a night out with friends in Cape Town?

Try Beluga

It’s Wednesday night and you can’t imagine anything better than a night out with friends? Then head to the hip and eccentric  Beluga restaurant in Greenpoint. Beluga features some inspirational fish dishes and things like fried calamari, beef carpaccio, and ostrich filet.

They have a winter and summer tasting menu, which features great 3-course dinner meals. We had the most fun trying out the fun and trendy cocktails here while enjoying the Cape Town atmosphere around us.

Going on a romantic date night in Cape Town?

Try Rueben’s

Eating at Ruebens One and Only

After a few months of working and exploring in Cape Town, we knew we were in need for a good date night. So we went to one of Cape Town’s most expensive hotels and decided to have dinner in their fancy restaurant. Reuben’s Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the One and Only near the V & A Waterfront. We went with a three-course meal here and were absolutely blown away by the mussels and calamari starters. We aren’t big meat eaters but we both decided to splurge here and go for the Springbok Steak paired with a local pinotage for our main.

Every single item here was exceptional and the service was on point. A three-course meal like we had here would have cost us at least $120 back home in the states, but here in South Africa it was half that. South Africa is definitely a place where you can eat like a king at affordable prices on date night!  Although the restaurant is big it is advisable to make reservations in advance (especially on weekends).

Seeking pre-dinner cocktails and appetizers?

Try Tigers Milk

Whether you’re in Muizenberg, Long Street, Claremont, or Century City you can always start your night off right with a few drinks and appetizers at Tiger’s Milk Restuarant. The general vibe is relaxed and cool any night of the week. We loved trying all the craft beers here, brought to us by the fantastic waitstaff.

Try Den Anker

Set in the heart of the V & A Waterfront, Den Anker specialized in Belgium beers and seafood. It’s a great place to catch a quick bite to eat on a beautiful day before you make your way to a movie. Oh, and they have Cameron’s favorite beer on tap, La Chouffe. However, be careful at about 9.6 abv it’s not to be messed with.

Looking for a good lunch time spot?

Try the Sidewalk Cafe

This little cafe is located right on, well, a sidewalk. The cafe is small and quaint and reminds me of simpler times. The menu here is small but packs a punch of value. They have wonderful vegetarians sandwiches and salads as well as 2 for 1 cocktails on most days. Bonus points here for the decent WiFi connection!

Craving some coffee and sweets in Cape Town?

Try Truth Coffee

Italian Coffee Guide

It’s hard to say coffee and Cape Town in the same sentence without mentioning Truth Coffee. This steampunk style coffee shop has won numerous awards throughout the world of coffee and when we stepped in we saw why. From the decor to the service, to the coffee everything at Truth is combined for a top-notch cafe experience.

Try Lady Bonin’s Tea Bar


Lady Bonin’s is a tea shop located right on the busy Long Street. It’s tiny and easy to pass by, so make sure you keep your eyes out. They have a wonderful selection of teas to purchase, as well as drink right there. Our favorite thing to do was sit on the back patio there with a Matcha latte and Matcha ball. Yum!

Try Charly’s Bakery

Where to eat in Cape Town

Charly’s Bakery is somewhat of an institution in Cape Town, and for a good reason! Charly’s has been specializing in cakes since 1989 and is located in District 6. Not a cake fan? Don’t worry! There are plenty of cookies, brownies, and chocolate to go around!

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