12 Best Women’s Hiking Leggings and Yoga Pants

If you’re looking for the best hiking leggings and hiking yoga pants on the market, we break them down by price, material, and pros and cons in this post. I hike a few times a week, and more often than not, am in hiking leggings rather than traditional hiking pants. I definitely have the favorite hiking tights that I love recommending!

A lot of these hiking tights I trust enough not to let me down even with a drizzle, but as always, with serious hikes, make sure you check the weather before you venture out.

Best Hiking Leggings and hiking Yoga Pants

hiking leggings

1.) Fjallraven Abisko Hiking Tights ($175)

Overall Best Hiking Leggings Women (and Men!)

  • Fabric: Polyamide, Stretch
  • Size range: XXS to XXL
  • Colors available: Dark Grey, Black, Navy, Dark Garnet, Glacier Green, Deep Blue


  • Reinforcement Over Rear and Knees, Map Pocket, Good Freedom of Movement


  • Very Expensive, Feel Too Warm in Summer, Not Stretchy Everywhere (Reinforced Sections)

These stylish hiking leggings from the well-known Swedish brand have a lot going for them. They’re super stretchy, breathable, fit tight to the skin (for that silhouette), they’re ultra-light, and even have some super reinforced panels. I love the fact that these have small, pretty well-hidden pockets, so you’ll always have a map, compass, or even some lip balm handy when/if you need it.

The high-waist design means you shouldn’t get any annoying gaps between whatever you’re wearing on top and the Abisko tights themselves – perfect for when it’s cold! (Though they can get pretty warm in summer). The waist can be adjusted with an interior draw-cord to make for an even snugger fit, too. Also they are great men’s hiking tights, which is really hard to come by!

Check Prices on Fjallraven Abisko Hiking Leggings

2.) Patagonia Women’s Pack Out Tights ($89)

Best All-Round Hiking Leggings for Women

Patagonia Women’s Pack Out Tights
  • Fabric: Polyester, Spandex
  • Size range: XS – XXL
  • Colors available: Black, Forge Grey, Deep Plum, New Navy


  • Simple Design, Versatile, Fair Trade Certified sewn


  • Stretch Out of Shape After a While, No Way to Tighten the Waist, Pockets Can Sag

A good, reliable, basic pair of hiking leggings, these are pretty much fine for everything – from running to catch a plane (we’ve all been there), to actual hiking. They’re casual, have a cute, simple design, but are still very active; tailored seams help them fit around your legs snugly, too.

They’re very streamlined and unfussy. Paired with the fairly affordable price tag, these Patagonia Pack Out Tights are the kind of thing that you can throw on and head out for a hike without thinking too much about it. They may not be technically the best, but they’ve got tapered legs and some nice little pockets to boot. They’re also Fair Trade certified, which I’m 100% into.

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3.) Arc’teryx Oriel Hiking Leggings Women’s ($89)

Best Technical Hiking Leggings for Women

Arc'teryx Oriel Hiking Leggings Women's
  • Fabric: Stretch Nylon Interlock
  • Size range: XS-XL
  • Colors available: Labyrinth (Dark Green), Whiskey Jack (Grey), Black 


  • Very Durable, Very Flexible, Super Lightweight


  • Not High-Waisted, Seams Can Fray, Pretty Basic Design

Designed specifically for rock climbing, these technical, outdoor hiking leggings from Arc’teryx are fittingly comfortable and durable. They are my favorite summer yoga pants. They are some of the best hiking leggings with pockets. Because they’re built for rock-climbing, the fabric has a lot of stretch in it for flexibility and can stand up to a lot of abrasions. However, the seams have been known to fray after a while. 

For those of you (like me) who like high-waisted pants and leggings for a snug fit, you’ll be disappointed with the low-rise kinda fit here. Otherwise, these are a great option for hiking leggings – and simple enough in design that they can be used in a crossover, everyday life way. I also like the two side pockets, which are easy to access and really hold on to your stuff, i.e., cellphone.

Check Prices on Arc’teryx Oriel

4.) Salomon Agile Trail Running Tights ($90)

Best Warm Leggings for Hiking

Salomon Agile Trail Running Tights
  • Fabric: Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper, 100% polyester, 79% nylon, 21% elastane
  • Size range: 8 – 16
  • Colors available: Black


  • Lightweight, Manageable, Warm


  • Very fitted, very tight

These are great mens hiking tights as well as women, and all around great winter hiking leggings. Perfect for those of you who like to head out to technical terrain and at a fast pace, these hiking leggings from Salomon are for cold weather trail runs and hikes. The tight-fitting material here is lightweight, flexible, and boasts wicking for quick drying – great for exploring mountainous, hilly terrain.

The durable panels that run across the knee, down the shin, and in the rear, add yet more durability, but the seams and panels make sure that these things fit snugly. That said, you could have some concerns (quite rightly) over the crotch being too tight; the central seam could seem to be in the wrong place!

The zipped ankles, on the other hand, mean that these hiking leggings can be a little more breathable when you need them to be — an all-round good option.

Check Prices on Salomon Agile

5.) Helly Hansen Women’s Rask Trail Tights ($85)

Best Hiking Leggings With Pockets

Helly Hansen Women’s Rask Trail Tights
  • Fabric: 4-Way Stretch Technical 28g Knit with Wicking, DWR Coating
  • Size range: XS-XL
  • Colors available: Catalina Blue, Black


  • Comfortable, Reinforced Rear and Knees, Pockets for Storage


  • Not a Tight Fit, Can Be Too Hot for Summer, Only Two Colors

A super comfy pair of hiking leggings from the Norwegian brand, if you want something that’s going to be super comfortable when you’re out hiking in the mountains, then these are the tights for you. The reinforced knee and rear are coated with water-repellent fabric, making them not only durable but if you need to sit down, your butt won’t get wet.

Two zippered pockets mean anything you feel like carrying on your person won’t be getting lost. The waist isn’t elastic, but is still fitted and not overly tight. Some may find the fit comes up a little big; if you want something tighter, I’d say go down a size. Otherwise a great choice for comfortable, active leggings.

Check Prices on Helly Hansen Rask

6.) Kuhl Women’s Weekndr Leggings ($89)

Best Summer Hiking Leggings for Women

Kuhl Women’s Weekndr Legging.jpg
  • Fabric: Nylon, Spandex
  • Size range: XS-XL
  • Colors available: Wine, Indigo, Raven, Olive, Sea Pine


  • Good Fit, Big Pocket, Breathable Fabric


  • Not Warm, Not Wind Resistant, Seams Can Bunch

Leggings that you can wear in pretty much any outdoors scenario, not just hiking (like walking the dog, or whatever), these Kuhl hiking leggings are a great buy. A top choice for summer hikes in particular, these are based on a yoga style legging but are designed with hiking in mind – all the style and flexibility but with durability thrown in, too.

The big envelope pocket on the side fits a phone, map, or whatever else you might need to carry around with you. Then there’s the benefit of being able to spend a long time out in the sun: the fabric is UPF 50 sun resistant, making them perfect for heading out to dry, desert destinations – or summer months in general. I love the breathable fabric panels between the legs and lower back – definitely a plus in summer.

Check Prices on Kuhl Weekndr

7.) 5.11 Abby Tights ($99)

Best Durable Hiking Yoga Pants

5.11 Abby Tights
  • Fabric: Nylon/ Elastane
  • Size range: XS-XL
  • Colors available: Black, Cabarnet, Tundra


  • Good Fit, Pocket, Breathable Fabric, Tough


  • Vinyl Panels Cracking With Age

These are some of the best hiking yoga pants I’ve found to date are the 5.11 Abby Tights. 5.11 makes tactical, heavy-duty gear and that’s why I love their yoga pants. They are far from sheer and have side pockets which I like to put my cell phone in for quick photo access. These are moisture-wicking and have anti-odor properties.

Check Prices on 5.11 Abby Tights

7.) Handful Squeeze Play Leggings ($70)

Best Yoga to Mountains Leggings

Handful Squeeze Play Leggings
  • Fabric: Polyester and Spandex
  • Size range: XS-XL
  • Colors available: Black, Dreamcatcher


  • Good Fit, Quick Dry, Booty Sculpting Pocket


  • Not many color options

I have raved about Handful before on this site. Their bras are super supportive and comfortable, and their hiking leggings are no different. Their signature leggings are durable enough for hiking, but also light enough for a yoga sesh.

They have a plethora of awesome features. Such as temperature-regulating technology that keeps you cool when hot and warm when cold, they are quick-drying, and are tight around the booty to give an extra lift. Seriously, my bum looks pretty fantastic in these hiking leggings. The top has a “squeeze play” high waist that provides excellent coverage and is super comfortable around your curves as you move. (Use code TWP15 for 15% off!)

Check Prices on Handful

8.) Columbia Luminary Leggings ($60)

Best Value Hiking Leggings for Women

Columbia Luminary Leggings
  • Fabric: Polyester, Elastane
  • Size range: XS-XL
  • Colors available: Black, Maroon


  • Super Affordable, Sun Protection, High Rise


  • Only Available in Black, Loose in Places, Quite Thick

These leggings are designed to be used out in the wild – for sure. They’ve got high tech material going on here; this means being water and stain repellent, having built-in UPF 50 sun protection, and the abrasion-resistant fabric means they’re pretty tough and hard-wearing.

I like the fact these leggings have a thick, wide waistband – that’s comfort, though it means that you don’t have any gaps between tops and bottoms, too (that can get super annoying). There’s an easy-access hidden pocket to store a bank card, cellphone, something small like that. If you’re on a budget, but still looking for quality pants (this is Columbia).

Check Prices on Columbia Luminary

9.) The North Face Women’s Utility Hybrid Hiker Tights ($80)

Best Versatile Hiking Leggings for Women

  • Fabric: Nylon, Elastane
  • Size range: XS – XXL
  • Colors available: Urban Navy, Asphalt Grey, New Taupe, TNF Black


  • Affordable, Cool Casual Design, Breathable Fabric


  • Too Long (Depending on Your Height), Not a Tight Fit, No Drawstring

I’m into these leggings for the pure versatility of them (well, that and the price!). These are the kind of hiking leggings that can easily be used one-day sightseeing around a city, and the next day on a hike in the hills. They look the part for both and can be styled with pretty much anything.

The zippered slash pockets on the rear, side, and hip not only look cool but mean you’ll be able to carry a bunch of stuff with you (less to fuss around within your bag). These are the kind of leggings you’ll want to buy in every color once you’ve worn one! Breathable, warm, and durable on top of everything, they’re a decent part of any wardrobe – let alone hiking.

Check Prices North Face Utility

10.) Yoga Democracy Leggings ($70)

Best Eco-Friendly Hiking Leggings for Women

Yoga Democracy Leggings
  • Fabric: Recycled Ocean Plastics and Industry Waste (Polymide), Elastane
  • Size range:
  • Colors available: Artists Prints


  • Eco-Friendly, Sweat-Wicking, Awesome Designs, Durable Material


  • No Pockets, Better Suited For Yoga,

Sustainably made in the USA, I absolutely love that these leggings are made out of recycled ocean plastics (the Elastane, however, is still sustainably sourced from Italy). Even the packaging is made out of recycled materials.

Not only are these offerings eco-conscious, but they’re a pretty amazing fit on top of that: they don’t fall down, they fit perfectly, and are a great length.

Then there’s the high waist, zippered pocket (at the rear), and don’t forget that funky geometric print design. 

Check Prices

11.) Icebreaker BodyFit 200 Deluxe ($110)

Best Winter Hiking Leggings for Women

Icebreaker BodyFit 200
  • Fabric: Merino Wool
  • Size range: XS-XL
  • Colors available: Black & Midnight Blue


  • Warmth, High Quality


  • Durability

Icebreaker BodyFit 200 is a great option for something you can turn to when it’s really starting to get cold out. They are the perfect leggings for cold weather hiking. They provide a high level of protection from the cold, the wind, and the rain (fast drying!) – plus, they’re pretty comfortable to boot. Made from 100% merino wool for an amazing pair of quality hiking leggings.

Check Prices on Icebreaker BodyFit

12.) prAna Kimble Hiking Leggings ($84)

Best Colorful Hiking Leggings

  • Fabric: 81% Recycled Polyester / 19% Spandex
  • Size range: XS-XL
  • Colors available: Luminescence, Sage, Black jungle


  • Compression
  • Ultra Soft
  • Wide waistband with compression mesh
  • Hidden key pocket


  • Few Color Options (but fun ones!)

I absolutely love these hiking leggings for when I’m wanting to rep a fun color on the trail. They are designed with designed with a wide waistband and hidden key pocket (I put chapstick in this.

These leggings stretch with your body perfectly but provide enough compression to keep you comfortable hiking. As with all things prAna they are made with sustainability in mind.

Check Prices for PrAna Kimble

How to Choose the Best Hiking Leggings for You

hiking leggings

Price of hiking leggings

We’d like to say money isn’t everything, but it actually plays a huge part in what trekking leggings you’ll go for. The price ranges from surprisingly affordable to a more high-end investment. Not all “cheap” leggings are bad, and while you don’t need to spend a fortune for a reliable pair, it’s worth considering spending a little more for elements that will suit your activities – and for something that’ll last longer. My favorite hiking yoga pants for the price are the Handful Leggings.


It’s something that’s very personal. Style is different for everybody, but the first thing you’ll judge something on is how it looks. Something that doesn’t look like you at all? Or something you could wear on the daily and on hikes? It should be a combination of style and comfort because feeling good is part and parcel of being comfortable. The most stylish hiking leggings on this list are the Arc’teryx Oriel.


Obviously, the number one thing when you’re looking for hiking leggings – are they comfortable? Chances are you’ll be wearing these for miles (and miles) at a time, and you don’t want something uncomfortable after the first 100 feet. So choosing for comfort should be high on your priority list. Some of the most comfortable hiking leggings I have are the Helly Hansen Women’s Rask.


best hiking clothes for women

Going hand in hand with comfort, how breathable your hiking leggings are will really make a difference to your hiking experience. This is something you may not think about at first, but once you’ve got a pair of hiking leggings on that aren’t breathable – you’ll know about it. Of course, we’re talking sticky and hot. And if you’re hiking somewhere, that’s hot already, that’s not fun. My favorite breathable hiking leggings are Kuhl Weekndr Leggings.


A lot of the best trekking leggings for women have integrated pockets. Now, this may seem like a basic feature, but depending on where they sit – and how well they’ve been integrated – this can be the difference between something really annoying and something that genuinely adds to the leggings. We want easy access to things like keys and phones without getting in your way. The Helly Hansen Women’s Rask are great hiking yoga pants with pockets.


A key element to what you should be looking at when you buy hiking leggings, what they’re actually made of plays a big part in how good they’ll be. It will depend on where you’ll be wearing your leggings and what you’ll be doing in them. Thermal, quick-drying, stretch, form-fitting – there’s a lot to consider. It’ll add to the comfort and overall utility of the hiking leggings.

Water & Wind Resistance

How water or wind-resistant hiking leggings are is a big deal. You never know what you’re going to be getting into on a trek – the weather’s always changing, for a start. And if you’re heading up mountains, for example, you’ll want something with a bit of windproofing and wicking for water resistance, too. Once you’ve got wet legs, having the wind whipping around them is the worst feeling. The Salomon Agile Trail Running Tights are pretty water and wind resistant and great for cold weather.

Reinforcement Panels

Not all leggings have these, but if you’re going on some heavy-duty hikes, they are good to have. Toughened, the reinforced fabric around the knees (and on the rear) allows for increased durability, means less wear-and-tear, and – if you’re really out to invest in a pair of trekking leggings – the likelihood is they’ll end up lasting a whole lot longer. The most heavy duty hiking tights are the Fjallraven Abisko.


Not something you’d think would make too much difference to the overall feel of your hiking leggings, the waistband is actually super important. Once you’ve spent a chunk of money on your new leggings, you don’t want them slipping down, feeling too tight (or too loose), or rubbing uncomfortably. Depending on what you prefer and your body type, a high waistband will feel much more secure and more form-fitting; a low-rise waistband may add more breathability, on the other hand. Choose for your body. The 5.11 Abby Tights have a fantastic waistband.

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