8 Reasons To Love The Classic Stanley Lunch Box

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The Stanley lunch box is a timeless piece. It’s a classic food container and one durable piece of equipment that fits perfectly with our lifestyle.

Thanks to its roomy interior the box has enough space to hold our lunch, breakfast, and a whole lot more. Pair it with the classic Stanley bottle or a travel mug for the perfect match. We’ve fallen in love with our Stanley lunch box and here’s why you will too.

The Stanley Lunch Box

Classic Americana Style

Stanley Lunch Box With Stanley Action Trigger Coffee Mug

Stanley’s lunch box from the 1950s is iconic. The steel frame and metal clasps screams classic Americana. It feels right in place in the back of our truck, on a worksite, on the farm, or fishing along the banks of the river.

You know it’s served as the vessel for millions of meals and will continue to do so. It’s a style that suits a wide range of settings and for us, a life of adventures in the mountains seems perfect.

Our Morning Breakfast Routine

A Stanley lunch box is not just for lunch, but we love to make a packed breakfast the night before. Throw in some hot coffee in an insulated mug in the morning before we hit up the ski resort for some early morning powder turns.

Or combine it with the classic food jar we can have a hot breakfast. It’s tough to complain about a hot bowl of oatmeal before tackling the cold. I may be biased, but there is hardly more appropriate fuel for a hard day’s work or solid type 2 fun than oatmeal.

Nests Bottles And Mugs

Stanley Action Trigger Mug Inside Stanley Classic Lunch Box

Located in the interior lid is an awesome feature that nests a classic coffee mug or tumbler. This means you can enjoy a hot coffee, tea, soup, or oatmeal without having to carry it separately.

While the container sits conveniently in the lid that still leaves plenty of space for your food and treats. It makes for a pretty rad picnic box too! I’ll often boil water in the morning and then use the hot water from our Legendary Bottle to make our coffee using the insulated french press an hour later.

Durable Enough To Last A Lifetime

The rigid steel exterior and rugged construction mean we can take the lunch box just about anywhere. Stanley feels confident enough in its product that it’s backed with a lifetime guarantee.

We’ve thrown our Stanley items around a fair amount and our lunch box lives in the bed of the trunk and it shows no signs of age. Not to mention any scratch we add to the steel frame only reminds us of previous adventures.

Enough Room To Not Go Hungry

The 10 qt size leaves more than enough room for a hearty lunch for more than just one person. The size allows for us to fit several sandwiches, fruit, snacks, and a tasty treat or two — I love a good brownie.

I like to eat a LOT because we burn so many calories from enjoying our favorite sports, so I’m thankful for the roomy interior which means I never go hungry!

No More Smushed Sandwiches

We’ve tried a few different options for packed lunch and that includes the standard brown paper, an insulated soft lunch bag, and even a classic plastic kids box.

However, none of them feel appropriate to adequately protect our food from getting smashed at some point. I love a well earned smushed sandwich from the backpack while on top of a mountain. However, it is nice to enjoy the occasional food that is not destroyed.

Perfect Picnics

It’s not all about work and adventures to enjoy our Stanley lunch box. Some days we want to do nothing more than relax. An outdoor picnic is a great way to enjoy nature without having to break a sweat. A classic wicker picnic basket might feel appropriate in Central Park; the steel lunch box feels more appropriate for our lifestyle.

Tough to beat a nice bonfire by the lake, few cold drinks, and tasty packed lunch. We’re big on charcuteries boards and will pack all the ingredients from our local delicatessen, Valbella Gourmet Foods, and assemble upon arrival.

It’s Great For More Than Just Food

Thanks to the thick steel, roomy interior, and tough paint I’ve found that I often use ours to carry just about everything. I’ll throw in the car keys, multitool, cell phone, and just about anything else in my pockets.

It’s great as it keeps things from rolling around in the back of the truck. That’s why that bottle nest in the lid rocks — just not in the literal sense.

Shop The Stanley Lunch Box

Stanley Lunch Box Product Image

Check out Stanley’s website to shop for the lunch box and score some other sweet accessories. We love our trigger action travel mug and legendary food jar (more below) They also run some sweet sales online. Just be warned you may be tempted to order multiple products!

Other Fantastic Stanley Products That Are Built for Life

Classic Trigger Action Travel Mug

The perfect travel mug that is durable and stylish. We’ve been using this to keep all our coffee well insulated while out enjoying the snow and winter. It’s a timeless mug that releases liquid with just a quick press of a button. Built to never leak or rust!

Classic Legendary Food Jar

This food jar is the perfect tool for all our outdoor adventures in both winter and summer. Great for soup, oatmeal, or chili out. I love that we never had to stop moving to have a quick lunch. Guaranteed not to leak and is super easy to clean with its wide mouth. Keeps food items hot for 15 hours.

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