Staying At The Capra In Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Saas-Fee is a village for adventure and mountain retreats and one of Europe’s best places to visit. For those looking for a luxurious stay, look no further than The Capra. The classic chalet-style hotel with excellent amenities such as a spa, game room, bar, restaurant, and large suites still blends into the surrounding village.

Saas-Fee is famed for its year-round ski that draws in dozens of professional ski teams to train throughout the summer months. However, the village has so much more such as excellent hiking trails, dining, staggering landscapes, climbing, mountain biking, and access to over a dozen 4,000-meter mountains. Saas-Fee is home to giants and is easily one of the best places to visit in Switzerland.

The Capra, Saas-Fee

Saas-Fee View

Saas-Fee Is A Car Free Village

The village of Saas-Fee

Similar to nearby Zermatt, Saas-Fee is a car-free village. It is the largest village in the Saastal Valley and is the central tourism hub. Saas-Almagell, Saas-Grund, and Saas-Balen comprise the rest of the valley.

Cow above Saas-Fee

Although it is a car-free village, there is no train service to Saas-Fee, so visitors must arrive via car or taxi. This access limits the large numbers that visit the Saastal Valley and means you’ll find a far more relaxing experience than other destinations in Switzerland.

View From Summit Restaurant in Saas-Fee

There is an oversized parking garage for those with their vehicle, discounted for overnight guests who receive a Saastal card. The city of Visp is the nearest train station to catch a shuttle or taxi to Saas-Fee.

The Property

The Capra Hotel in Saas-Fee

The Capra is on Bielmattstrasse, the main street, and is a five-minute walk from the Saas-Fee parking garage. On arrival and departure, the hotel does operate an electro vehicle to whisk guests around the small village roads—no need to worry about hobbling through the streets and hills with your luggage or ski gear.

It’s an understated five-star hotel that is a member of Preferred Hotels and Resorts and is inviting. Never feel out of place in the quaint mountain village. Upon arrival, we cozied up to the bar for a welcome drink in a rich atmosphere of wood and plaid. The property is several buildings connected underground so as not to break the aesthetic of the rustic village.

Sign in Saas-Fee

The extensive facility allows for The Capra to provide a bevy of facilities to its guests. Pamper yourself after a day of exploring the mountains in the spa with a sauna, salt room, steam room, foot baths, outdoor hot tub, pool, and foot baths. The spa effectively utilizes relaxing furniture and stone to create a modern mountain spa. We took full advantage of the spa after clambering to the top of one of Saas-Fee’s peaks in rain and snow.

Via Ferrata in Saas-Fee
The Sauna At The Capra

Those with a family can take advantage of the game room “Fun Lab” or library/projection room to watch a film. It was apparent during our stay that the comfort of all guests, no matter their age, is taken seriously. As one would come to expect, the service at The Capra is exceptional. To top it off, guests can take advantage of the private ski cabin to store gear or warm up with a hot chocolate next to the gondola.

The pool at The Capra

The Rooms

Bedroom in the Capra

The 24 rooms of The Capra are far from flashy yet supply a level of luxury you won’t find elsewhere in the village. Our signature suite blended modern amenities, light wood walls, and heavy fabrics. It’s tasteful and blends right into the village environment without any of the “rustic charms” you’ll find in an older hotel.

Living room in The Capra

A separate living room featured a minibar, desk, sitting area, TV, and large closet. It was the perfect spot to relax in the mornings with a coffee or glass of wine in the evening. The bedroom was cozy with a sumptuous bed that gave us a fantastic night’s rest.

Balcony at The Capra

The balcony supplies a highlight that provides sweeping views of Saas-Fee and the staggering glaciated peaks far overhead.


Dinner at The Capra

The Capra offers modern dining in a cozy atmosphere that focuses on farm-to-table. Local products are at the forefront. It is evident once the meal begins with local butter, fresh-baked bread, and salami.

Scallops at The Capra

Dishes utilize a rotation of fresh local ingredients such as venison and the occasional guest star such as scallops. To complement the meal, the hotel has an extensive wine cellar that celebrates the local wines of the Valais region. We thoroughly enjoyed sampling the excellent wines from Valais, such as Pinot Noir.


Village huts in Saas-Fee
Alpine Landscape in Saas-Fee
Alpine Hut for Goats in Saas-Fee

Even the parking garage in Saas-Fee is for adventure as the ten-floor building houses the Ice Climbing World Cup with a massive climbing wall inside. At its core, the village is about a connection to the mountains, so put mountain clothes on your Swiss packing list! The lack of crowds and the quaint village allows visitors to retreat in time.

Tasha Sips Coffee From the Capra
Summit Push Above Saas-Fee

Despite the staggering mountains and heavy dose of adventure, it’s not all about steep lines and mountain summits. Although if you’re after some mountain summits, you’ve come to the right place. We tried to keep our holiday a healthy mix of relaxing hikes, gondola rides, and mountain summits.

Dining in Saas-Fee

The town delivers a heavy dose of adventure and colossal mountain landscapes. It’s a destination to lose yourself and reconnect.

Glacier Views in Saas-Fee
Alpine Restaurant in Saas-Fee
Hikes in Saas-Fee

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