Tropicfeel Shoes Review: The Most Versatile Travel Shoes?

Tropicfeel shoes are billed as the ultimate travel shoe. That’s a tall promise. However, they’ve demonstrated they are attractive shoes capable of handling many environments. Regarding footwear and clothes, travelers can put items through the wringer.

The lifestyle of a traveler means a lot of time on your feet. That can be anything from exploring the great outdoors to discovering new cities. Good shoes are the difference between a fun and rewarding day or a painful night of blistered and sore feet!

Since you’ll only have a limited amount of packing space, bringing hiking boots, sneakers, aqua shoes, and sandals to relax is not feasible. You can start to see the appeal of versatile travel shoes like Tropicfeel shoes at this point. 

When we heard about a pair of shoes that were made for travelers and made by travelers and designed to take on the beach, trails, biking, and urban use, we had to check them out. In this detailed review, we’ll go through just what makes Tropicfeel such a cool brand and why these shoes might revolutionize your travel experience.

Tropicfeel Shoes Review

Tropicfeel Canyon Shoe in Asphalt Grey

Quick Specs | Price: $108-$121, depending on model | Weight: 7 ounces per shoe | Uses: Urban, water, travel, hiking, casual


  • Versatile 
  • Color variety
  • Water capabilities
  • Very breathable
  • Easy to wash
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable


  • The Mesh pattern fails to keep out dirt and grime
  • Thin insole
  • Inability to tighten shoe laces
  • Lacks protection
  • Not for intense hiking/mountain

First Impressions

Tropicfeel Canyon Natural Oat

The appearance of the Tropicfeel shoes gives you a clue to their versatility and style. They look pretty sharp for a pair of shoes that are made for the water. On close inspection, the shoes utilize a lot of mesh, foam, and rubber.

Lightweight and with a minimalist appearance, the shoes bring together a nice blend of casual and athletic. They’ll look right at home on the trail but are perfectly suitable for urban use and don’t give off an “on the way to the gym” vibe.

Water capabilities are a clear priority with the mesh sidewalls and soles that are designed to dry quickly. Rubber soles have a nice blend of styles that should help provide traction on several surfaces.

There are various styles to pick from, the two most popular being the Monsoon and the Canyon. I prefer the stylings of the Canyon, an ankle-cut sneaker, but some may prefer the low-cut Monsoon.

If you’re the type of person who likes color, there are brighter options like green or aqua to pick from. Those who prefer subtler shades will be happy with traditional black or gray shoes. For our tests, we chose Canyon Night Blue and Monsson Sage Green.

Performance of Tropicfeel Shoes

Wearing Tropicfeel Shoes While driving a motorbike in Siargao

The biggest question is whether Tropicfeel holds up to the rigors of the road. Well, the answer is yes. Of course, there are a few downsides (more on that later), but by and large, these shoes have great reviews from many travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.

They’re really amazing as shoes at coastal destinations. I loved the shoes on our last trip to Siargao in the Philipines, where I could comfortably drive a motorbike before cliff diving off rough rocky outcroppings.

Things to do in Siargao

With regular use, they held up well as a daily driver. It took around 180 days of wear for the shoes to start showing signs of age. This is while handling saltwater, rocks, and generally rough conditions.

They work well as a casual shoes for errands around town, or you can work out comfortably in them. I have done a light run in the shoes, but they lack the correct ergonomics for more serious runs and are too loose. However, they are perfect for a quick workout in the hotel gym!

Enjoying our Tropicfeel Shoes on the Boat

They also travel exceptionally well as the shoes are lightweight and flexible and can easily fit in your luggage. This saves room and weight in your bag. A carry-on traveler can easily pack Tropicfeel shoes in their suitcase without fretting over the space.

Best Use

Tasha in her Tropicfeels in Japan

Tropicfeels are great shoes. They feel appropriate for many travel destinations and use at home. Although travelers can particularly appreciate this level of versatility, anyone can benefit from having one pair of shoes with many functions.

It’s tough to pick one best use, but an ideal destination or purpose involves some body of water. They’re great on the boat, canoe, or paddleboard. Or the shoes can help out exploring waterfalls, beaches, or lakes.

Since water is the typical breaking point for a pair of shoes, it’s what makes them so versatile, especially when they’re comfortable and supply enough support to spend a full day walking around a city.

  • Comfort: The comfy design makes them a great everyday casual pair of shoes.
  • Durability: They’re sturdy enough to hold up to hours on the trail or on travel adventures.
  • Quick Dry: The quick-dry ability makes them a perfect pair of aqua shoes.
  • Style: To top it all off, they’re stylish enough for urban use. 

Ideal Travel Destinations

  • Costa Rica
  • Indonesia
  • Italy
  • Florida Keys
  • Greece
  • Brazil
  • Rockies
  • Philippines


What makes Tropicfeel good hiking, water, and urban use shoe start with the materials. You might be a bit surprised to learn that algae is one of the components in Tropicfeel insoles! Yep, you read that correctly.

About 8% of the insole is made from harvested algae, according to Tropicfeel, which creates a lighter, more durable, and eco-friendly shoe.

The EVA material in the midsole provides good support and comfort and is made from 20% upcycled material. And to tack on yet another sustainability bonus, it’s estimated that about five recycled plastic bottles are put into each pair. 

So, not only will you be wearing recycled plastic, but the combination of natural and synthetic materials creates a quick-drying, soft, and flexible shoe. 

Each pair weighs about 7 ounces, which is practically nothing for footwear, especially footwear suitable for extended periods of walking. Whether you’re hiking, doing outdoor yoga, or touring a new city, you can benefit from the “light as air” quality of these shoes. 


All day comfort in Tropicfeel Hong Kong

Of course, everyone’s feet are made a little different, so what works for one person might not for another. However, Tropicfeel has succeeded in creating a super comfortable shoe that will treat most wearers well. 

The super breathable 3D mesh keeps your feet dry and aired out on long walks and allows for super-speedy drying after you go swimming or get caught in a rainstorm. The aqua shoe property also means that they’re super easy to wash – throw them in the washing machine, and they’ll come out as clean as when they were brand new.

Walking Around Hong Kong All Day With Our Tropicfeel Shoes

Unlike some urban shoes with flat and slippery soles, Tropicfeel has slip-resistant rubber so you can keep your footing while hiking on trails or city streets. 

The cushioned footbed is removable to help with the fit for different foot shapes and sizes. Although most people prefer cushioning, you might have your own preferred shoe inserts, which can be put in place instead for better comfort. 

The shoes are a slip-on style with a stretchy, elastic-like closure and elastic laces that stay in place on your ankles. For those who like slip-on, it’s a dream come true. If you’re the type of person who prefers regular laces, then the Canyon shoes come with a pair of normal laces you can interchange! 

Tropicfeel has also added an anti-odor and anti-bacterial treatment to the shoes. It might be a small touch, but it helps when you’ve been out walking and sweating all day! 

What’s to Love About Tropicfeel? 

As you can already see, Tropicfeel shoes have many positive qualities going for them in terms of function and style. Below are a few other things we love about the shoes and what sets Tropicfeel shoes apart. 


Eco Friendly Products Plastic vs Pebbles

As mentioned in the materials section, Tropicfeel is committed to producing high-quality and environmentally friendly shoes. These shoes also began as a grass-roots project designed by actual travelers who were tired of constantly wearing out their sneakers while on the road. With a Kickstarter campaign for initial funding, the brand launched with the support of thousands of travelers. 

Most travelers already have a few go-to brands they trust for equipment, but sometimes it’s worth branching out to try a new product-especially one with such high reviews from so many travelers! 


While it’s possible to find pairs of sneakers cheaper than Tropicfeel, chances are you’ll be getting something that’s going to look shabby within a month, probably has relatively poor support, and certainly won’t have the aquatic qualities of Tropicfeel. 

For how durable these shoes are and the versatility of uses, you could argue that they’re a bargain deal. There are plenty of “travel shoes” on the market selling for a lot higher price, which might not even measure up to Tropicfeel in terms of versatility and comfort.

Unique Mesh Bag 

Another exclusive part of getting a pair of Tropcifeel shoes is the unique mesh bag each pair comes in. The simple sack has the Tropicfeel logo displayed on the bottom, black mesh on the top, and a fold-over closure with a buckle. 

Not only is it a great bag for carrying your shoes, but it can also function as a camping gear stuff sack, a laundry sack, or storage for other gear while on the road. The only thing better than a pair of versatile shoes is a pair of versatile shoes that come with a versatile carrying sack! 

Your Feet Can Breathe!

If you’re traveling to hot climates like Southeast Asia, it’s beneficial to have breathable footwear that also provides support. 

Spending all day walking around a city or hiking to a nearby temple are activities where flip-flops aren’t feasible, regardless of how hot and uncomfortable it is to wear close-toed shoes. Thankfully, the light and airy build of Tropicfeel shoes give your feet plenty of air to breathe and prevents them from becoming trapped and sweaty while out on adventures. 

Plus, since they’re also made for aquatic use, if the opportunity presents itself, you can always take a dip to cool off without worrying about taking your shoes off!

What’s Not to Love?

No piece of gear is perfect, and despite all the great features of Tropicfeel shoes, some things could still use improvement or don’t work for certain travelers. Here are the main considerations to keep in mind when deciding whether to get a pair of Tropicfeel shoes. 

Lacks Protection

They may be light and airy, built for the cold, but they are not. As versatile as Tropicfeel is, the line is drawn at cold temperatures and snowy conditions. If you’re traveling to Sweden in the winter or hiking mountains in South America, you’ll want a different pair of shoes because your feet will get cold quickly. After all, the name is Tropicfeel.

They really are made for warm-weather destinations. Nor are they great at rough conditions. They may be great for an easy hike on the trail but not trekking through the jungle. The airy design does little to protect your feet if you’re likely to face rough conditions such as sticks or mud.

Slip-on Have their Limitations

As we mentioned, the personal preference for slip-on vs. regular lace-ups may affect your overall impression of Tropicfeel shoes. Thankfully, some of their new pairs come with regular laces that you can interchange if you’re not a fan of the elastic ones. 

Also, remember that while these shoes will hold up to easy hikes and outdoor activities, they are not a substitute for a sturdy pair of hiking shoes. If you’re going on longer hiking expeditions or planning a two-week thru-hike with long hours on the trail every day, you’ll need something with more support and structure for your feet and ankles.

The Take-away for Tropicfeel 

Tropicfeel Canyon Shoe in Asphalt Grey

Quick Specs | Price: $108-$121, depending on model | Weight: 7 ounces per shoe | Uses: Urban, water, travel, hiking, casual


  • Versatile 
  • Color variety
  • Water Capabilities
  • Very breathable
  • Easy to wash
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable


  • The Mesh pattern fails to keep out dirt and grime
  • Thin insole
  • Inability to tighten shoe laces
  • Lacks protection
  • Not for intense hiking/mountain

Defining “the best” when it comes to travel gear is always a tricky business. Each traveler has their own preferences and style, which change how effective a piece of equipment or clothing is for the traveler. 

That being said, Tropicfeel is close to achieving a nice balance of function, style, and comfort. There are drawbacks, but the positive qualities greatly surpass the imperfections in the grand scheme of things. 

Compared to some shoes marketed for travelers, Tropicfeel is also a very affordable option, especially considering how well they hold up to daily use and the overall scuffs and scrapes of the road. 

Hopefully, as Tropicfeel continues to make new shoes, they will continue to improve on this already great product to meet the needs and wishes of even more travelers. When I’m off to a warm destination, these inevitably end up in my backpack or suitcase.

New Product: TropicFeel Shell Backpack

TropicFeel Shell Backpack

The Tropicfeel Shell Backpack markets itself as the ultimate modern-day travel backpack, and we couldn’t agree more. This backpack can easily shift between 22L and 40L quickly. That means you can pack up all your travel belongings, and once you get to your hotel, you can unload the wardrobe system and use it as a daypack. No need to carry little backpacks for groceries or hiking in your suitcase anymore!

The Shell backpack has organizational features down to a tea with detachable accessories. It’s also a fantastic anti-theft backpack that uses Fidlock® security. Its waterproof and sleek design means you can go from urban travel to wilderness adventures in a snap! Read the full review here.

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