An Adventurous Weekend in Croatia with & Adventure

Many travelers think of Croatia as either a party destination or a chill beach hangout.  I assure you that this Balkan country is certainly both of these things, but there are also many activities to do for the adventure seekers.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a nice cocktail (or a few), and to chill on the beach. However, sometimes we are just craving the three A’s – Activity, Adventure, and Adrenaline. 

Rock Climbing in Hvar with & Adventure

We jump started our weekend with rock-climbing in Hvar. Located just a 15-minute walk from Hvar Town center is the perfect base to position ourselves for a day of climbing fun.  I haven’t “rock-climbed” since summer camp in my teens when a wall and pegs were the substitutes for mountains. Cameron had never been climbing in his life, so these daunting rocks that awaited was essentially a first for both of us.

I say daunting, but the climb was very suitable for beginners like us. Our guide, Kristian, went over the proper safety requirements and showed us how to belay and tie the correct knots.Kristian has clearly been climbing for a number of years and is one of the top guides on the island – making us feel completely safe and comfortable. After he climbed the first rock to set up the ropes, it was our turn.

Rock Climbing in Hvar

The first climb up was difficult at first, but we quickly got used to climbing outdoors and couldn’t wait to keep going. The best part about rock climbing in Hvar is the view of the picturesque town of the clear Adriatic behind it. Both Cameron and I reached the top of the first climb and just sat in our harness breathing in the fresh, unpolluted air of the island.

Climbing in Hvar with and adventure

We continued to ascend on two other different rocks, gradually moving up in difficulty. When we got stuck,Kristian was screaming from the bottom “left hand up” and “push with your right foot.” After much determination, we summited one of the harder peaks, and the feeling of completion for beginners like us was extremely rewarding.

As I mentioned, it was our first time rock climbing outdoors which is completely different from indoor climbing. When you are outdoors in nature you have to make your own path. One wrong move can result in a head injury (always wear a helmet) and the wind and weather can make the experience more difficult. Not to mention, climbing with nature can be exhilarating but also slightly scary. Cameron is afraid of heights so climbing in Hvar gave him the perfect opportunity to step out of his comfort zone. After an exciting day and hard work out, we determined we love rock-climbing, and I particularly can’t wait to go again! I’m thinking a new goal will be to rock climb on every continent!

Gear used for Rock Climbing:

  • Helmet
  • Rock Climbing shoes
  • Harness
  • Karabiners
  • Ropes

What to Bring for Rock Climbing:

Rock Climbing Costs in Hvar

The price starts at €57, which we found to be completely affordable for those looking for adventure. Head on over to the & Adventure website and contact them to book your excursion!

Accommodation in Hvar
  • Budget: The White Rabbit Hostel is located in the center of Hvar town and has great vibes for those looking to meet other travelers. There is a fully equipped kitchen, comfortable beds, and great WiFi.
  • Luxury: For the ultimate plush+adventure weekend then try out the beautiful Adriana Hotel. All rooms feature a great harbor view and the breakfast features plenty of organic, fresh farm to table ingredients.

Sea Kayaking in Split

The fun wasn’t over in Hvar. Oh no, we were just getting started with our adventurous holiday in Croatia.  We hopped on the last ferry out of Hvar and made our way to Split. We wanted to wake up in the city to go kayaking with Kristian in the morning.  We woke up bright and early and found that the Croatian weather in April does not disappoint. The sun was shining, and for the first time in months, I had to put on sunscreen to protect myself from the sun’s rays.

Sea kayaking in Croatia is named as one of the 17 unmissable experiences. So naturally we were beaming with excitement when Kristian picked us up and we made our way to the bay.  We each picked out our own kayak, put on our life vests, and I prepared the rudder for a day out at sea.

The water started off calm as we each paddled our way in the crystal clear ocean. I was usually behind Cameron and Kristian, but I didn’t mind! The wind was starting to pick up and paddling was gradually getting tougher. We were in store for another workout after being already a tad bit sour from climbing the day before.

Sea Kayaking in Split
Was not completely aware that there was water on the lens 🙁

After about an hour of battling the waves, we paddled into a quaint little beach near Prva Voda Plaza. We sat with our snacks and basked in the sun while watching the waves pick up. We waited patiently for the sea to calm, but unfortunately, it didn’t. The wind had picked up too much throughout the morning and Kristian informed us that it would not be advisable to start kayaking again. The heavy wind and waves would make it easy for water to fill our kayaks and could result in us flipping. Now I’ve never flipped over in a kayak and unless it is 100 °F out, I’m not quite sure I want to.

Although we were a bit bummed that we were not able to continue kayaking, Mother Nature had determined that it was time to stop. I look forward to kayaking again next time we are in Split and around Croatia because they are surrounded by some of the clearest water in the world.

Kayaking in Split
Sea Kayaking Costs in Split

The prices for kayaking vary depending on the trip. Head on over to the & Adventure website and contact them to book your excursion!

Accommodation in Split
  • Budget: Tchaikovsky Hostel is cute, quaint, and has a nice community feel. The hostel is spotless and is centrally located.
  • Luxury: For some pampering in Split check out Antique Split Luxury Rooms. Set within the famous UNESCO-listed Diocletian’s Palace.

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