10 Best Hiking Bras To Support You On the Trails

A proper hiking sports bra is one of the most important items a woman can have while hiking. The best hiking bra for you will support your breasts comfortably throughout your entire hike.

It would be best if you also looked for a quick-dry sports bra as you’ll be sweating a lot on your hike and may even get rained on. I’m typically out hiking 3-4 times a week and have been testing out hiking sports bras for years. Here are a few of my favorite hiking bras to help you on the trail!

The Best Hiking Bras (sport) 

Handful Sports Bra

Handful makes my absolute favorite hiking bra

Handful makes my absolute favorite hiking bras. Handful supports breast cancer survivors and offers significant discounts to those women affected by breast cancer. Each year, they also give 12.5% of revenue from a few of their top bras back to Young Survival Coalition.

Besides their ethos, I love to shop Handful as I always know their sports bras will fit me well. Their sports bras are heavy-duty and durable, just what you need for hiking. They are made of quality material, are chafe-free, quick-drying, and even come with stash pockets. Use code TWP15 for 15% off.

Handful Sports Bra

Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra

best hiking bra

The Wacoal sports bra fits the bill for a versatile, comfy hiking bra. This is one of the best hiking bras for large breasts on the market. The best part is that it’s constructed with open mesh in all the right steamy areas, making it completely breathable and moisture-wicking. It’s basically like carrying AC with you and keeping your body cooled down no matter how high the heat gets turned up. 

There’s no pokey underwire to worry about either. Built-in contour cups provide the ideal compression for all-day comfort and modesty. The straps are wide enough to sit comfortably on your shoulders without digging in and perfectly adjust to fit your unique chest type.

This bra comes in various cool colors – from a neutral rose or dark grey to black with neon. If your style calls for brighter colors, you can choose a beautiful coral, pink, or yellow. Another thing to note is that the Wacoal Sports Bra comes in sizes 32-38 B, C, D, and E – but is best suited for C-D cups. 

Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra

Patagonia Barely Sports Bra

best hiking bra

If you’re in the B-C cup range and prefer a racerback strap style, Patagonia’s Barely Sports Bra is a smart way to go. It’s one of the best backing bras as it is lightweight and seamless. The recycled polyester and spandex fabric blend is perfectly lightweight and moisture-wicking for long-lasting comfort on even the longest of hiking ventures. 

The bra includes internal cup pockets with removable pads and an underbust panel that gives the right amount of compression for a supported fit. You’ll appreciate that this sports bra is entirely void of any hardware and is tagless for a guaranteed itch-free, poke-free fit.

As part of not having any hardware, this Patagonia hiking bra doesn’t have a clasp or fasteners. This is something to keep in mind if you prefer how the bra can be put on and taken off. It also means the size is less adjustable, so make sure your measurements are accurate if you decide to go with the Patagonia hiking bra.

Patagonia Barely Sports Bra

Brooks Dare Scoopback Bra

Detail product shot of Brooks Dare Scoopback Bra a tremendous option for hiking

If you’re on the upper end of the cup-size spectrum in the C-D range, the Brooks Dare could be the perfect pick for you. The bra is designed with a higher yet understated neckline that provides extra support while looking stylish. It’s ideal for even medium-impact workouts to hold everything comfortably in place.

Construction is genius, thanks to molded unicup and a free-cut construction that contours to the body. The result is a great fit that leaves me comfortable enough to focus on the task at hand, whether that’s running, hiking, or climbing.

You’ll get a snug and comfortable fit with the compression fabric used for the seam-free, contoured cups. Another remarkable feature of the Dare as a hiking bra is its wide straps with gel in the straps that give extra padding – perfect for backpack-burdened shoulders! The straps are also adjustable, and the bra’s hook-and-eye closure style includes three adjustment options that offer a personalized fit.

Brooks Maui Hiking Bra

Smartwool Racerback Backpacking Bra

best hiking bra

One of the best sports bras for hiking! For superior feel and performance, merino wool has lots of adoring fans and creates a quick-dry sports bra for all women. This is probably because merino wool is incredibly moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating for even the most strenuous activities. Seriously any moisture-wicking bra for hiking like this is gold. A huge plus is its naturally odor-resistant properties – great news for longer hiking trips where doing laundry isn’t convenient.

With the Smartwool racerback bra, you’ll enjoy these benefits with a Merino wool interior for optimum comfort. Plus, the hiking bra is completely seamless, making your performance wear feel like natural second skin. 

You’ll be sure to get plenty of lift and shape with the Smartwool’s specially engineered knit cups and removable padding. The bra is available in classic back or navy blue and beautiful light blue or orchid purple if you prefer a splash of color. If the idea of Merino wool is appealing, this hiking bra is for you. 

Smartwool Racerback Backpacking Bra

Icebreaker Sprite Travel Bra

One of the best backpacking sports bras. If you want all the comfort, odor-resistance, and performance of Merino wool in a low-impact hiking bra, the Icebreaker Sprite is an excellent solution. Its patented cool-lite fabric, which combines two natural, lightweight fibers (Merino wool and wood fiber), offers advanced moisture-wicking and breathability. 

The Icebreaker offers a clean, classic look. It’s available in a classic black, heather, or grape, so you can choose what best suits your style. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of the lycra material that make this sports bra perfectly suited for stretch and maximum range of motion. It’s streamlined and seamless, with the option to remove the bra cups. 

The Sprite has ample compression for a snug fit and support, but please note that this sports bra is best suited for low-impact activity, making it an excellent choice for casual hiking versus trail running. It’s so comfortable that you may even find yourself wearing it daily on or off the trails!

Icebreaker Cool-Lite Travel Bra

Patagonia Wild Bra

best hiking bra

If you’re looking for a racerback style, high-impact support sports bra and are in the B-C cup-size range, the Patagonia Wild Bra has what you need. It also works well as a mid-support hiking bra for sizes D+. There’s a wide range of sizes available to accommodate every type of woman – plus, it’s nice to see such a variety of color and pattern options that let you choose a style to best suit your unique taste.

The fabric is soft, moisture-wicking, and features a nice bonus – a treatment for odor control. The soft mesh lining ensures breathability and power mesh for extra support. If you’re larger chested, the molded panels perfectly accommodate bigger cup sizes.

You’ll find that the wide elastic band provides added moisture control and support, making them feel on the trails more comfortable. The band also includes a hook-and-loop closure for adjustability; many find it makes putting it on and taking it off a bit easier. It offers all of the quality and performance you’ve come to expect from Patagonia.

Patagonia Wild Bra

Odlo Seamless Backpacking Bra

For any woman with a medium to larger chest searching for an ultra-comfortable, high-impact, and quick-dry sports bra for travel, you’ll find what you need in the Odlo Seamless bra. It’s perfect for hiking, plus any other higher-intensity activities that require a firmer hold. If your activity requires any bouncing around, you don’t want anything holding you back!

If you prefer a sportier, racerback-style bra, you’ll appreciate the broader straps for added comfort and stability and the hook-and-eye back closure for easier putting on and taking off. The bra pads are also easily removable, making larger breasts more comfortable.

Everything about the Odlo is seamless. The integrated functional zones are streamlined and smooth with a snug side rib structure that gives that extra hug of compression to keep you supported. Choose between black or dark grey, or go for an exciting orange or deep red hue. You’ll love this sports bra’s versatility of use!

Odlo Seamless Backpacking Bra

SYROKAN High Impact

The SYROKAN high impact bra is one of the best sports bras for hiking and is the ideal find for anyone looking for a tank-style compression bra that’s built for high-impact activities. It’s made mostly of polyamide for advanced moisture-wicking performance, with some spandex for all the comfort and mobility you need.

This does an excellent job of making it customizable to every woman’s shape by featuring front-adjustable straps held comfortably in place by a hidden hook-and-loop closure. The back closure is also adjustable and padded, so you’re sure to get the right fit every time.

An added perk about the SYROKAN sports bra is the tank style passes off as more than a sports bra. It’s perfect to wear on its own as a fashionable piece of sportswear but could also serve as a bikini top if the occasion calls for it! 

Brooks Fiona Sports Bra

Brooks Drive Hiking Bra

Brooks Drive Hiking Bra

For a sleek, sophisticated look in a low-impact sports bra, the Drive by Brooks is a great-looking hiking bra! The front keyhole and crisscross back straps offer maximum ventilation and style. You may appreciate the minimal back coverage for carrying a backpack on low-impact hikes.

Whether you decide to leave or remove the bra cups, you’ll get the compression and encapsulation you need to stay comfortable and mobile. The brushed bottom band also adds to the flexibility and easily allows a natural full range of motion.

As with the other Brooks sports bras, don’t be surprised if you find yourself using the Drive for other things, too – like going for a swim! There are a variety of cute color combinations to choose from as well as different styles if you want a bit more flair.

Brooks Drive Hiking Bra

What to Look For in a Good Hiking Bra

You should consider a few things when picking the best hiking sports bras for you. 

Compression and Impact

Hiking Underwear

Considering that we’re talking about hiking bras, the impact level will most likely be moderate. For this level, a compression bra made of stretchy material is what you should look for. Compression essentially means that the breasts will be held close to the body, reducing pain or discomfort with movement. 

There are also combination compression/encapsulation bras. Encapsulation basically means that the bra is built with two cups (like a traditional bra) to hold the breasts separately in place. For higher-impact activities, you’ll find that having both encapsulation and compression will serve you best.

Sports Bra Construction

best hiking bra

When you’re hiking, consider that you have a pack full of gear to carry on your back. That’s why the actual construction of the bra is so important. How are the straps designed? For some, a racerback construction feels more comfortable and supportive for their chest size and shape.

For others, the fabric that runs down the center of the spine feels like an extra layer that causes more sweating under your already sweat-inducing hiking pack. If this is concerning, you may want to opt for tank-style construction instead. 


best hiking clothes for women

Same for any extra paraphernalia the hiking bra may have. Where does it fasten? How is the fastener designed? If there’s anything that could poke, pinch, chafe or dig into your skin, eventual discomfort is inevitable! It would be best if you analyzed every angle and every seam.



Which brings us to the next thing to consider – underwire or no underwire? While many traditional bras have underwires for extra shaping and support, this is a potential problem if a wire decides to move and poke through. Ouch.

With a quality compression bra, you should get all of the support you need without having to worry about this. If you like the shaping underwire provides, ensure that the wire is properly encased to feel seamlessly integrated.



The same goes with padding. You’re going hiking, so having padding doesn’t seem like much of a necessity – or is it? In the sports bra world, the pads are called “modesty pads” – and rightfully so. If you catch a chill, you don’t necessarily want to announce it to the world. Depending on the usual conditions of your hikes, a bra with removable pads may be an option you want to have. 

Personal Preference

Don’t forget to consider basic biology. Every woman’s chest is built differently – which means the complexity of breasts goes way beyond cup size. Besides the obvious that some breasts are larger and smaller, the volume and position on the chest vary.

Some sit high, some low, and breasts can be positioned more outward or inward…there are countless variations. Be sure to get proper measurements taken to find your optimum fit.

Happy Hiking Ladies!

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  1. All good info — save that a C-D cup is not the upper end of bra size. Try J. Those of us with bigger busts (F, G, H, J) find it very hard to find good sports bras.

  2. You have a great selection, but I agree with Mirella. I’m a 34H and have a dilly of a time finding something that fits properly, supports the girls, and dries quickly in the field. One of the most annoying things I’ve found is most of the bras are pull-on. I prefer mine to open in the front or back. I’ve ordered the Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra and hope it can handle my adventures.

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