10+ Best Travel Wallets To Protect Your Cash

Travel wallets are a great way to be savvy travelers as they look professional in business and protect your banking details. It’s easy to view a travel wallet as frivolous or unnecessary. However, travel wallets are an effective way to store your cards, cash, and passport all in one place. There are a lot of interesting options.

Even if you’re a grizzled veteran, a good travel wallet is a relatively small investment, considering the headache it could save you down the road. This guide to the best travel wallets will help you make a wise purchasing choice.

To save you some time we have rounded up the best travel wallets for you to choose from. We’ve selected a wide range of travel wallet options at a wide variety of price points. All of these travel wallets are intended for international travel and carrying your passport.

The Best Travel Wallets

Pacsafe V150 Wallet

Travel Wallet

Pacsafe specializes in designing bags and products to protect your valuables from theft. Their bi-fold passport wallet is one of the best for security so for those who plan to spend some time backpacking and walking around in crowded local markets, this could be a great option. The wrist strap is designed so that it is difficult to cut and tightens on your wrist – this will stop snatch and grab thieves.

The clutch is roomy and can fit 6 cards, cash, coins, and even multiple passports. As the name suggests it has RFID technology and great security. This wallet is perfect for those looking for the bi-fold design.

Travel Wallet Pros

  • Holds a passport, phone, change, and credit cards
  • Acts as a wristlet or clutch
  • RFID blocking material
  • Pacsafe brand

Travel Wallet Cons

  • Large Size
  • Style
  • Big For Pockets

Filson Bridle Leather Travel Wallet

Filson Travel Wallet

The idea of a passport wallet or travel wallet is to replace your traditional portfolio. Most of us do not carry oversized velcro wallets, so why switch downgrade when you switch to a passport wallet. As frequent travelers, I use my travel wallet at home and abroad. Filson is a long-established brand which began outfitting prospectors in Alaska. Now it’s a modern brand with a wide range of high-quality, rugged products. I love this wallet as it feels rugged from stiff leather but not bulky, which allows for it to fit in a pocket.

It has a section for your passport, then opposite that is are two holds for cards and a large pocket to store boarding passes or some cash. This travel wallet should get you through a lifetime of travel.

Travel Wallet Pros

  • Beautiful Leather
  • Unisex, Slim
  • Cash Pocket
  • High Quality
  • RFID

Travel Wallet Cons

  • Two Card Holders
  • Expensive

Herschel Raynor Passport Holder

Herschel Travel Wallet

Hershel Supply Co. is one of my favorite brands for backpacks, so why would I not choose them for travel accessories? They are known for durable high-quality products. It is likely you will have this passport cover for life. At an affordable price, it’s easy to choose this travel wallet if you’re on a budget.

The Herschel product comes in different colors so you can easily choose one to match the rest of your carry on luggage set. The Herschel travel wallet is just the right size to hold your passport plus some space for extra cash, notes, and visas.

Travel Wallet Pros

  • Durable
  • Herschel Brand
  • Holds two passports, credit cards, and cash
  • Stylish
  • Versatile
  • Price

Travel Wallet Cons

  • Not RFID
  • Must Fold Cash

United By Blue Passport Holder

United By Blue Travel Wallet

United by Blue is one of our favorites travel companies as they have some high-quality products and remove two pounds from the ocean for every product sold. It’s a great holder designed to protect your passport with fine leather. The wallet is made in the USA from Hermann Oak Leather, and it’s super attractive in person. There are a lot of travel wallets and passport holders that are the equivalent of a velcro wallet with zips, snaps, and velcro.

United By Blue’s passport holder has stiff leather that does an effective job of protecting your wallet. Inside there are several card slots to store your credit cards and some cash.

Travel Wallet Pros

  • Slim Design
  • Style
  • Quality Leather
  • Holds Credit Cards
  • United By Blue

Travel Wallet Cons

  • Not RFID
  • Expensive

  Zoppen Passport & Travel Wallet


It is retailing for less than $15, with dimensions of 7.5 x 5 x 1 inch and weighing less than 4 ounces, the Zoppengets good marks for value, size, and storage capacity. Due to its RFID blocking shield, e-thieves won’t have any luck sucking the data from your phone or credit cards either, and will likely move on to easier targets.

The layout is an ergonomic tri-fold configuration, and the wallet has a dedicated passport pocket, three credit card slots, a zippered pouch that fits US dollars, and a cell phone pouch that will accommodate phones up to 5.8 inches.

The company’s return policy is easy, and 85% of Amazon reviewers gave the wallet 4 or 5 stars, especially because of its vintage look, efficient design, and the 35 colors they could choose from. Those users who rated it three stars or less claimed that the cover wore prematurely and that there weren’t sufficient credit card slots.

Travel Wallet Pros

  • RFID technology
  • Price
  • Good Organization
  • 20 Color Choices
  • Holds smartphones

Travel Wallet Cons

  • Cheap Feel
  • Amazon Only

Michael Kors Jet Set Passport Case

Michael Kors Travel Wallet

For the stylish woman traveler, this Michael Kors passport wallet is exactly what you want. This wallet is small and discreet enough to stash away in your purse, and conveniently holds one passport and a few credit cards. The snap clasp does a good job of containing your valuables.

For the designer lover, this Michael Kors passport case is beautiful, strong, and functional. It’s a great sized travel wallet, but it’s obviously not unisex and doesn’t offer many features for the price.

Travel Wallet Pros

  • Style
  • Name Brand
  • Great Size
  • Holds Passport and Wallett

Travel Wallet Cons

  • Not RFID
  • Price

Saddleback Passport Leather Wallet

Saddleback Passport Wallet

We love Saddleback Leather products and have had them for years now. Along with their gorgeous original leather backpacks, they make lovely leather products in the USA with thick, supple leather.

The wallet is a long holder, and no passport will fit perfectly in your pants pocket, but the slim design of the travel wallet does make it possible. Most surprising is that Saddleback has managed to implement an RFID shield in this wallet made from full-grain boot leather. High-quality materials used in the travel wallet receive support from a 100-year warranty from Saddleback; this wallet should last a lifetime. I love rugged leather, so this is my daily carry.

Travel Wallet Pros

  • Beautiful Leather
  • Unisex, Slim
  • High Quality
  • One Century Warranty
  • RFID

Travel Wallet Cons

  • Only Two Card Holders
  • Expensive

Kate Spade Travel Wallet

Kate Spade Travel Wallet

Kate Spade makes a stylish travel wallet perfect for female travelers. It’s an organizer made with premium leather and gold. When unzipped, the bag lies flat, which allows for easy access to your passport or travel documents. The exterior has a large zip that around that keeps your items secure inside the wallet.

More than anything, it’s super roomy with enough space for 17 cards, two compartments, and a pen holder. On the exterior, there is a pocket perfect for travel documents on the go like tickets or boarding passes.

Travel Wallet Pros

  • Style
  • Color
  • Full Zipper
  • Multiple Compartments
  • Pen
  • Leather
  • Luxury

Travel Wallet Cons

  • Expensive
  • Non RFID
  • Attention-Grabbing

Bellroy Leather Passport & Travel Wallets

Bellroy Leather Travel Wallet

Bellroy makes several great travel wallets that are an excellent option for their organization and streamlined design. They produce their products from in leather from gold-rated tanneries rated as more eco-friendly. As a travel wallet, they can hold all of your travel needs, such as bills, passports, tickets, cards, and cash. Bellroy makes a lot of great wallets that do an adequate job at blending style and features.

Most of the travel wallets are slim and fit well in a pocket, purse, or backpack. There are several models on offer from Bellroy that can serve whatever it is you seek for your travel wallet. My personal favorite is the Bellroy Sleeve Wallet that fits easily in a pair of pants and even the front pocket.

Travel Wallet Pros

  • Multiple Options
  • Front Pocket Fit
  • RFID
  • Passport Ready
  • Slim
  • Quality Leather

Travel Wallet Cons

  • Expensive

FjallRaven Passport Wallet

Fjallraven Passport Wallet

We have a serious love for Fjallraven and their G-1000 canvas material so a travel wallet that implements the material is wonderful. This wallet can store your tickets, boarding passes, a notepad, pen, passports, cash, headphones, and credit cards.

On the exterior of the travel wallet is a pocket that’s perfect to hold your boarding pass or train ticket for quick access. There is also an interior zippered pocket that is great for loose change and coins. It’s more of an organizer, but if you don’t mind it traveling in your purse or backpack it’s a great option. Fjallraven delivers a really quality product with heavy canvas accented by leather.

Travel Wallet Pros

  • Zip
  • G-1000 Canvas
  • Interior Organization
  • Exterior Pocket
  • FjallRaven
  • Style

Travel Wallet Cons

  • Large Size
  • Not RFID

Travelambo Travel Wallet

With nearly 50 colors from which to choose, Travelambo’s design is geared toward the ladies, as it looks more like a purse than a wallet. Made of water-resistant polyurethane, it’s durable, fashionable. It includes everything you’d expect, such as slots for passport, cash, and credit cards and a cellphone compartment that can handle phones up to 5.8 inches.

It comes with a one year warranty too, and at 7.4 x 4.5 x 1 inches and less than two ounces, it’s a bit more compact than some of the others, but should be sufficient unless you’re still hoarding stacks of coupons from the ’90s. 85% of reviewers gave it 4 or 5 stars, explicitly mentioning its fresh colors and lightweight construction.

Travel Wallet Pros

  • Affordable
  • Organization
  • Neck
  • Durable
  • Holds Phone

Travel Wallet Cons

  • Cheap Quality
  • Not Unisex
  • Large

Things to Consider When Buying a Travel Wallet


They make passport holders in all shapes and sizes. Some wallets are big and bulky while others are small and lightweight. It’s important to identify if it’s convenient for you and your needs. For me, that means it fits easily inside a purse or backpack and holds my phone.


Some of the best passport wallets only hold a passport. Some come with credit card slots and change purses, while others can hold pens and USB sticks inside them. Make sure you get one to hold all that you need.


For many people, style an is an important aspect when traveling. It wouldn’t be fitting for a business traveler, honeymooner, or fashionista to pull out some ugly neck wallet to pay for their cappuccino.


When you’re traveling you want something that is durable and going to hold up through all your trips. Why spend money on something that won’t last? The materials used in the construction and design of your wallet should be of high quality.


Is the wallet easy to conceal when full of all your items, or does it stick out like a sore thumb?


This one is a no-brainer. We all want to get good value for any travel wallet. There are a wide variety of price points and I always value quality over price. Everyone has a different threshold and we’ve bought cheap products that last for years while other last for months.

Warranty and Return Policy

Is the product’s quality backed up with a warranty and an acceptable return policy?

RFID blocking technology

You’re going to see this acronym thrown around a lot in this post. RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification. RFID tags use electromagnetic fields to identify and track store your information. It’s a new feature utilized in a lot of new credit cards and passports.

Long gone are the days of actually stealing a credit card. Thieves can now use this technology against you to steal all your information. Thankfully, many passport travel wallets have RFID blocking technology to discourage this.

Tips on Travel Wallets

Rome - Italy Itinerary - Europe Packing List


If you’re traveling to a developing nation or one where petty theft is common I would think twice about travel wallets. You don’t want something that has a designer name embossed on the front. This is why some of my favorites are a solid color or simple leather wallets.

Forget Cheesy Wallets

I know a lot of people like the neck wallets and belts, but they’re often a dead give away to skilled pickpockets. They know you have valuables in there and it gives off the idea of a bumbling tourist. The pickpockets of Europe are quite skilled and in the major touristic cities work in teams to remove the “security” wallet from you.

Placement in Backpack

If you opt for a large travel wallet or clutch think about where you place it in your purse or backpack. They should never be stored is easy to access exterior pockets. I’d rather have to dig for my wallet than have a thief steal my valuables. Also, I always keep the bag against me when in public. This means when I sit the backpack between my legs or against my side in a seat.

Front Pocket

If the wallet is streamlined like many of the options on this I keep my travel wallet in the front pocket. This is a very difficult grab for pickpockets and when in crowds my hand instinctively sits over the pocket. The key is thieves always look for easy opportunities and simple decisions can make theft difficult.


I like to keep my passport and cash/cards together as I don’t stand a chance of losing either. Always easy to remember one item rather than two.

Money Clip or Coin Purse

It’s not always a good idea to reach for your wallet in public. This is especially true in busy environments in developing nations such as a local market. For scenarios like that, we carry a small money clip or coin purse with small denominations of the local currency.

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