Morocco Dress Code • What to Pack for Morocco

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What to Pack for Morocco

Morocco is a great destination to visit during any month of the year. If you have plans to visit Morocco soon and have no idea what to pack for Morocco, you’re not alone. Before we went I had no idea of the appropriate clothing, the weather, and what I would be able to buy in the country.

We spent six weeks there and I was able to gather insight on the type of things needed for travelers to adhere to a typical Morocco dress code. Of course, there is no “dress code” in Morocco like at a Catholic school. However, conservative dress in an Arabic culture will provide you with less unwanted attention and respect.

What to pack for Morocco and fall in line with the dress code


Cool Shoes

And no I don’t mean cool shoes as in like “Cool shoe bro!” I mean get a pair of breathable shoes to walk around Morocco in. It gets hot in Morocco and you don’t want your feet to be constantly sweaty and stinky. I love the Nike Free Flyknit Shoes for their breathability in situations like this.  Check out more of my favorite travel shoes. 

Harem Pants

Men and women shouldn’t wear shorts in Morocco. It is a Muslim country so be respectful and keep the legs covered up. I walked around almost everyday in one of my many pairs of Harem pants. If it were acceptable to wear these in any country in any situation then I totally would. So comfortable and lightweight! My favorite Harem pants come from prAna. These Mantra pants are lightweight, made out of hemp, and heavy duty.

Cuffed Pants

The Moroccan streets aren’t the cleanest in the world. That’s why I do like to wear pants that won’t drag on the ground all the time. Harem or loose pants are fantastic, but if you want pants where the bottom won’t get filthy try these. I wear them all over when I want the comfort of Harem pants but don’t want to get them dirty from the streets.

A Scarf or Shawl

While we are on the subject of being modest then you should throw a scarf or shawl into your suitcase for Morocco. They are always good to have when you need to cover your head before walking into a Mosque. I also like wearing scarves around my head while just walking around. As a blonde, I tend to get a lot of unwanted attention and a scarf helps with that.


Just throwing this into your bag is going to make packing for Morocco a breeze. A Shemagh is the perfect travel accessory for both the men and the women travelers out there. This can be worn for just about anything. From keeping warm, to doubling as an eye mask the shemagh has tons of different uses. It’s perfect for anyone heading into the Sahara wanting to keep the sand out of their face. I would personally recommend buying this before you land, because once you travel to the desert there will plenty of touts willing to sell you a cheap one at an exuberant price.


I’ve touched on what would be great to wear for the bottom half of the body, but what about the top? A tunic is a great lightweight option to wear around Morocco. A tunic will keep you cool and reveal little to anyone with wandering eyes.


A blouse is always a good thing to have. I would suggest bringing one nice one and one casual one that you don’t mind getting a little sweaty.


You’ll find most people wearing sandals in Morocco and they are definitely for every Moroccan dress code. I wore my Rainbow Sandals 90% of my time in Morocco. Trust me when I say they are durable, long lasting, and extremely comfortable once you break them in first (I’ve had mine for nine years!)


What to pack for Morocco


Down jacket

If you are planning on taking a trip the beautiful Sahara desert then you will need a jacket to keep warm at night.  This is essential and if you caught without one…well it’s going to be a very bad night. I know it’s the desert, but believe me when I say the temperature will plummet at night. We always recommend you throw in a great packable down jacket.


If you do have plans to go to some of the coastal cities of Morocco then a light windbreaker jacket will help, especially in the winter. I have been traveling around with my Northface rain jacket and love it for walking on the windy beaches.


Chefchaouen, the wonderful Moroccan blue city, is located in the mountains and it does get chilly up there. Pack at one nice sweater or fleece to stay warm here. My favorite fleeces are made by Patagonia.




It is a fact that if you are in Marrakech or Fez then you will be getting lost in the medina. It’s not a matter of if but when. On top of that forget asking any local for directions without paying them some sort of tip. So, needless to say don’t forget your phone to help you get around (forget about a map, then you are just asking for it). We always download Google offline maps to our phones to help us get around. Never once had to pay for directions in Morocco.


A high-quality camera is an important packing item for Morocco if you want some great shots while on your vacation.  I travel with my Fujifilm X-T10 and 200mm telephoto lens, but I’m not afraid to take out our tiny and discrete GoPro. Not that drones are not allowed in Morocco.


Remember that Morocco uses the Europlug. Make sure you find a good adapter like the one I have to keep you charged. Otherwise, you may be paying for a cheap one once you land.

Kindle Paperwhite

While I love having a good real book when I travel sometimes it’s just not practical because of the weight. I’ve recently switched to a Kindle Paperwhite which is small and compact, plus it has a backlight for reading at night without a harsh glare.

What to Pack for Morocco

Other Clothes to Consider for Morocco

Maxi Dress

For a more girly look try wearing a cute maxi dress in Morocco for walking around the medinas in.


Essential for those nights in the desert I keep mentioning. You will want to keep your feet nice and warm near that cold sand. We travel with a couple pairs of the Danish Endurance Merino Wool  socks and our feet have never felt warmer.


Just because you’re in a Muslim country doesn’t mean you can’t wear a bathing suit for when you are at your riad or at the beach. I would recommend bringing one for the summer months. Especially, if your hotel has a pool or you are going to coastal towns like Essaouira and Assilah.

Floppy Hat

A hat will protect you from the harsh sun, may as well make it a cute one if you’re going to wear it!

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Other Useful Morocco Travel Items

Lifestraw Go

If you’re wondering what to pack for Morocco make sure to include a filtered waterbottle. It’s not advisable to drink the tap water in Morocco. We use the Lifestraw Go for all those times during our travels when the water is questionable.

Hand Sanitizer

Walking around and taking part in everyday activities in Morocco can get pretty dirty. You can’t go wrong bringing some hand sanitizer and baby wipes in your bag.


There is a lot of sunshine in Morocco.  Make sure to bring a pair of killer sunglasses with you.


Protect the skin and use sunscreen, always. Our favorite to use is Peak Sunscreen because it’s eco-friendly and water resistant.

Electrolyte Tablets

Dehydration in Morocco is a real concern and should be taken seriously. These tablets should have your body back to normal should you happen to fall sick.

An overview of what to pack for Morocco:


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