Victoria Falls River Lodge The Perfect Accommodation in Victoria Falls

Looking for the perfect Victoria Falls Accommodation? On the banks of the mighty Zambezi River is the secluded Victoria Falls River Lodge.

Set among the wildlife in the Zambezi National Park, but still deep enough in the bush to go undetected is the ideal lodge to experience Victoria Falls from.

Victoria Falls River Lodge

The Rooms At Victoria Falls River Lodge

Victoria Falls Accommodation

When we first were shown our room at the lodge we were blown away by the size. The room was monstrous with a king-size bed,  sectional couch, coffee bar, indoor and outdoor shower, and a two-person bathtub.

Victoria Falls Accommodation on VFRL

The room was bigger than our one-bedroom apartment in New York. I asked them what we had done to be given the best room, and they told me that all of the rooms were the exact same!

The next few days were spent enjoying a comfortable bed and taking baths while overlooking the lush bush and Zambezi River.

The Fantastic Staff

Victoria Falls River Lodge Staff

From the moment we entered the Vic Falls River Lodge the staff was there to help and provide plenty of smiles. Most of the staff members here are from Zimbabwe and love their country, which is apparent from their friendliness.

the staff in victoria falls
Game Drives with Victoria Falls River Lodge

The level of service at the Victoria Falls River Lodge is certainly some of the best in the area. For each breakfast, lunch, and dinner guests are able to feel at home. Game drives and river cruises are guided by some of the best in Zimbabwe. We decided to take part in two 6 a.m game drives and three afternoon river cruises. Along the way, we heard stories from the bush and tales of Zimbabwe, relishing in the excitement described by each guide.

The Game Drives

Safari with the VFRL
Zebra near Victoria Falls

Every day at the lodge guests can choose to go on either a morning or afternoon game drive around the Zambezi National Park. We hit Zimbabwe at the beginning of the rainy season and all the green was refreshing to see after a month in Namibia.

Warthogs in Africa

We opted to wake up early, throw on some safari clothes, and catch the animals before the heat of the day. All the heavy rains and lush bush made the wildlife harder to spot, but we still managed to end our game drive with zebra, giraffe, elephant, impala, warthog, and vulture viewing.


I loved venturing around the Zambezi National Park compared to some of the more popular parks in Zimbabwe. We rarely saw other people and there was never a pile-up of cars gathering around an animal.

The River Safaris

River Cruise on the Zambezi

If being on a bumpy game viewer in the bush doesn’t suit your fancy then maybe a river cruise on the almighty Zambezi River will! Guests of the lodge are also given the option of jumping on a morning or afternoon river cruise to see the wildlife from a different perspective. Drinks and snacks are provided on each cruise as well. What could be better than African wildlife, the Zambezi River, and gin and tonics?

hungry hungry hippos

The Delicious Food

The food at the Vic Falls River Lodge

It’s hard to pick just one thing to miss about the Vic Falls River Lodge, but the delectable food is high up there. From morning to evening everyone is stuffed full of fresh fruits, green salads, and hearty vegetables. Instead of a buffet, you are given a menu for each meal time. There is a selection of fish, meat, and vegetarian options on each menu to choose from all while overlooking the Zambezi.

My favorite part? The bloody mary bar at every breakfast.

The Birdlife

Birds near Vic Falls

Cameron and I have become quite the birders since we began our Africa trip. While we were visiting the Gondwana Game Reserve in South Africa we even counted 44 species in one day! Well. the birds around the Zambezi are nothing short of dazzling as well. On our game drives and boat cruises, we saw plenty of almighty vultures, comrades, kingfishers, and much more!

Bee Eaters
Birds of Zimbabwe

Our favorite spotting was a huge nest of bee-eaters near the lodge. We sat on the river and watched the gorgeous green birds flutter in and out of their self-made holes for at least 15 minutes!

Relaxation At Victoria Falls River Lodge

Relaxing at the VFRL
Zambezi on the Zambezi

The best part about a stay at the Victoria Falls River Lodge is that you don’t have to do anything at all to have a good time! Sure, the game drives and river cruises are fantastic but the lodge is very well set up to do absolutely nothing at all.

Tea at the Victoira Falls River Lodge
Chess Time!

Each room here has its own private plunge pool with a fridge nearby filled with complimentary Zambezi beers. For those that want to be a little more social, there is a larger pool with new sunbeds to soak in the sun.

The Sunsets and Sunrises

Sunrise over the Zambezi
Sunsets in Zimbabwe

I’ve written before about the fantastic African sunsets and sunrises, but the sunrises and sunsets over the water are simply fantastic. We aren’t morning people; however, we had to see the sunrise every morning over the Zambezi. Sunset was always complete with a cold drink in hand.

Victoria Falls River Lodge Location

To the Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls River Lodge is a 20-minute drive from the Zambia/Zimbabwe border. We arrived from Zambia after a few bad experiences with the African border crossings. We were hoping for a relatively pain-free crossing into Zimbabwe. Our dream became reality and thankfully, the two of us and our car were over the famous Victoria Falls Bridge in under an hour!

From there we drove straight to the Zambezi National Park and drove right to the lodge.  The lodge is situated in an ideal location for self-drivers (like us) as well as people that fly in with its close proximity to the airport. Although we drove to the lodge most guests will make their entrance via a leisurely cruise to the main reception or by car transfer.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Accommodation

I’m saving the best for last here, but one of the main reasons to stay at the Victoria Falls River Lodge is because of Victoria Falls! The “Smoke That Thunders” has been described as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. At 1,708 meters wide and a height of 108 meters (354 ft), Victoria Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the world and is probably one of the main reasons you have come to Zimbabwe. We enjoyed a nice morning with the VFRL crew and other guests on the Zimbabwean side of Vic Falls. VFRL organizes a trip to the falls every morning for guests. The falls are certainly a sight to see and are one of the main attractions in all of Africa.

The Smoke That Thunders
Vic Falls River Lodge and Victoria Falls

It costs $30 for foreigners to enter the park (unless you are from an SADC country, then it is $14). I would plan to spend at least half a day gazing at the large spectacle and remember to bring a rain jacket – it gets wet! The falls are best viewed from the Zimbabwe side, but the famous Devil’s Pool can only be experienced from Zambia.

General Info for Traveling in Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls

Visas to Zimbabwe

Visas for Americans traveling to Zimbabwe cost $30 USD payable in cash at the border. Visas are good for 30 days. Americans have the cheapest visas while the Canadians and Brits have it the worst at $75 and $55 respectively. More info on visas here. As we were traveling between Zambia and Zimbabwe we opted for the recently released KAZA visa that is a dual visa good for both countries, it costs $50.

Cash in Zimbabwe

Having enough USD before you enter is sure to make life easier. If coming from Livingstone there is a Barclays Bank in town that is able to change cash for you. If coming into Kariba, we found an ATM in Siavonga on Lake Kariba (Zambian side). The ATM’s in Zambia dispense Kwacha, so you will have to change that into USD before you enter. I would be hesitant to run out of USD anywhere in Zimbabwe besides Vic Falls, Harare, and Bulawayo.

Language in Zimbabwe

The three main languages in Zim are English, Shona, and Ndebele. You will be able to get by fine with English in Zimbabwe.

Food In Zimbabwe

The local meal in Zimbabwe is sadza and is a combination of maize, relish, and meat and it is delicious!

Want To Know More About Zimbabwe?

Lake Kariba

We drove around Zimbabwe and love the people and the country. Read more about travel in Zimbabwe!

Book A Safari in Zimbabwe

Canoe in safari

Traditionally if you wanted to book a safari you’d have to go to a travel agent and have them book your safari for you. Most of the industry still operates in this fashion. However, Timbuktu is a new platform that allows you to select the lodges you’d like and see the pricing per day. This way, you can select the best itinerary for yourself. They will then contact the lodges and help you book your safari. With experts on staff, they can also provide suggestions and arrange the little details, much like a travel agent.

What to Pack For Zimbabwe?

Truck Camping in Zimbabwe
Roads in Rural Zimbabwe

There are a few things that one should pack for an African Safari. We help you create your safari packing list and share some of our favorite safari products.

Travel Insurance

We don’t travel without travel insurance and neither should you. You never know what can happen in a foreign country and it’s best to be prepared. HeyMondo provides excellent short and long-term coverage. 

Plan Your Trip to Africa

  • Travel Insurance: We don’t travel without travel insurance and neither should you. You never know what can happen while traveling so it’s best to be prepared. HeyMondo provides excellent short-term and long-term travel insurance plans. 
  • Travel Waterbottle: When we’re uncertain about the water supply we use our Grayl Purifier. It’s come in exceptionally handy around Africa.
  • Camera Gear: Chances are you’ll want a camera for your trip to Africa. We love the Sony RX100V for a pocket-size camera and the Fujifilm XT-4 for a professional camera. Check out our favorite cameras for Africa.
  • Safari Clothes: Lightweight, beige, and moisture-wicking clothing are great for traveling Africa. See our favorite safari clothing here.
  • Safari Hat: A good hat is both stylish and functional.
  • Safari Bag: A durable bag is ideal for traveling around Africa.
  • Safari Pants: We recommend neutral-colored pants as they’re great at hiding dirt and can match most shirt colors.
  • Safari Shirt: Shirts like these are lightweight and keep the bugs away!
  • Boots: While you don’t need to wear sturdy shoes every day, at least one pair of safari boots will make your trip nicer!
  • Travel Adapter: You’ll need a special travel adapter for traveling to Africa. Get one before you get there so you don’t pay a premium on the ground.
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