Is Traveling to Africa Safe? Here’s What You Need to Know


It was our first time in Sub-Saharan Africa. I had dreamed of traveling across Africa ever since The Lion King. However, the moment we arrived I was nervous to be in Johannesburg, South Africa. What if we were carjacked? What if I got killed by a hippo? What if I contracted a life-threatening disease no one …

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22 Helpful Desert Hiking Tips to Know

Desert hiking can seem daunting. However, desert hiking can be a hugely rewarding and romantic place to go for a hike. The colors of the desert and their landscapes at times feel like another planet and the stuff dreams are made of. A hike in the desert displays the extremes of our planet and their …

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20 Easy Ways To Stay In Shape While Traveling

renting a boat on corfu

It’s tough to stay in shape while you travel. New environments, different time zones, and tempting cuisine make it tough to mind your health. This is largely due to the bad habits that form while traveling, whether consuming too much alcohol, relaxing a bit too much, or eating far too many sweets. People ask us …

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Contraceptives while Backpacking the World

Contraceptives for Round The World Travel

A pregnancy would put a bump in the road – literally.  Babies can be great, but they don’t really fit our nomadic lifestyle.  I’ve always had difficulty in finding the best way to stay baby free while traveling.  As a woman, there is more to birth control than just preventing pregnancy.  I also want to …

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