22 BEST Things To Do In Milos, Greece

The Greek island of Milos had been on our list of places to visit in Greece for years. We had seen photos of the moonscape beaches and heard about how quiet the island was compared to others, so it was only a matter of time before we ventured to Milos ourselves.

After visiting over 20 other Greek islands, including Hydra, Santorini, Crete, and Mykonos, I can say that Milos ranks up there as one of our favorites. Milos has everything you could want from a trip to the Greek islands. Great food? Epic beaches? Amazing sunsets? Friendly people? Yup! All those things are what make Milos so special. Here are our favorite things to do in Milos, and maybe we can convince you to fall in love as much as we have!

Things to Do in Milos

Have a Coffee in Adamantas

Adamantas At Sunset With Olive Grove In Foreground

Adamantas is one of the main towns on Milos and where most travelers will pass in and out. This is where the ferries arrive and depart the island, so it has many cafes, restaurants, and shops around that people frequent all the time as they wait for their ferries.

Natasha Walks Through Adamantas
Walking around Adamantas

It’s a great place to stop at night and enjoy a Freddo Cappuccino. You can also explore on foot and see the Agios Haralambos Church, the Church of the Holy Trinity, or the Agia Triada Church, some of the best sights in Adamantas.

Sunbathe on Provatas Beach

Natasha At The End Of Dock On Provatas Beach

Located on the south coast of Milos, Provatas is one of the most popular beaches on the island. It’s one where you can easily spend half a day! You’ll find beach chairs and umbrellas for hire during the peak summer season. Despite being a popular Milos beach, it’s not too crowded. There’s not much around besides a few restaurants, which keeps the crowds down.

Swim at Firiplaka Beach

Firiplaka Beach is one of my favorite beaches on the island and one of the best things to do in Milos! This is a long beach with plenty of space to spread out and enjoy a beach day without others on top of you. White sand and calm blue waters are what make this beach so special. However, I loved the enormous colored rock formations along the coastline. It’s one of the more unique beaches on Milos. Come here with snacks and all you need for the beach, as there is only one small beach snack stand.

Descend to Tsigrado Beach

Milos Island has more than 70 beaches, and Tsigrado is one of the most secluded and beautiful. Located just a short five-minute drive from Firiplaka Beach and nestled between cliffs, it’s a great place for adventure lovers. Why do I say adventure lovers? Because you have to climb down a bit of a scary and exposed ladder to access the beach!

That’s right, unless you arrive by boat or kayak, the only way to access this beach is via a steep and narrow gully with a rope and ladder at the end. If you are afraid of heights or not sure-footed, it’s probably best to admire the beauty of this beach from above.

Once on the beach, it’s not such a big area, but that’s okay since many won’t venture this way. The water is glistening, with a small cave nearby and soft sand to lie in (there are no facilities, so bring a towel and water). Arrive here earlier in the day. After 3:00 p.m., the small beach area becomes shaded.

Cliff Jump at Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko Beach is easily the most popular thing to do on Milos Island. It’s likely what drew you to visit the island in the first place; fair enough, this Greek beach is out of this world. Stepping onto Sarakiniko Beach feels like stepping onto the moon. Over the centuries, the sea and wind have shaped this volcanic rock into majestic columns. It’s where pure white rock meets turquoise blue water.

There’s no vegetation here and not much sand. Sunbathing here means placing a towel on the hard rock, but it’s a small price to pay for the uniqueness of this moonscape. There are plenty of cliff jumping opportunities at Sarakiniko, and there’s a long, shallow, and safe inlet where visitors can swim and easily get back onto the rock.

Sunrise Over Sarakiniko Beach
sunrise at Sarakiniko Beach

Although this is the most popular beach in Milos, I still loved coming here a few days in a row. It’s wonderful at sunrise, mid-day, and sunset. One could easily spend a whole day here. Just bring snacks, as there is only one small food truck near the parking area.

Stop by the Sarakiniko Shipwreck

The Shipwreck At Sarakaniko Beach

Next to Sarakiniko Beach is the Sarakiniko Shipwreck. It can be very easy to miss, but it is worth a stop! You can see the shipwreck by walking down towards the beach from the parking area and taking a right instead of a left towards the inlet. The wrecked pieces belong to a ship that crashed into the rocks in 2003 amid a storm. If you’re a strong swimmer and the water is calm, it’s also possible to go snorkeling here from the Sarakiniko inlet.

Stroll around Mandrakia

Cameron And Natasha Stand Over Small Mandrakia Harbor

The small fishing port town of Mandrakia wasn’t on our list of things to see in Milos. That is until we unknowingly booked an Airbnb in this small town and found ourselves there for a few days. I’m so happy that we stayed in this small town, as it’s one of the prettiest stops in all of Milos. Mandrakia is where you can find complete peace.

The main draw is a tiny fishing village with colorful boat garage doors. It’s an idyllic spot to take a photo with the Zoodohos Pigi church rising over it. Step down to the village to better see the fisherman’s typical residence. There are few things to do here in this small village, but many people venture here for a restaurant…

Eat at Medusa

Medusa Restaurant On Busy Summer Day Milos
Lunch at Medusa

That restaurant would be Medusa. Medusa is one of the best-reviewed restaurants in all of Milos, and people come from around the island to eat here. They have fresh Greek cuisine and great seafood. The best part is Medusa is reasonably priced. It’s a traditional Greek Taverna run by a family with typical Greek pricing. You can easily eat here for under €10 a person. Come during lunch for the most stunning daytime views.

Dinner at O! Hamos! Tavern

The other must-eat at a restaurant on Milos is O! Hamos! Tavern located near Adamas. You’ll have to get here before opening or at off times to score a table. Often, people wait hours to eat here in the summer. This family restaurant will, without a doubt, be recommended to you a few times while visiting Milos, and for a good reason!

On their extensive handwritten menu, you can find anything from aginares milotikes—fried artichoke with eggs, fresh green onions, and dill—to gourounopoulo metimezako, roasted piglet cooked for hours in molasses-mustard. Dining at these two restaurants is among some of the best things to do in Milos—trust me!

Visit the Ancient Theatre of Milos

Natasha Alone At The Milos Ampitheatre GoPro Selfie

No visit to Milos is complete without stopping at the Ancient Theatre of Milos first. This is an extremely well-preserved Roman theatre overlooking Milos Bay. In case you didn’t know, Greece has a ton of ancient ruins! This theatre dates back to the 3rd century BC, and once you see it in person, you will be seriously impressed at the preservation and restoration work done at the site.

The ancient theatre was destroyed during Roman times and rebuilt out of marble. Its official hours are from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., and there is no gate or anyone to monitor the times. It’s free to enter after hours and enjoy. The Ancient Theatre isn’t the most popular thing, so you’ll likely get lucky and have it all to yourself (we did!). It’s also where the statue of Aphrodite was discovered. She now lives in the Louvre, but the people of Milos are desperately trying to bring her home.

Go underground at the Catacombs of Milos

The Catacombs In Milos

Near the Ancient Theatre of the Catacombs of Milos. Dating back to the 1st century, these three sets of tunnels hold a lot of history. Considering only 74 discovered catacombs worldwide, the Catacombs of Milos are a pretty big deal. Some say that these catacombs are even older than the ones in Rome.

These catacombs were rediscovered in 1840. The discovered tunnels consist of 180 meters, where 2000+ Christians were buried. Visitors can only view two short sections, but if you are interested in the history of Milos, it’s certainly worthwhile.

Catch Sunset in Klima

After you visit the ancient theatre, continue onto the small village of Klima. Klima is one of the picturesque towns of Milos and is where you’ll find colorful fishermen’s houses, known as “syrmatas” along Milos Bay. It’s where one takes in the views, enjoy the colorful houses, and snap photos. There’s one restaurant along the water and a few small souvenir shops, but the real draw here is the sunset (one of the best spots on the island to witness a Greek sunset). I suggest grabbing a bottle of Greek white wine at the store and enjoying the best view in Milos.

Two Boys Fish At Sunset In Klima Milos

Enjoy Sunset in Plaka

Natasha Walks Down The Streets Of Plaka In A Sundress
Strolling Plaka

Plaka is the chief town of the island and the capital of Milos. It sits on top of a large rock, which no cars can enter. Almost anywhere in town offers unparalleled views over the Gulf of Milos, making it another perfect spot to watch a Greek sunset.

Most of Plaka has traditional Cycladic architecture, with whitewashed buildings and blue roofs. It’s another small village where anyone can go boutique shopping, have a Greek meal, or enjoy a sundowner while the sun is setting. There is also a Folk Museum, an archaeological museum, and a couple of idyllic churches.

To access Plaka, you’ll have to park below the town and walk 5-10 minutes up to the town as no cars can enter on these narrow roads. It’s worth noting that the town of Plaka has a slightly more upscale feeling after the sun sets. If there were a hip area of Milos, Plaka would be that area. One night, I showed up here at sunset in my beachwear and felt underdressed among others who were clearly more dressed up for the evening.

Catch Sunset at Plaka Castle (Venetian Castle of Milos)

Natasha Sits On Church Above Plaka Castle At Sunset
Sunset at Plaka Castle

It’s worth the 10-minute uphill climb to the Plaka Castle to watch the sun go down over Milos. Plaka Castle sits on the second-highest peak on Milos. This 13th-century castle used to be a refuge from pirate attacks. While there are no more pirates, it’s the refuge for sunset seekers. Seriously, you get panorama views from Plaka Castle at any time of the day, making it one of the best things to do in Milos. Don’t forget to stop at Panagia Skiniotissa and Panagia Thalassitra, two amazing churches on your way up.

See the Windmills of Milos

Windmills of Milos

Ruined and preserved Greek windmills can be found at the top of the town of Trypiti. Four have been turned into hotel rooms, but the rest are great to check out and admire! Oh, yeah, these are also good places to watch the sunset.

relax at Firopotamos Beach

A Woman In Hat Sits Along Firopotamos Beach On A Sunny Day
Firopotamos Beach

Firopotamos Beach is another absolute must-see beach on Milos. At Firopotamos, you can dip in the calm Aegean waters and step out on soft sand. The beach also looks out to another bay—home to more cute fishermen villages (in the summer, these are mostly converted to vacation rentals). There are beach bean bags, umbrellas, and a pop-up food stand at Firopotamos.

A Boat Floats In The Blue Water At Firopotamos Beach
Look at that water in Firopotamos Bay!

Firopotamos is also where we found the absolute bluest water around Milos. There’s blue water everywhere, and perhaps it was just our eyes playing tricks on us, but I swear it is bluer here!

climb down to Papafragas

Papafragas Cave Looking To Person Swimming

If you hit Papafragas at exactly the right time, it’s a unique and special spot in Milos. Papafragas is a rectangular-shaped cove surrounded by tall cliffs on every side. It’s a unique location but requires some descending on sharp cliff walls to reach.

Looking down, Papafragas looks like a huge swimming pool that is almost inaccessible, but if you catch the sign near the parking area, you’ll see a path down to the water. There’s only a very small section of sand to put your stuff and relax and then a long, narrow alley of water for a dip.

Papafragas is good at the right time because the sunlight must be hitting the beach and water to look like anything special. Catch it in the shade, and it may not look like much of anything to you, and you may want to skip it. We recommend heading here before noon to see it in optimal light.

Enjoy the atmosphere in Pollonia

Seaside Restaurants At Pollonia Beach

Still wondering what to do in Milos? Located at the most eastern tip of Milos is Pollonia. It’s a tourist town in Milos that offers higher-end dining options, coffee shops, and beautiful seaside views. It’s an ideal spot for families to stay in Milos as it has all the amenities you may need for a Greek holiday (plenty of restaurants, a good beach, and ample guesthouses).

There’s a golden sand beach with shallow warm water, and Agia Paraskevi Church is a close Milos attraction to visit. If you’re interested in visiting the small neighboring island of Kimolos, there’s a daily ferry connection from Pollonia.

Achivadolimni Beach

Achivadolimni Beach On A Sunny Day With Sailboats

As the longest sandy beach on the island with plenty of shaded areas and clear, shallow waters suitable for swimming, it’s no wonder Achivadolimni Beach is so popular! On-site, you’ll find your standard beach facilities and a series of nature trails. The views of the island’s highest mountain are also a popular draw. This beach is the only one on Milos where you can kitesurf and windsurf. 

Kleftiko Cove and Beach

Drone Shot Of Kleftiko Cove and Beach With A Sailboat

Kleftiko Beach is one of the best places to see in Milos. It’s one of the most famous coves on the island and was an old pirate hideout. Kleftiko is located on the island’s southwest tip and is mainly accessible by boat; though it’s possible to walk there, we don’t recommend it. Instead, book a sailboat and enjoy an experience with swimming, snorkeling, and even a cookout on the beach. You’ll also see unique rock formations and traditional fishing villages!

Kleftiko Full Day Sailing Cruise Tour with Snorkeling & Lunch

Day Trip to Kimolos

An Old Windmill On Kimolos At Sunset

Kimolos is a charming and quaint island in the Cyclades close to Milos. However, not many people have heard of it or ventured into it. It’s known for its unique beaches and turquoise clear waters. After just an hour’s ferry ride from Milos, you can enjoy the uncrowded streets of Kimolos! It’s the best €5 ferry ticket you’ll ever spend!

Sail to Poliegos Islands

Poliegos Islands With A Sailboat Anchored

Poliegos Islands is an uninhabited island close to Milos. If you’re looking for a fun day exploring the clear waters around the island, a fun thing to do in Milos is sailing out to it! On this fun sailing trip, you’ll be taken to Poliegos and then to the colorful beach of Firligos. Afterward, you can enjoy Gerakas, which is only accessible by boat!

Catch Sunset at Cape Kerdari

Natasha During Sunset Drinking Wine At Cape Kerdari
Sunset at Cape Kerdari

Cape Keratidi, also known as Kerdari or Keratidi, is a cape located past Firopotamos Beach. It is known for its beautiful and rugged landscape, featuring tall cliffs and dramatic rock formations. The drive to this spot is remote, rugged, and quite removed, but we promise it’s worth it for sunset. Watch the tour boats and ferries finish their day here with a few sunset snacks and a glass of wine. The cape is also a popular spot for bird watching, as the area is home to many rare bird species.

A Few More Tips


How Long Should You Spend on The Island?

An Aerial Drone Shot Of Sarakiniko Beach
Aerial view of Sarakiniko Beach

We spent nine nights and eight days on Milos Island, and I felt it was the perfect amount of time. Had we planned for ten days, we could have easily seen more with more time or re-hit some of our favorite things a second time. If we had less than five days, I would have felt too rushed around Milos, for it is a unique island. I would advise spending 5-7 days on Milos and then taking the ferry to another island in the Cyclades like Paros, Sifnos, or Naxos.

How to Get to Milos Island

Natasha At The Port Of Milos Waiting For Ferry
Taking the ferry off Milos

A small airport on Milos Island (MLO) easily connects to Athens International (ATH). Olympic Air and Aegean Air both operate direct flights to Athens and if you book well enough in advance, you’ll get a great rate. Your other option on Milos is a ferry. Milos is well connected via ferry to Athens, Santorini, Naxos, Paros, Mykonos, Sifnos, and Tinos. We always like to check Ferry Hopper to get an idea of the ferry prices and times. It’s also often cheaper to book Greek ferries in advance.

Transportation Around Milos

A Rental Car Parked Along Small Island Road On Milos
The roads in Milos are narrow and…interesting!

There are three options for getting around Milos. Rental Car, Moped, or 4×4.


A moped is the cheapest option, but you need a motorcycle license to rent one in Greece. Many rental agencies in Greece will let you slide and rent a moped without this, but we couldn’t find anyone in Milos to rent us a moped on a standard license. Plus, it’s a pretty big island, and getting around with just a moped will be tough.


A 4×4 is the most fun option for getting around Milos. However, at around €50+ a day, it’s expensive. Also, you’ll need a reservation to rent one of these bad boys during the high season. I prefer not to rent mopeds or 4x4s as I appreciate my shade and AC while getting around Milos.

Rental Car

The last option is a rental car. To rent a car in Greece, you need a standard International driver’s license (a valid US license works). If your license is not in English or Greek, have a translation just in case. You should also be prepared to hand over your passport. Also, an International driver’s permit may be mandatory depending on where you are trying to rent.

We’ve rented a car in Greece without an IDP and had places in Greece require that we have an IDP, so it’s all dependent on the car rental agency. If you are from North America, Australia, or outside the EU, you should arrive in Greece with an IDP just to be safe. If you get in an accident or are pulled over without an IDP, you may be subject to a steep fine in the EU.

Most car rental companies in Greece will require you to be 21 and hold a license in your home country for a year. If you are under 25, you may face additional charges. Here are some sites to compare prices on:

Search and Compare Prices for Rental Cars

Where to Stay in Milos?

There are so many accommodation options around Milos that it may be overwhelming to choose one. Here are a few great Milos accommodation options.

Things to do in Crete
Drougas’ Windmill

You know those Windmills I talked about earlier? Well, you can stay in one!

Things to do in Crete
Sarakiniko Rooms

Sarakiniko Rooms are comfortable suites and studios just a short walk from Sarakiniko Beach. This is where we stayed on Milos and loved everything about it. They are great places to stay if you want a little hideaway and a romantic setting.

Where Is Milos, Greece?

Milos Island is a beautiful island that is part of the Cyclades island group of the Greek islands. It’s quieter than nearby Mykonos and Santorini but is quickly becoming more popular as visitors to the Cyclades try to escape the crowds of other islands. Like nearby Paros and Naxos, Milos still has places where you can find idyllic stone streets and white-washed buildings.

It’s best known for Sarakiniko Beach, an unreal landscape resembling the moon. Milos can easily be reached by ferry from Mykonos, Naxos, Ios, Sifnos, Amorgos, and many more Greek destinations, making it the perfect place to head on your Greek island travel itinerary.

What to Pack for Milos?

Natasha Stands Along Sarakaniko Beach

You may wonder what to pack for Milos and the rest of the Greek islands. The islands are beautiful, swarming with history, and populated with some of the friendliest people in the world. We break down our entire Greek packing list below!

When is the Best Time to Visit Milos?

High season (June-September)

Natasha Walks Up Steps Of Church On Milos

Like most places in Europe, Greece’s high season runs from June to mid-September. This is when you will find the best sunny weather and larger crowds. Days are longer; the weather is HOT, so you’ll want to be close to a pool or ocean. Hotel and car rental prices are at their highest. In mid-to-late September, we traveled to Milos and found the weather and crowds ideal for a great Greek vacation.

Shoulder Season (April-May or October-November)

Natasha In A Swimsuit On Milos

The weather in Milos is cooler during these months; some would consider it much more comfortable than prime summertime weather. It’s not as busy as the summertime, but you’ll still see plenty of travelers lingering about. Prices on accommodation and car rentals will drop during this time. The shoulder season is typically a fantastic time to visit Milos.

Low Season (Late November – April)

The temperatures are cooler during the low season in Greece. You’ll still see plenty of sunny days but overcast days and little to no sunbathing on the Milos beaches. It’s too cold to dip in the water, but you can still enjoy the beaches with some clothes on to keep warm in the breeze. The upside is you’ll find low prices and very low numbers of tourists, but many tourist attractions are closed for the season.

Greek Travel Planning Resources

  • ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank You’ in Greek: “Yasou” and “Efharisto”
  • Currency: Euro – (EUR) – €
  • Visa: Schengen visa. Which is 90 days in the European Union out of 180. Many nationalities are granted this on arrival for free. Check with your embassy to see if that is you.
  • Weather: The weather in Greece is a Mediterranean climate. This means winters are mild and rainy, while summers are warm and dry with plenty of sunshine throughout the year.
  • What to Pack: Warm weather clothes and a swimsuit, don’t forget a good pair of clothes to go and a jacket for cool nights. Read about what to wear in Greece.
  • Budget: If you’re in the initial stages of planning, check out our awesome post that breaks down how much a trip to Greece costs.
  • Rent a Car: We suggest most visitors consider renting a car for the best trip possible. Try Discover Cars to compare quotes from different rental agencies. Check Price Here!
  • Protect Your Trip: Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance! We always carry travel insurance to protect us from injury, theft, or a canceled trip. We use HeyMondo for our insurance needs.
  • Tours in Greece: Check out our list of the best tours you can enjoy in Greece!
  • Travel Adapter: Make sure you find a good adapter to keep your personal electronics charged. Otherwise, you may be paying for a cheap one once you land. Purchase one here.

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