The Best Safari Shirts for Men and Women in 2019

Best Safari Shirts

We’ve been on over 100 African safaris now and have finally nailed down what makes the perfect safari shirt.  When you go on a safari you want to make sure the shirt has a decent look and it’s comfortable, but there is much more that goes into a good bush shirt than those two factors.

The perfect safari shirt will make all the difference in being comfortable throughout the day. A synthetic shirt will give the most practicality, while cotton shirts tend to have a more timeless look. The cotton can also provide a nice base for warmth on a cold morning or cool evening.

Synthetic has its own advantages mostly related to quick drying, stain resistance, and keeping cool. Below is a collection of some the best safari clothes we’ve found on the market.

In the end, this is meant to be used as a guide about what to look for; what is the best fit for you may be something not included on this list.

Safari Pants

Safari Shirts for Women

ShirtRatingTypeAverage Cost
Tamiami II Long Sleeve-Shirt5*Long Sleeve Technical$48
Orvis Open Air Casting5*Long Sleeve Technical$90
Mountain Hardwear Canyon Shirt4.5*Long Sleeve Technical$65
Expedition Dry Long Sleeve4.5*Long Sleeve Technical$75
Bahama II Long Sleeve Shirt4.5*Long Sleeve Techical$48
REI Co-op Sahara Pattern4.2*Long Sleeve Techincal$55
prAna Foundation T-shirt4.5*Relaxed T-Shirt$45
LE3NO Lightweight Safari Vest4*Safari Vest$30

1.) Columbia Women’s Tamiami II Long Sleeve-Shirt

This shirt pretty much checks off every box when it comes to good safari wear. The shirt looks sharp with clean lines and a flattering cut. Design built for anglers, but that makes it a perfect fit for the African Bush. The shirt offers UV protection, it’s lightweight, quick drying, it has a vented back, and front pockets.

Loaded with features such omni-wick moisture management, antimicrobial treatment, and strategic mesh vented panels this shirt perfect for a safari. Columbia is one of our favorites when it comes to shirts as they make affordable and well designed clothes.

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2.) Orvis Open Air Casting Long Sleeve Shirt

For women this is my personal favorite for style. The shirt is lightweight and breathable with solid sun protection and other technical features. The Open air has vented panels on the back, mesh panels, and mesh pockets that keep you cool particularly when you’re sitting in the back of a safari vehicle.

If you’re still feeling hot you can roll up the sleeves and secure them with stylish tabs. Then with two front breast pockets you have the functionality we like with a great safari shirt. More than anything it’s a technical safari shirt with a great look. It’s the best shirt on this list, but it comes at a premium and nearly double the cost of the competition.

Orvis Open Air Casting

3.) Mountain Hardwear Canyon Shirt

Canyon Shirt - Safari Clothes Womens

This is a fantastic safari shirt for hot weather and it was one of my favorite safari shirts for both men and women that for hot weather and sun protection. I wanted a shirt that offers protection from the African sun and to keep me cool in the heat.

This shirt knocked it out of the park. It has a nice cut, feel, and love the design of the collar which has a hidden extension to cover your neck when flipped up.

Canyon Shirt on Backcountry

4.) Royal Robbins Expedition Dry Long Sleeve

Safari Clothes - Expedition Dry Long Sleeve

This shirt is a great safari shirt as it is built for tropical and hot weather. It’s designed with 100% polyester and offers UPF 40+ protection while remaining light, quick dry, and flexible.

It has some great features for a safari shirt too with thermoregulating mesh to keep you cool and two front breast pockets for storage. As an added bonus this safari shirt it’s a great travel shirt in developing nations as it has a hidden pocket to secure your valuables like a passport or smartphone.

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5.) Columbia Sportswear Bahama II Long Sleeve Shirt

Columbia makes great products – and the Bahama African safari shirt is no different. This shirt is 100% nylon making it a great women’s quick dry shirt. A quick dry technology such as this is great for safari since there really are no washers or dryers and you’ll be drying your clothes the old-fashioned bush way.

What I love about this shirt is the Omni-Shade sun protection technology that protects you from the sun. You’ll need sun protection while on safari and this safari shirt acts as a sunscreen without the lotion!

Long Sleeve OptionShort Sleeve Option

6.) REI Co-op Sahara Pattern

It’s all built for being active whether that’s hiking or going on a safari. This lightweight shirt from REI is made from polyester fabric that resists wrinkles, dries quickly for comfort, and wicks away sweat from the body. It has a number of pattern options which help break up the monotony of khaki, green, and white.

The front breast pocket is great for a small tube of sunscreen, bug spray, or a camera lens cap. For me, it’s the cut and technical capabilities of the shirt that make it shine such as UPF protection, long sleeve cuffs, underarm panels to reduce odor, and a spandex blend for easy movement.

REI Co-op Sahara Shirt

7.) prAna Foundation Short Sleeve V-neck

Safari Clothes - Prana Foundation Shirt

Not every item in your pack has to be outdoor wear. Simple clothes like a classic T-shirt or V-neck are great staples to bring in your pack. This shirt from prAna is super lightweight and breathable. It’s probably the most comfortable shirt you’ll ever wear as it’s made from a new sustainable material called Lenzing Modal.

The material is made from spinning natural cellulose that comes from various trees. Our only complaint would be in regard to the longevity of the shirt due to its lightweight nature, you can easily snag this shirt if not careful.

prAna Foundation V-neck

8.) LE3NO Lightweight Sleeveless Military Safari Vest

Although this is technically a vest I think they look fabulous for women wanting to look fashionable while on safari. The vest goes great with a safari hat and pants. I love this safari shirt design – it’s functional, lightweight, and even has a hood. There won’t be many women with a vest on safari, so this is great for standing out from the crowd!

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9.) ScottEVest Polly Popover Safari Shirt

I just got my hands on this shirt and love the feel ot it. It’s made of extreme quality, lightweight, and could definitely become your favorite travel shirt in your carry on luggage. 

Its main feature is that it has seven pockets to store your valuables in. Two chest pockets, two side zippered pockets to stash discrete items, and then one hidden pocket in the right handwarmer pocket

This shirt is made out of 100% Recycled Polyester, is machine washable, and amazing for the warm climates you’ll face in Africa.

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Safari Shirts for Men

ShirtRatingTypeAvg. Cost
Arc'teryx Skyline Shirt4.8*Long Sleeve Shirt$99
Patagonia Farrier's Shirt4.5*Long Sleeve Shirt$99
prAna Merger4.5*Long Sleeve Shirt$85
Simms Guide4.5*Long Sleeve Shirt$80
Columbia Silver Ridge Khaki4*Long Sleeve Shirt$55
Mountain Hardwear Canyon Shirt4.5*Long Sleeve Shirt$65
African Bush Shirt4.5*Short Sleeve Shirt$45
Dickies Men's Work Shirt4.5*Short Sleeve Shirt$25
Propper Tactical Shirt4.5*Short Sleeve Shirt$35
Hanes Sports Tee4.5*Performance T-Shirt$13

1.) Arc’teryx Skyline Shirt

Safari Clothes - Arcteryx Safari Shirt

Arc’teryx is well known for making some tremendous technical clothing. It’s all built for being active whether that’s hiking or going on a safari. It’s a lightweight shirt made from polyester fabric that resists wrinkles, dries quickly for comfort, and wicks away sweat from the body. My only gripe would be that color options tend to be a little dark, but they’re still nice neutral earth tones and the technical features do a good job at temperature management.

The front breast pocked is great for a small tube of sunscreen, bug spray, or a camera lens cap. For me it’s the cut and technical capabilities of the shirt that make it a slam dunk choice. It comes in both long and short sleeve option so take your pick.

Short Sleeve OptionLong Sleeve Option

2.) Patagonia Farrier’s Shirt

I just added this new shirt to my safari wardrobe and love it! I love Patagonia clothing so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. They make some of our favorite products and they are a large portion of what we wear. To top it off all of my clothes are still in great condition with plenty of wear.

The safari shirt has a great material blend of hemp and recycled polyester. It feels soft to the touch, but the hemp gives a weight to the fabric that will stand the test of time and the bush. The weight is perfect for spring conditions but will be a tad hot for summer in Southern Africa.

Patagonia Farrier Shirt

3.) prAna Merger Long Sleeve Shirt

We’re pretty loyal to a number of brands that have proven reliable over the years and prAna is a personal favorite. Their newest men’s shirt the Merger is perfect for Southern Africa in the cooler months.

It’s a hemp and recycled polyester blend that feels warm and soft while retaining technical capabilities that we look for in a safari shirt. I love to great features in this shirt the first one being button flaps to roll up your sleeves when the temperatures rise. However, the stand out is the side hip pocket for stashing away something while in the back of safari vehicle.

We love natural fibers like hemp that offer technical features while providing a nice organic feel to them. It also helps that hemp is sustainably produced material, so for the eco conscious travelers this would be a great choice. It’s Fair Trade Factory certified!

Shop Men’s prAna

4.) Simms Guide Long Sleeve Shirt

Safari Clothes - Simms Guide Long Sleeve Shirt

Simms is a company dedicated to fishing and makes some fantastic technical clothes and shirts. The shirt is a blend of polyester and nylon which results in a lightweight shirt that has a soft and supple feel. It has fantastic moisture control that is helpful in humid environments. With the technical clothing that has UPF protection and long sleeves it’s perfect for covering your skin from the harsh African sun.

What I love about this shirt are the zippered breast pockets which is perfect for storing sunscreen, chapstick, utility tool, or your camera lens cap. Then you have the classic styling that extends to a wide range of environments and can look good on a bush walk or sitting down to dinner.

Simms Guide Long Sleeve

5.) Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Khaki Safari Shirt

This Columbia long sleeve shirt looks great and is well constructed. Made entirely from a nice blend of synthetic materials it allows for quick drying and ventilation in the hot sun.

A long sleeve shirt like this allows for greater comfort moving from chilly mornings into hot days. I like the khaki safari shirt color, but there are plenty to choose from if khaki isn’t your thing.

Long Sleeve OptionShort Sleeve Option

6.) Mountain Hardwear Canyon Shirt

Safari Clothes - Shirt - Mountain Hardwear

This is a fantastic safari shirt for hot weather and it was one of my favorite safari shirts for hot weather with sun protection. I wanted a shirt that offers protection from the African sun and while keeping me cool in the heat. This shirt knocked it out of the park. It has a nice cut, feel, and love the design of the collar which has a hidden extension to cover your neck when flipped up.

Canyon Shirt on BackcountryCanyon Shirt on REI

7.) Men’s African Bush Shirt

Tag Safari makes excellent shirts for a safari. All their products are made in Zimbabwe by locals so you know their African bush shirts are about as authentic as they come. With two chest pockets, two chest security pockets, a button down collar, and safari tabs there are a lot of bells and whistles on this classic mens safari shirt.

The whole shirt is double stitched so you know that you are getting a rugged piece of clothing. Tag Safari is known for their great products. I love their mission to help “Africa through trade, not aid.” Check out more of their products on Amazon!

Short Sleeve OptionLong Sleeve Option

8.) Dickies Men’s Work Shirt

Dickie’s are known for being the working man’s shirt. These shirts are meant to withstand wear and tear, yet look presentable, but not exactly stylish. However, style isn’t always the name of the game on safari.

This Dickies shirt is hard to stain and comes in many colors. With flap pockets and synthetic materials, this shirt is a winner. We also talk about the men’s short sleeve work shirt in this safari clothing post.

Long Sleeve ShirtShort Sleeve Shirt

9.) Propper Tactical Short Sleeve Dress Shirt

This short sleeve shirt is made out of Propper’s “Battle Rip” nylon, meaning it is very heavy duty. The fabric is also fade resistant, shrink resistant, and wrinkle resistant as well. The Propper has two chest pockets with button flaps and comes in a variety of colors including olive green, brown, navy, khaki, grey, and black as well!

Long Sleeve OptionShort Sleeve Option

10.) Hanes Sports Men’s Cool DRI Men’s Performance Tee

You don’t always need some safari garbs to enjoy your time and be comfortable. That’s where some great comfortable t-shirts come in handy. I’m a big believer in Hanes and always opt for solid colors over graphic tees. I also love a simple classic cotton T-shirt.

Hanes Tee Shirts

Safari Pants

What makes a great African safari shirt?


You’ll want to pack light. The days are often busy so multiple wardrobe changes aren’t really in the mix. Solid clothes that are casual, yet stylish enough to wear to dinner in a lodge over a five course meal.

Versatility can include the right material, fit, and functionality. For example, a good long sleeve shirt can keep you warm in the morning, but cool during the day in a way that short sleeve or tee shirts fail.


This one is key. Africa can be hard on clothes even on a short trip. Climbing in and out of a safari vehicle can easily rip a weak pair of pants or shorts. Look for clothes for Africa that stretch a little.

You also have a lot of dust and sun exposure. If you’re involved in conservation efforts, on a walking safari, or spending anytime outside of a game vehicle you need some decent safari clothes that will hold up the elements. The best way is often to stick with solid name brands that we trust when ordering online or to shop in your local store, although that can be difficult with limited selections.


A good safari shirt needs to be tailored to handle harsh environments. Bonus for materials that are lightweight, quick dry, sun resistant, and bug resistant. With a safari, you’ve come to see nature and that’s just what you will encounter. So, your clothing needs to be well suited to the environments of Africa. When it comes to our safari shirts we go for a mix natural materials like hemp, linen, or wool.

Manmade materials such a nylon or polyester are other great options as they are excellent at moisture management and proaction. The only material we’re not massive fans of is cotton, but it’s often the softest and warmest material with great value. I always read the tags and materials on outdoor apparel before I make a purchase and consider it’s intended purpose.


Things like having pockets can make or break a good safari shirt. Where else are you going to stash things like lip balm, sunscreen, or even a pair of binoculars?

The day to day wear of clothes is the most important part because if you feel uncomfortable in the bush you’ll likely end up looking ridiculous. You aren’t walking the runways of Paris, but spending time in the bush. Care about your look, but not too much.


Safari shirts are designed to blend in with the environment. You should wear beige, green, and brown colored clothes. They are the staple colors of safari wear because they blend into the environment and can provide a better game viewing experience.

While wearing bright colors such as red is said to scare off animals, and make you stand out. This may or may not be true, only the animals know for sure. Of course, the Maasai Warriors in Kenya and Tanzania have been wearing red for centuries!

That being said neutral colors do a great job at hiding dirt and dust which there will be plenty of on a drive or walk through the bush. White clothes aren’t going to stay white very long and dark colors are believed to attract tsetse flies. Trust us you do not want to become familiar with tsetse flies!

For example, when gorilla trekking it advised to wear long pants and greens. When on foot it is always advised to wear colors that blend well into the environment and a good pair of safari boots.

Best Safari Shirts

The Basics of Safari Clothes

What clothes to pack for a safari?

You don’t need an endless collection of safari clothes in your luggage. We’re big fans of versatility and minimalism. As people tend to overpack for their safari which becomes a burden.

On safari, you are traveling to the wilds of the African bush a full wardrobe of clothes is unnecessary. In addition the common form of transportation is a small Cessna bush plane so a heavy suitcase of clothes is not going to fly.

We break down the clothes that help you look the part, but any safari expert will agree there is no set dress code or safari outfit.

Where to go on safari?

The first decision in packing for a safari is where you’re headed on safari. Africa has a very wide range of landscapes, vegetations, and climates. You should pack for where in Africa you’re headed, that’s pretty straightforward.

We have another post on the best destinations to go on safari along with our favorite parks, camps, and lodges. While you’re at it you can read up on our favorite safari animals to see while traveling.

Africa’s Best Safaris

What season to go on safari?

Weather plays a large role in what you wear.

Most African climates do not have your standard four-season climate. Here it is mostly dry and wet season, especially in Eastern Africa. With dry season can come heat in East Africa; however, dry season in Southern Africa means that it’s going to be cool in the evenings and mornings.

Then it flips.

Rainy season in East Africa brings cooler weather patterns and perpetuates a constant spring-like weather in Tanzania and Kenya. While rainy season in South Africa can coincide with its hottest months.

The basic gist is if it’s dry season we suggest khaki, brown, and tan. If it’s rainy season time to bust out the browns and greens. Just please no leopard print, okay maybe a little.

What to wear in Southern Africa?

In Southern Africa, the climate varies across the region. Summers can be blisteringly hot while winters are freezing in the back of a game vehicle. Many visitors show up in the winter thinking they’re going to be in the hot bush only to find zero degree weather in an open vehicle. Yikes!

The key to a comfortable safari outfit is layers. We often pack and wear layers to adjust to the wide range of temperatures you can experience on a typical day. While the morning can be freezing in arid locations like Botswana by midday it can be hot, layers will save you.

What to wear in Central & East Africa?

Here the weather is more temperate year round. It is often referred to as the “never ending spring.” However, morning game drives can still be chilly so convertible pants and a light jacket are great options. Always come prepared for rain given the time of year. We’ve been caught in a number of the famous thunderstorms of Africa, including a flash flood in Tanzania!

Safari Shirts

Where to Buy Safari Shirts?

We have found the best place to buy safari clothes are online. Amazon has great deals and prices and if you are Prime member then two day shipping is free. REI is another great outdoor company to find a variety of safari clothes as well. A few of the best safari clothing brands today are TAG safari, Royal Robbins, Ex-Officio, and Columbia.

Safari Shirts


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