How to Make the Most Out of Your Trip to Singapore

Singapore has long been on my travel bucket list. Given its location in Southeast Asia and large world class international airport, Singapore makes for a great city-state for a long and enjoyable layover.

The skyscrapers, nightlife, cleanliness, and beautiful architecture make Singapore ideal for any traveler to enjoy. However, Singapore is a massive city and even leaving the airport to go explore can be quite daunting. 

Book Your Hotel in Advance

Accommodation in Singapore is known to be quite expensive. Book your Singapore hotel near the city center in advance to get the best bang for your buck. There are many hotels in Singapore to choose from, so always make sure to read the reviews beforehand to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. It’s always important for me to have fast and free Wi-Fi, a comfortable bed, and a good location. After checking into your hotel, take a walk around Singapore’s ethnic neighborhoods!

Pack Accordingly

The lowest recorded temperature on record in Singapore was 68°F! Needless to say, the country is hot and stays hot all year round. Remember to pack accordingly and always check the weather forecast ahead of time. You don’t want to be that person sweating beneath your sweater with the sun beating down on you.

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Visit the Gardens by the Bay

It’s hard to write about Singapore and not mention the stunning Gardens by the Bay. Not just your typical garden, this Singaporean institute has supertrees, magical light shows, and over 700,000 tropical flowers.  The outdoor gardens are open from 5 a.m. to 2 a.m. every day. The best part? The outdoor gardens are FREE!

Test Your Superpowers and Float on Air

Have you ever floated on air? Chances are you probably haven’t, but now at the Palm Avenue Float Club you can! Floating on air helps the human brain reset, de-stresses the body, and is the ultimate deep relaxation treatment.

Try the Chili Crab

Imagine an entire crab cooked in a sweet and spicy tomato sauce until completely tender, finished with a blend of scrambled eggs. To me, this sounds like seafood heaven and it is one of the main dishes in Singapore. For any crab lover, leaving the country without trying this messy dish would be a crime. Wondering where to get quality Chili Crab? Try Meliben Seafood at Ang Mo Kio Avenue for the famous dish and an even wider selection of other crab plates.

Party at the Highest rooftop bar in the world

You may think that New York City has the highest bar in the world, but it is actually Singapore that holds the title. 1-Altitude is 282 meters high and obviously showcases the best 360° views of Singapore. As you can imagine, prices are high and there is a “smart casual” dress code so don’t roll in with flip flops.

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