Best Coffee Shops in Belgrade • From Coffee Dream Beograd & Beyond

Belgrade Coffee Shops

It’s no secret that we love discovering new coffee shops in the cities that we explore. It’s safe to say that millennials around the globe are outgrowing the typical Starbucks chain coffee retailers and searching far and wide for the hippest cafes. The Serbian capital Beograd, (internationally known as Belgrade) has been quick to jump on the cafe bandwagon. Every corner in every neighborhood houses a hip, boutique, or industrial coffee shop.

So we took to the city and sought out to discover the best coffee shops in Belgrade. From Coffee Dream to Coffee Cake Bakery, this list has it all!We may, or may not, have been hopped up on caffeine the whole time. Hey, the scientists say that’s okay!

The Best Coffee Shops in Belgrade

Coffee Dream BeogradCoffee dream beograd: best coffee shops in belgrade

Coffeedream is the most “starbucksy” out of all the cafes listed, except their coffee is so much better! They have locations all over the city and have a range of products. You can get anything from a plain cappuccino to a chocolate cookie crumble latte here. I saw that they even have a “Sushidream” somewhere in Belgrade, I think I will have to hunt that down. Find them on TripAdvisor!

Cool Coffee BarCool Coffee Bar in Belgrade

We were frequent visitors of Cool Coffee Bar for many reasons. One being that it was steps away from our picturesque AirBnB, two because they had amazing WiFi, and three because the lattes were so darn foamy! Cool Coffee Bar is a pretty happening place night and day, so make sure to stop by or check them out on Facebook!

Kafeterija DorcolOne of the best coffee shops in belgrade

You know when you walk by a coffeehouse and immediately think, “man, I bet they can whip up a good cappuccino?” Well, that’s exactly what I thought as we walked past this jam-packed Beograd cafe. Good thing I listened to our gut because they did whip up a damn good latte. Here they are on TripAdvisor! 

ZRNO KafeterijaZRNO Kafeterija

For a more intimate Beograd cafe experience, head to ZRNO Kafeterija. This cafe is quite small, but it plays a great collection of melodies to make you feel relaxed and at home.  Located in Vracar, find them on TripAdvisor!

Coffee Cake BakeryCoffee Cake in Beograd

This charming cafe specializes in two things: coffee and cake. They have a great outdoor seating area for those sunny summer days; but also an indoor area with heaters for the chilly ones. Check them out on Facebook!

LokalLokal Coffee in Belgrade

Located just steps away from the Tesla museum on Alekse Nenadovica street is Lokal cafe. It’s very small and easy to miss but it’s certainly worth stopping in for their specialty iced teas. We liked the warm and welcoming atmosphere that appeals to passer byes on the street.

Villa Maskabest coffee shops in belgrade: Beograd Cafe

Beograd Cafe by day and popular club by night. Villa Maska can be described as a three story funky eclectic array of old movie posters and jazz memorabilia. Located steps away from the Church of Saint Sava, you can’t miss the entrance – just look for this car out front! They are rated highly on TripAdvisor.

Cameleon Caffe

Cameleon Caffe

For those nice sunny days in Old Belgrade, you can’t miss Cameleon Caffe. It’s situated right next to Manjez Park and has bright chairs to bring all the boys to the yard. There are many specialty coffees and fancy drinks. Located at Njegoseva 11.

Salon De TheSalon De The in Beograd

Not a coffee drinker? No problem! Walking into this cute tea shop will make you feel like Alice in Wonderland. Salon De The is decorated in pink from head to toe and specializes in hundreds of different teas. Bonus for all the non-smokers out there because this place is cigarette free!  Check Salon De The out on TripAdvisor! 

Red BarRed Bar in Beograd

Located in the heart of Skadarlija street is Red Bar. The two-story cafe/bar boasts views like the one above. Skadarlija street is in Old Town Belgrade and is considered by locals and tourists alike to be the bohemian quarter.  Day or night, walking down this street and admiring the many cafes makes for a charming stroll. Check Red Bar out on TripAdvisor.

Dokolica Bistro VracarDokolica Bistro Vracar

Dokolica Bistro Vracar is a cafe and perfect lunch spot. We weren’t planning on even having coffee, but couldn’t resist when we walked past this alluring restaurant. These aren’t your typical Dunkin Donuts iced coffees above, just look at that gooey chocolate! Rated here on TripAdvisor!

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This list has our best coffee shops in Belgrade. Have you been? What was your favorite?


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