10 Awesome Hiking Hats for Both Men and Women

If you’re looking for the best hiking hat to wear this summer on the trails you have come to the right place. During the spring, summer, and fall we are out at least three or four times a week hiking, stand up paddling, kayaking, or doing whatever we want in the great outdoors.

There’s one thing that we always have with us and that’s a proper hat for hiking. A great hat for hiking keeps the sun off your head, protects your eyes from the sun, and is all around very comfortable. Plus if you’re having a bad hair day, wearing a hiking hat is the perfect solution. There are a million hats for hiking on the market, but here are a few of the best.

Best Hiking Hats Quick Table

Hiking HatDescriptionPrice
Best Hiking Hat for Trail Running
Arc’teryx Calvus Cap

$35 (Get Here)
safari hatsBest All Around Sun Protection Hat
Tilley LTM6 Airflo Hiking Hat
$90 (Get Here)
Best Camping Hat
Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Booney II
$30 (Get Here)
Best Packable Sun Hat
Marmot PreCip Hiking Hat
$48 (Get Here)
Best Unisex Hiking Hat
KUHL Renegade Hiking Hat
*Nylon and Spandex
$30 (Get Here)
Best Hot for Hot Weather
Outdoor Research Swift Hiking Cap
$30 (Get Here)
Best Ultra Lightweight Hiking Hat
Buff Pack Trek Cap
*100% Polyester
$26 (Get Here)
Best Classic Ballcap
Patagonia Fitz Roy
*Organically grown cotton
$35 (Get Here)
best hiking hatBest Sun Protection Ballcamp
North Face Horizon
*Ripstop Nylon
$26 (Get Here)
best hiking hatBest Moisture Wicking Hiking Hat
REI Co-op Screeline Cap
$26 (Get Here)

Hiking Hat Women’s Top Choice

OR Swift

best hiking hat

Hiking Hat Men’s Top Choice

KUHL Renegade

best hiking hat

Best Hiking Hats (Mens and Womens)

**Most of these products are unisex and geared for both men and women**

Arc’teryx Calvus Cap

Arc'teryx Calvus Cap

To start this best hiking hats list off right we have one of our favorite brands – Arc’teryx! Arc’teryx takes hiking clothes to an all-new level time after time, including with the Calvus Cap. The Calvus Cap is a great hiking hat for women, but also looks great on men. So if you want to share a hat with your partner (this hiking hat is washable) you can do that with this hat!

The Calvus is a water-resistant made out of socora polyester fabric that is lightweight and breathable. It features moisture-wicking material and a spacer mesh sweatband for optimal comfort.

The Calvus has a shot brim that looks cool and stylish from the trail to town. I also love its durable water repellent finish that protects against light rain that you will without a doubt encounter on the trails. Mix these with a great pair of hiking sunglasses and you’re set for the summer outside!

Tilley LTM6 Airflo Hiking Hat

Tilley LTM6 Airflo Hat Safari Hat

Tilley has long been famed for its sun protection hats and is a great hiking sun hat. They’ve seen the world over and have seen more than a few adventures. It holds its shape and the material has a stylish look to it. What sets Tilley apart is that they guarantee their hats for life against wear and tear.

A wide brim keeps the sun off your hat. What I love in addition to the guarantee are the features such as its ability to float in the water and a hidden pocket to store an I.D. or money. It has everything you could want in a great hiking hat. Although, the higher price point may deter some – just keep in mind it has a lifetime guarantee.

Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Booney II Hiking Hat

Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Safari Hat

I talk a lot about a stylish hat, but this Columbia hiking cap, in my opinion, is the least attractive. However, this walking hat is the most practical and definitely a cheap hiking hat out of our selection. It’s also a great hiking sun hat. That being said for a synthetic floppy hat that you can stuff and crush anytime it still looks pretty good.

The Bora Bora is made out of nylon, is well vented, packs well, and features UPF technology. Comfort is the strongest characteristic of this hat as it keeps your head cool while sitting snuggly on your head. Unlike leather that can be itchy, you’ll forget you’re even wearing this hat while out in the bush. I love the built-in sweatband to keep moisture out of your eyes.

Marmot PreCip Hiking Hat

Marmot PreCip Safari Hat

The Marmot PreCip is the best packable sun hat on this list, it’s also inexpensive and durable. You can take it anywhere with you and stuff it in your suitcase without ever having to worry that you will ruin the shape. Because of this, it actually makes a great camping hat as well. This hiking hat will keep the sun off your face while also keeping you dry in the inevitable African rainstorm. The Marmot Precip has a wide brim and water repellent NanoPro membrane.

It’s a great wide brim hiking hat that floats in the water which will come in handy if you decided to take a dip in one of the mountain lakes. The chin strap is both detachable and adjustable, so you can store it away if it’s bothering you. It comes in five colors so you can find the right style for you.

KUHL Renegade Hiking Hat

KUHL Renegade Hiking Hat

I love Kuhl products, and the renegade hiking hat is no different. It’s a great women’s hiking hat, and also a good hiking hat for men. It’s a one size fits all lifestyle hat that is ready to take you on the trail. This backpacking hat features a multi-paneled softshell fabric that automatically conforms to your head. The result is a hat on the trails that doesn’t even feel like you have anything on. It’s great for hiking in the mountains, fishing down by the river, or just enjoying a cold beer with friends outside.

The Renegade hat features a one-hand quick-adjust strap system and UPF 50 so you never had to worry about your hat getting burned by the sun when hiking. Because of its 2-way stretch DWR fabric it dries quickly!

This is a simple no-frills hiking hat to take you from rainy days to sunshine immediately. It’s also made with anti-abrasion fabric so you don’t have to worry about it tearing.

Outdoor Research Swift Hiking Cap

Outdoor Research Swift Hiking Cap

If you have been following this blog for a few years you know I’m a huge fan of Outdoor Research products. Their outdoor gear is durable, looks cool, and is very comfortable. That’s no different with the Outdoor Research Swift Hiking hat.

Ourdoor Research makes the best hiking hat for hot weather. This is a water-resistant breathable trekking hat with UPF 50 sun protection. It wicks sweat, vents heat, and keeps you from getting your noggin burned outside.

Classic training cap that wicks sweat, vents heat, and protects critical areas with UPF 50+ sun protection. This lightweight hiking hat can take you anywhere and comes in a plethora of fun colors for both women and men. they are easy to throw into the washer at the end of a hard day outside and also fit well under a helmet for when you are scrambling or rock climbing.

Buff Pack Trek Cap

Buff Pack Trek Cap

I’m sure you’ve heard the name Buff before and for good reason! Their Trek Cap is a performance hiking hat that is great for anyone! Unlike other hats on this list, the Buff features an extra-long bill for ideal sun protection.

Along with that it has UPF50+ for sun protection in the spring and summer and is easy to wash after a hard day on the trails.

This hiking hat is 100% Polyester, and at 1 oz it’s ultralightweight making it great for a run. It packs up small, so if you find yourself not needing a hat you can easily stash it away in your hiking backpack. It rolls up super easily!

I love Buff products like this! They are truly made with every detail in mind including technology that prevents overheating and transfers moisture vapor away from the body through the fabric.

Patagonia Classic

Patagonia Classic

This hat has a lot of style for a best outdoor hat. Although it’s not as lightweight or built specifically for hiking, there’s no denying that the Patagonia classic hat is a CLASSIC. Whether it has the bear, buffalo, or Patagonia on the front, there’s one thing for certain – you look cool wearing this hat.

The brim is made with fully traceable 100% recycled fishing nets, and the mid crown is all organic cotton. I love these hiking hats as they are breathable in the back, but sturdy enough to handle anything.

At 3.2 oz it’s definitely not the lightest hiking hat on this list, but we can definitely argue that it’s the best looking. Patagonia is also one of our favorite outdoor brands as they are Fair Trade Certified.

The North Face Horizon Hiking Cap

The North Face Horizon Hiking Cap

Nothing wrong with a good ol fashion ball cap. The North Face Horizon is a well fitted hat for those with larger heads.

It’s a stylish hat made from Nylon Ripstop and has a classic baseball cap style fit. Most users note how great the sun protection is (UPF50) with this hiking hat.

If you have a spouse it’s a great unisex one to share, or just get two so you don’t have to fight over it!

REI Hiking Hat

REI Hiking Hat

This is a no-frills REI sun hat for hiking hat that was built specifically for a day on the trails.

This is a great packable hiking that that rolls up well, is lightweight, washes easily, and is great for traveling!

The Screeline has UPF 30 sun protection, is moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and comes in neutral death tone colors.

The sweatband is made to keep all that sweat out of your eyes perfectly, and this hiking hat even features a sunglass loop for your hiking sunglasses and side vents to cool you down when it’s super hot out.

What Makes a Great Hiking Hat?

Hiking Clothes For Men Hiking Poles

Sun Protection

The primary reason for wearing a hat while hiking is to provide protection from the sun while you’re out on the trail. Make sure to get a hat with sun protection.


You never know when rain is gonna hit. If you’re in an area where it’s prone to raining a lot make sure to look for a hiking hat with at least some moisture protection. The Arc’teryx Calvus Cap mentioned first is a great one.


If you’re going to be wearing something on your head all day making sure that it is comfortable is a no brainer. I hate being uncomfortable when I hike, so ensuring I have something lightweight and comfortable is key. The OutDoor Research Swift Hiking Cap is great for this.


Polyster, Nylon, Cotton. What you pick for your hiking hat depends on personal preference. I like to look for hats that are breathable, yet stylish.

Shapes and Styles

Hiking hats come in a few different shapes and styles so it’s important to pick one that matches your preference. In this post there are two main styles mentioned, the baseball camp style and the wide brim wrap around sun hat. Both are great for hiking, it just depends on what you are looking for. In my opinion traditional ball caps are ideal for mild temps, while some of the full sun hats are great for protecting against mosquitos.


Your bound to get your hiking hat dirty even after just one day out. It’s ultra important to me that I can wash my hats in the washing machine, and that they are easy to care for. No one wants a difficult to care for hiking hat.

Men's Hiking Clothes Hat

Why You Need a Hiking Hat While Hiking

Everyone going out for a day outside needs to consider buying one of these hiking hats. Some of these are more specific to women’s hiking hats, while some are more specific to men’s hiking hats style, but the reality is that most are unisex.

A backpacking hat is essential for protecting you from the sun’s rays, but also keep the sun out of your eyes, and the sweat back off your face. Walking hats are one of those backpacking essentials you don’t want to forget about.

The good news is that the best hiking hats are inexpensive and last for years so you will only have to buy one (unless you want more) before you head out!

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