The Best Travel Clothes For Men

After seven years of full-time travel, it’s safe to say I’ve tested some of the best travel clothes for men. It’s tough to strike the perfect balance between comfort, practicality, and style. Many travelers struggle to pack for long trips, but no man should need more than a carry-on suitcase for any trip, thanks to versatile travel clothes.

The Best Travel Clothes For Men

Why listen to me when it comes to the best travel clothes for men? Natasha (who also has women’s travel clothes suggestions) and I have been traveling for nearly a decade now. These travels have led us to 95 countries and seven continents. Most of the time, I pack carry-on only. In fact, I can travel easily in nothing more than a carry-on suitcase for more than six months, and I have a very battered suitcase to prove it.

I wanted to share my most comfortable, stylish, and rugged travel brands and travel wear for men to make your purchasing decisions a little easier. Here are the best travel clothes for men today.

Men’s Shirts For Travel

Bombas Classic Crew

Bombas Classic Crew

Price – $36 | Material – Pima Cotton

A classic t-shirt or tank is comfortable and the perfect base to layer. Shirts are wardrobe staples, and we can not imagine a trip without a couple in our bag. A stained or old shirt looks a little slobbish, so it’s a great time to pick up some new shirts before a trip. Graphics are an excellent way to make a statement, but they lack the versatility of solid colors that can be mixed and matched on a trip for more outfits.

Our spot for t-shirts and clothing essentials is Bombas. All of their shirts are super comfortable, and for every item you purchase, they donate one to someone in need. They have a wide range of cuts from a crew to v-neck and an inclusive line of sizes from XS to 2XL.

Bombas Shirts

Unbound Merino Crew Shirt

Unbound Merino Crew Shirt

Price – $85 | Material – Merino Wool

A merino wool shirt is a worthy investment and one of the best travel clothes for men. I’ve transitioned most of my wardrobe to the material despite the price. Wool shirts stay fresh longer and do an excellent job at temperature management.

Cotton shirts often take one or two wears to feel oily and heavy, while wool shirts last for days. I’ve tested a lot of wool shirts out, and my favorite shirts for travel are from Unbound Merino and Western Rise. Their shirts are a perfect weight, and the material is soft and durable.

Merino Wool Shirts

Everlane Linen Shirt

Everlane Linen Shirt

Price – $80 | Material – Linen

I love the look of linen when traveling around warm-weather destinations. Linen is as practical as it is stylish. It’s great as it tends to dry faster, feel lighter, and cope with sweat better than its cotton counterparts.

Pair a linen shirt with sandals, shorts, jeans, and shoes, or go barefoot. It will always work. A versatile piece of clothing that looks good at the beach or a restaurant. It’s tough to find decent linen shirts online, but I love the quality of J. Crew’s or Everlane’s linen shirts. You can often score a deal, so it won’t be the end if you stain or snag the shirt.

Linen Shirt Recommendations

Western Rise Limitless Shirt

Cameron In Vail In The Summer

I always travel with at least one dress shirt that can handle the rigors of travels well. The Limitless Button-Down from Western Rise resists wrinkles, odors, and remains comfortable throughout the day. It packs in your luggage well and doesn’t require special care when it comes time to wash the shirt.

Limitless Button-Down Shirt

Filson Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt

Filson Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt

Price – $125 | Material – Brushed Cotton

Filson makes some fabulous high-quality clothes made for the outdoorswoman. The Alaskan Guide Shirt is a classic from the company that prides itself on rugged clothing made for a hard day’s work. The Alaskan Guide Shirt has some excellent weight and warmth for cool weather.

It has a classic look, and the thick cotton is beautiful but light enough not to be too hot. Granted, it’s still best for cold-weather destinations. It’s best compared to a flannel. Flannels can also make for great travel shirts, but I love the versatility of these shirts. The style is top-notch, and the quality ensures it will be in your closet for a decade.

Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt

Men’s Pants For Travel

Western Rise Evolution Pant 2.0

Price – $128 | Material – Nylon/Elastane

For travelers after a pair of pants that can go anywhere and do anything, it’s nearly impossible to beat the Western Rise Evolution Pants. These are among some of the best travel clothes for men and look good with anything.

They are ultralight tech pants great for daily errands and travel. The technical fabric allows the pants to breathe, stretch, and resist stains and wrinkles. As a significant bonus, they’re super comfortable and have become my daily pants for life and travel.

Don’t mistake them for looking sloppy, as a nice taper to the pants maintains a neat look. It’s impressive how well the light fabric can fall nicely along the legs. This is partly due to an excellent fit that hits the mark between slim and loose. For a smaller brand, Western Rise delivers exceptional quality across its line. The only issue is these pants are still a little too relaxed for business attire, but no pants can fit every scenario.

Evolution Pant 2.0



Price – $89 | Material – Polyester/Elastane

Athleisure has come to dominate fashion, a trend we can get behind. Joggers are a terrific way to remain comfortable and still look stylish. Vuori Clothing and Lululemon make some fantastic joggers that look sharp offer excellent performance, and feel great for travel days. They make exceptional travel clothes for men, one of my favorite items.

Wear a stylish pair of sweats if you want to travel even more comfortably. The Vuori Ponto Performance Pants are the best-looking sweats for travel. They’re great for a run, a long flight, or relaxing at home. It’s a more casual look, but that’s not always bad, and it can work in many travel destinations. As a minimalist, they can double as lounge and gym wear, saving space in my bag.

Jogger Recommendations

Bluffworks Ascender Chino

Bluffworks Ascender Chino
Wearing Bluffworks / Travel Clothes For Men

Price – $125 | Material – Polyester

Bluffworks makes travel-specific dress clothes that are wrinkle and stain-resistant. For years they’ve had an excellent line of men’s clothing. Their Chinos circle the globe in my suitcase and keep me well-dressed. The style and fit of these pants are great, and they look like a decent pair of regular chinos.

Travelers will appreciate reliable wrinkle and stain resistance. An exceptional pocket layout has great antitheft features for travel pants. It includes zippered back pockets and a hidden interior front pocket with a zipper. The hidden front pocket is great for stashing extra cash or small valuables when visiting cramped markets or taking public transport abroad.

Bluffworks Ascender Chinos

DU/ER Jeans

DU/ER Jeans

Price – $129 | Material – Cotton/Polyester/Spandex

Jeans are a fashion staple but aren’t the best packing pants. However, travelers have options, such as DU/ER jeans. The organic cotton jeans look sharp, but the blend of polyester and spandex allows the jeans to stretch. They look like quality stone-washed denim without the weight and stiff feeling.

Fit is exceptional, with a slim fit throughout the leg. You can comfortably wear the jeans on long travel days without any discomfort. Thanks to the synthetic blend, they’re great for lengthy trips as there is no need to wash the jeans. An easy favorite for any guy seeking new travel clothes.

DU/ER Performance Slim Fit Jeans

Men’s Shorts For Travel

Hiking Shorts

Arc'teryx Aptin Shorts

Price – $85 | Material – Nylon/Elastane

Most hiking shorts feel like a Swiss army knife, a jack of all trades master of none. My primary shorts these days are the lightweight trail running shorts from Salomon. Their shorts are light and airy, but the innovative material is water-resistant and very durable. These versatile athletic shorts feel ready to tackle any activity you throw at them on a trip.

Since they are trail running shorts, there are only two deep front pockets and a small zippered pocket suitable for keys. The inseam on these shorts also feels a little long for avid runners but is the perfect balance for a well-rounded short. They are ready to surf, hop on a kayak, summit a mountain, or take a dip in a waterfall. They are my favorite shorts and come on every trip.

Trail Running Short Recommendation

Western Rise Evolution Shorts

Myrtos Beach - Things to do in Kefalonia-60

Price – $69 | Material – Nylon/Spandex

A best travel clothes for men piece wouldn’t be complete without mentioning these. Western Rise Evolution shorts are among my favorites, and I love them for their versatility. The lightweight shorts have a clean cut that does not feel too technical, but it still leaves enough room for mobility.

They’ve got some sweet features like a zippered hidden pocket for security. I like to use it to hold cash and a few cards securely when wandering around city streets. Due to their versatility, they make a fabulous pair of travel shorts that can do just about everything. There aren’t many drawbacks to the shorts, but we’d love a few more color options and a built-in belt to save weight.

Men’s Evolution Shorts

Quicksilver Amphibian Shorts

Quicksilver Amphibian Shorts

Price – $69 | Material – Polyester

You have a lot of options for stylish swim trunks. It’s best to opt for a shorter inseam and a bathing suit that fits your thigh well. Baggy swim trunks have been out of style for a while now, especially if you’re in decent shape.

Quicksilver’s Amphibian Shorts are a pair of board shorts that can handle more than the beach. The material looks like tough fabric, but they’re super lightweight and durable. Amphibian shorts look like traditional shorts, not bathing suits, so they’re tremendous for beach and island destinations.

Quicksilver Amphibian Shorts

Men’s Underwear For Travel

Icebreaker Anatomica with Fly

Best African Honeymoon Safari

Price: $24 | Fabric: Merino Wool/ Nylon/Lycra®

Similar to t-shirts, wool underwear far outperforms its cotton counterparts. The slim fit of the Icebreaker’s Anatomica Underwear gives you support and keeps everything in place, while the stretchy material still offers a full range of motion. These boxers also feature a contoured pouch and fly.

Anatomica boxers come in various sizes and colors, so you can choose whether you like neutral greys or fun, bright colors. They are lightweight and easily packable, which makes them perfect for travel. They can easily be washed and dried overnight and be ready to go for whatever you have planned for the next day. 

Icebreaker Anatomica 

Men’s Socks For Travel

Darn Tough Micro Hiker

Darn Tough Micro Hiker

Price: $24 | Fabric: Merino Wool/ Nylon/Lycra®

The Darn Tough Micro Hiker is a standout hiking sock thanks to a tight, durable weave, quality material blend, and perfect fit. Their Micro Hiker offers a nice mid cushion underfoot that feels comfortable but isn’t too much. A wool synthetic blend allows the socks to warm and cool temperatures well.

Fit is excellent, and I’ve experienced no slipping or bunching. Darn Tough socks are some of the most expensive, but they have a lifetime warranty and exceptional durability. Socks are such a crucial travel essential, and I can’t imagine traveling with cheap cotton socks on a long day.

Darn Tough Micro Hiker Socks

Smartwool Run Targeted Socks

Smartwool Run Targeted Socks

Price: $18 | Fabric: Wool/Nylon/Elastane

Smartwool’s Run Targeted socks are an excellent option for hot weather days. It’s a light and breathable sock that ensures dry feet on hot weather days. The wool blend in the socks utilizes more nylon, allowing for a thinner yet still durable sock. As a result, the Run Targeted manages moisture exceptionally.

Fit is comfortable and snug without slipping or bunching, essential if you have plans for long days on your feet. Smartwool uses its Indestructawool in critical wear areas for increased longevity. However, in our testing, no lightweight sock will last forever.

Smartwool Run Targeted

Men’s Jackets For Travel

Arc’teryx Cerium LT

Arc'teryx Cerium LT

Price: $379 | Fabric: Nylon / Goose Down

There are only a few items every guy should own, and the top of the list is a down jacket. A down jacket is a staple for travel and outdoor activities as it’s versatile. They pack down and can fit easily in a backpack. However, despite their lightweight nature, they offer a lot of warmth.

When dealing with travel and various climates, it’s a great way to keep warm without eating up too much space in your luggage. My favorite down jacket is the Arc’teryx Cerium, as it manages to blend the perfect balance between ultralightweight, performance, style, and fit.

The Cerium Hoody

Filson Tin Cloth Ranch Jacket

Filson Tin Cloth Ranch Jacket

Price: $325 | Fabric: Cotton Canvas

Filson’s workwear jackets are stylish and ready to be used and abused. The Filson Tin Cloth Ranch Jacket is for demanding work with some rugged good looks. It’s the kind of jacket that gets better looking with age. The coat is warm against a chill and can easily break the wind thanks to the heavy material.

Filson’s Tin Cloth jacket has its roots tied with loggers, ranchers, and outdoorsmen. It has a casual cut for work with enough worn with layers underneath. The cut can be both negative and positive but depends on your needs. It’s a great jacket for any wild adventure you may find yourself on worldwide.

Filson Tin Cloth Ranch Jacket

Arc’teryx Beta Gore-Tex Jacket

best travel clothes for men

Price: $299 | Fabric: Gore-Tex Nylon

This jacket is waterproof and windproof, but it’s also snowproof. The Arc’teryx Beta jacket features two layers of Gore-Tex with a durable, water-repellent finish that means you stay dry. The hiking jacket is packed with technology and specialty fabrics, making it a top-of-the-line investment.

It’s a top-rated jacket for weatherproofing, so it will stand up to any harsh elements you may throw at it. Thanks to careful attention to fit (streamlined and flattering) and construction, this hiking jacket is equal parts practical and current – two things that will never go out of style. It’s a rain/shell jacket, so it’s not a stylish city jacket. It is a solid choice if you have the money to spend and need a jacket to hold up to the elements.

Arc’teryx Beta Jacket

Men’s Travel Suits

Bluffworks Presidio Travel Suit

Cameron In Bluffworks Suit
Wearing the Presidio Travel Suit in the Faroe Islands / Easily one of the best travel clothes for men pieces

For special events, business events, or romantic evenings it’s nice to have a suit that packs easily in a suitcase. Traditional travel suits leave much to be desired with odd feeling material and an obnoxious “wishing” sound from the polyester material. Bluffworks makes a great travel suit from a tight, woven synthetic material that resembles wool. The fundamental standout feature of this suit is its ability to move, breathe, and resist wrinkles.

It’s a super comfortable suit, perfect for packing when you’re not if you’ll need one. An excellent option for travel to weddings or quick business trips. It may not replace a proper suit for true style fiends, but it’s no slouch with a modern cut and wonderful fabric.

Presidio Travel Suit

Men’s Sunglasses For Travel

best travel clothes for men

We don’t need a dozen iterations of products we use in life. For a timeless pair of sunglasses, it’s tough to find a more versatile pair than the Original Wayfarer. We love to travel and hike around the world. Sunglasses like the Ray-Ban Wayfarers are perfect for mountain summits or new cities. I can wear them in a suit or on a mountain summit.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Men’s Shoes For Travel

Allbirds Runners

Temple of Karnak

If you’re shopping for a new pair of travel shoes, you’ve likely seen Allbirds Wool Runners online. They’ve billed themselves as the most comfortable shoes in the world, made to fight odor, be worn without socks, and handle the demands of travel exceptionally. Those are all tall claims.

The feeling of wearing them is best compared to wearing a wool sweater comfortable and cozy. If that sounds hot for travel in a warm destination, they make a breezy Tree Runner version of the shoe. What makes these unique are wool’s properties, such as odor and dirt resistance. They’re also machine washable, dry quickly, and keep your feet warm even when wet.

Allbirds Shoes

Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker

Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker

The classic travel shoe is comfortable and stylish with high-quality leather. Ecco’s elegant look feels relaxed but mature enough to be worn by all ages. It’s a classic shoe that’s highly versatile and comfortable. Its simple leather design makes the shoes look more appropriate for dressier occasions such as business environments, restaurants, and bars.

It’s tough to fault these shoes as the craftsmanship is better than most of the shoes on this list. The leather laces and thick soles ensure a pair of shoes with plenty of longevity for many future trips. The shoe insole is leather molded for reliable comfort and even breathability.

While the shoe is comfortable for walking all day, it is a heavier sneaker. It means they’re not suitable for athletics or hiking. However, the versatile shoes sit right between a dress and a traditional sneaker.

Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker

Blundstone BL550

Blundstone BL550

These are a solid go-to and a classic look for stylish travel boots. The BL550 has great tread, insoles, and firm arch support, making it much more than a stylish boot for travel. These boots can feel comfortable in a more formal or stylish event, but they’re equally at home on a ranch or walking in the woods. An EVA footbed with unique technology in the heels ensures all-day comfort.

The boots feature soft leather, strong stitching, and decent soles. Plus, they’re incredibly comfortable. I love the slip-on fit; the pull tabs make it easy to put on and take off. As a tip, I’d pick up some leather treatment to protect the boot and add a level of water resistance. Altogether they’re a tremendous travel boot and will serve you well in everyday life.

Blundstone BL550


There you have it, some of the best travel clothes for men. See below for more travel gear articles.

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