The BEST Travel Clothes For Women

After eight years of traveling full-time, across seven continents and nearly 100 countries, it is safe to say I’ve tested some of the best travel clothes for women. With countless product samples, purchases, and research, I’ve narrowed down my favorite clothes for travel. Unsurprisingly, not all clothes, shoes, and accessories handle travel well.

Some popular brands and products have left me feeling robbed or uncomfortable. While others offer excellent value, make for cute photos, or put a smile on my face when I wear them. I want to share my most comfortable, stylish, and durable travel clothes for women. I hope to help make your decisions easy while saving you money.

The Best Travel Clothes for Women

Women’s Travel Shirts

Solid Color Crop Tops

Petting A Kitty In Greece With A Crop Top

Price – $29 | Material – Nylon/Spandex

I consider crop tops essential travel clothes for women. Solid color crops go with almost everything and are easy to pack. Best of all, it’s a trendy look that can work on various women. I mix and match them with shorts, pants, or a skirt. They also look nice under a linen shirt or blouse.

The ones in the photo above are from a generic brand on Amazon, and I love how flattering they are – plus, you don’t have to wear a bra with them. Not only are they suitable for travel, but also for light hikes and activity!If you aren’t into the crop top look, Unbound Merino sells extremely comfortable muscle tanks in various colors that also look great!

Crop Tops

Unbound Merino Wool V-Neck

Sitting In Naxos Chora With A Pink V-Neck

Price – $85 | Material – Merino Wool

A classic tee will never go out of style. I suggest sticking with solid colors like black, white, or grey. Keep it simple with tees; solid colors are easiest to match, and try to avoid white as it’s easy to stain. I love the quality and ease of ordering from Bombas if you’re after a classic cotton tee, tank, or v-neck.

However, a merino wool shirt is a worthy investment and one of the best pieces of travel clothes. Wool shirts stay fresh longer and do an excellent job at temperature management. I’ve tested a lot of wool shirts out, and my favorite for travel so far is from Unbound Merino, as they make some of the best travel clothes for women. Their v-neck is a great fit and comes in a good selection of colors.

Travel Shirts

Linen Shirt

linen shirt in france

Price – $88 | Material – Linen

I love the look of linen when traveling around warm-weather destinations. Linen is as practical as it is stylish. It’s great as it tends to dry faster, feel lighter, and cope with sweat better than its cotton counterparts.

Pair a linen shirt with sandals, shorts, jeans, or shoes, or even go barefoot. It’s a versatile shirt that looks great on both sexes and works at the beach or a restaurant. They’re the perfect shirt for summer in Southern Italy. It’s tough to find decent linen shirts online, but we love the quality of Everlane’s linen shirts.

Linen Shirts


tank tops in italy

I just started traveling with Honeylove bodysuits and love them for travel. Classic colors like black and white go with any type of bottom – pant, skirt, or shorts and look sleek when abroad!

A Great Flannel Shirt

Natasha By A Lake In Iceland Wearing A Flannel Shirt

Price – $99 | Material – Cotton

Flannel shirts are fabulous mid-layers for both men and women. They provide warmth and go well with vests. Flannels are great for relaxed outdoor destinations like National Parks or Nordic Countries.

With a flannel or sweater, you’ll feel right at home. You can pair a flannel with a travel vest for a classic look that is great for warmth. I love two companies for flannels, California Cowboy and REI. The Fjord Flannel from Patagonia is classic, while REI Co-op makes a more affordable shirt in several colors.

My Favorite Flannels For Travel

Women’s Travel Pants

prAna pants

Natasha Sitting With A Camel In Jordan Wearing Prana Pants and a linen shirt

Price: $95 | Fabric: Nylon / Polyester

I love loose pants for warm weather and beach destinations. I’ve tried a bunch of different pants, but my favorite pair is from prAna. Their June Pants are made from hemp and recycled polyester and offer 50+ UPF protection.

They are perfect for beach destinations, especially if you find yourself in more conservative areas. These pants are lightweight and weigh nothing in a carry-on bag. They sell out a lot, so an excellent alternative with more colorways is the Fernie Pant (which I also have many pairs of).

prAna Summit Pants

DU/ER Performance Jeans

Natasha At 7132 Hotel In Switzerland Wearing Travel Jeans

Price – $129 | Material – Cotton/Polyester/Spandex

Jeans are a fashion staple but aren’t the best packing pants. However, travelers have options, such as DU/ER jeans. The organic cotton jeans look sharp, but the blend of polyester and spandex allows the jeans to stretch. They look like quality stone-washed denim without the weight and stiff feeling.

Fit is exceptional, with a slim fit throughout the leg. You can comfortably wear the jeans on long travel days without any discomfort. Thanks to the synthetic blend, they’re great for lengthy trips as there is no need to wash the jeans. An easy favorite for anyone seeking new travel clothes.

DU/ER Performance Slim Fit Jeans

Performance Joggers

Cam And Tasha Walking Along the Board at The Cape Of Good Hope

Price – $94 | Material – Polyester/Elastane

Athleisure has come to dominate fashion now, and it’s a trend I can get behind. Joggers are a terrific way to remain comfortable and still look stylish. Lululemon makes some fantastic joggers that look sharp, offer excellent performance, and feel great for travel days. They make exceptional travel clothes for women, one of my favorite items.

They’re great for a run, a long flight, or relaxing at home. It’s a more casual look, but that’s not always bad, and it can work in many travel destinations. Plus, they double as lounge and gym wear, saving space in my bag.

Lululemon Joggers

Handful Leggings

Hiking in Switzerland

Price: $68 | Fabric: Poly / Spandex

I love wearing yoga pants because I like to practice yoga and stay active, plus it’s super comfortable. I adore Lululemon’s leggings as they’re super comfortable and durable. They live up to the hype. However, my favorite leggings are from Handful. Their signature leggings are durable enough for hiking and light enough for a yoga sesh or everyday life. Best of all, they aren’t see-through.

The leggings have temperature-regulating technology that keeps you cool when hot and warm when cold. They are quick-drying and provide an extra lift to your booty. The top has a “squeeze play” high waist that offers excellent coverage and is comfortable around your curves as you move. (Use code TWP15 for 15% off!)

Handful Leggings

Kuhl Freeflex Roll-up Pants

Natasha On Safari At Jacis Lodge

Price: $99 | Fabric: Polyester

Lightweight pants made from synthetic material are tremendous to have in your pack. These new “hiking pants” work more casually and are as comfortable on the city streets as in the mountains. Kuhl’s ENDURO™ blend fabric in their women’s Freeflex Roll-Up pants is a testament to their commitment to quality and durability.

Not only does the fabric feel soft against the skin, but it has also proven to be resistant to wear and tear after repeated use. The Freeflex Roll-Up pants feature functional pockets and drawstrings, making them perfect for women who need practicality and comfort.

KUHL Free Radikl/Freeflex Pants

Women’s Travel Shorts

Natasha Walking Down The Beach On The Garden Route
Enjoying the gorgeous South African beaches.

You’ll want some shorts for your trip if it’s summertime. Shorts are also easy to pack as they take up less space in your luggage and can be easily washed. Shorts are one of those items I find acceptable as cheap cotton items. We’ve tested a lot of travel shorts out and only been impressed by a handful.

Some of my favorite shorts for women include the prAna Fernie Short, prAna Elle Short, Lululemon Cinchable Waist Shorts, prAna Kanab, and Patagonia Baggies. We suggest whatever suits your style and recommend they do not involve cargo pockets. That’s precisely what I did in the photo above – a hike in the morning and an evening stroll at the beach around town in my prAna Railay shorts!

Travel Shorts

Women’s Travel Staples

A Versatile Dress

Natasha Walking Down A Street in Sorrento In A Sundress
Walking the streets on the Amalfi Coast.

I love a dress with a more relaxed shape for daily wear. Not only is it more comfortable in the heat, but it’s also cute. A trip is a perfect time to bust out your favorite summer dress. My favorite sites for dress shopping are Salty Crush, and Free People.

Tasha in Venice
I wear this dress everywhere in Europe – Travel wear for women doesn’t get much better

My only recommendation is to avoid the ridiculous gowns that you see on social media. Another great option is a black dress for nights out. Dresses are a travel staple and occupy almost no room in your suitcase — granted, that depends on the style.

Great Dresses For Travel

Maxi/Flowy Skirt

Natasha In A Maxi Skirt In Naxos Chora
My most versatile maxi skirt!

A maxi skirt, or “flowy skirt,” is an excellent wardrobe staple worn daily in the summer. Maxi skirts are versatile enough for a variety of settings and destinations. My top travel tip is to avoid prints, as they’re more challenging to match.

The maxi skirt in the photo above is from Free People. They change styles and stock frequently, so it’s best to shop for one that fits your style. I love matching a crop, bandeau, or tank top with a maxi skirt. Amazon also makes some fantastic ones that come in every color, and I’ve purchased a few from there.

Maxi Skirt

Travel Dress

Natasha In A Travel Dress At An Alpine Lake In Austria

Price: $118 | Fabric: Polyester / Spandex

These aren’t to walk around a city and look glam, but they are super practical when traveling. With lightweight, fast-drying fabric, a travel dress will keep you cool in the sun. It’s also great as it will dry overnight after a quick wash in your washbasin. They’re often billed as active or hiking dresses, and I love them for the right trip. My favorite is the Lululemon Align™ Dress. Other great options are the REI Co-op Aoraki Dress and Patagonia Fleetwith Dress.


Natasha and Kelsey Sitting On A Porch In Greece

Price: $119 | Fabric: Polyester / Spandex

Rompers are some of my favorite travel clothing items. I love Patagonia and prAna and its brand ethos around sustainability. The Patagonia Fleetwith Romper is Bluesign certified and super comfortable. While the Fleetwith is available as a dress, I prefer the romper best. It’s just so functional, cozy, and cute!

The one-piece romper is made from a 91% recycled polyester/9% spandex blend, moves with your body, resists wrinkles, and quickly dries. The romper makes for a great piece of travel clothing for women and is so versatile you may end up living in it.

My other favorite brand for rompers is prAna, especially their Fernie line. Their stuff is amazingly comfortable and lasts forever.

Playsuit, Jumpsuit, Overalls

Natasha In A Town Along Lake Como in Overalls

Overalls or jumpsuits are my favorite travel outfits for women because they’re stylish, comfortable, and practical. You can’t go wrong here, and we suggest throwing at least one or two rompers in your suitcase for Europe. They’re great for a night and super cute for casual days. You can shop on Free People and Prana for some great options. As they have a loose cut, you can get away with cotton fabrics at a more affordable price.


Women’s Jackets For Travel

Barbour Beadnell Jacket

Barbour Beadnell Jacket

MSRP – $385 | Material – Waxed Canvas

The Classic Beadnell jacket by Barbour is the one you’ll reach for every season of the year. Its waxed cotton exterior looks gorgeous and highly functional as it supplies wind and water resistance.

A cozy tartan lining is soft against the skin and supplies warmth in cool climates. It provides a lot of versatility as the jacket works for a wide range of destinations and daily life. I could wear this jacket in Scotland or the Masai Mara. The jacket is also highly functional with two snap button bellow pockets, handwarmer pockets, and one interior breast pocket.

I appreciate the women’s fit that keeps an excellent shape with front and back panels. The one downside is it’s too warm for hot destinations, but it is ready to tackle any cool weather. It’s an expensive jacket, but we feel it’s a worthy investment that will last a lifetime.

Barbour Beadnell Jacket

Arc’teryx Cerium LT Hoody

Natasha Sitting On The Summit of Cascade Mountain In An Arc'teryx Cerium Hoody

Price: $379 | Fabric: Nylon / Goose Down

Everyone should own only a few items; the top of the list is a down jacket. A down jacket is a staple for travel and outdoor activities as it’s tremendously versatile. They pack down and can fit easily in a backpack. However, despite their lightweight nature, they offer a lot of warmth.

When dealing with travel and various climates, it’s a great way to keep warm without wasting too much space in your luggage. My favorite down jacket is the Arc’teryx Cerium, as it blends the perfect balance between ultralightweight, performance, style, and fit.

Arc’teryx Cerium LT Hoody

Patagonia Better Sweater

Natasha Running On The Dempster Highway In Northern Yukon

Price: $129 | Fabric: Polyester

The Patagonia Better Sweater is a perfect fleece sweater and excels as a cozy mid-layer. It’s thick, soft, and slim while still being one of the warmest fleece jackets. Patagonia’s fleece products have always stood out from the market in our years of testing athletic gear. It’s hard to find a more well-loved fleece than the Better Sweater. The fabulous fleece has many options, from a hooded jacket to a vest. It’s one of the first things I throw in my bag for any cool weather destination.

The Patagonia Better Sweater

Arc’teryx Beta LT

hiking in the faroes

Price: $400 | Fabric: Gore-Tex Nylon

This jacket is waterproof and windproof, but it’s also snowproof. The Arc’teryx Beta jacket features three layers of Gore-Tex with a durable, water-repellent finish that means you stay dry. The hiking jacket is packed with technology and specialty fabrics, making it a top-of-the-line investment.

It’s a top-rated jacket for weatherproofing, so it will withstand any harsh elements you may throw at it. Thanks to careful attention to fit (streamlined and flattering) and construction, this hiking jacket is equal parts practical and current – two things that will never go out of style. It’s a rain/shell jacket, so it’s not a stylish city jacket. It is a solid choice if you have the money to spend and need a jacket to hold up to the elements.

Arc’teryx Beta

Women’s Swimsuits

londre bodywear
I love the Londre one-piece – they show off the booty!

No matter where you go, at least one swimsuit should always be in your luggage. You never know when you will find yourself at the beach or in a pool. I travel with at least two bathing suits to beach destinations to have options and never have to wear a wet suit.

Londre two piece

For a fantastic women’s swimsuit brand, we recommend Londre and Carve Designs. They make high-quality swimsuits for women. Many of their pieces are stylish yet supportive. So if you plan to go surfing, bodyboarding, kitesurfing, or play beach volleyball and want to ensure your ta-tas stay intact, these swimsuits are for you.

Swimwear Recommendations

Women’s Undergarments For Travel

Icebreaker Siren Underwear

Hiking Underwear

Price: $24 | Fabric: Merino Wool/ Nylon/Lycra®

Similar to t-shirts, wool underwear far outperforms its cotton counterparts. Women have specific hygiene needs for underwear. To prevent bacterial infections, it’s essential to avoid wearing cotton underwear. Icebreaker Siren wool underwear is excellent for its moisture management and antimicrobial properties.

They are lightweight and easily packable, which makes them perfect for travel. I’m wearing a Siren Thong in the photo above, but they also come in a bikini version. Best of all, wool underwear can be washed and dried overnight to be ready for the next day. 

Icebreaker Siren Underwear

Handful Sports Bras

Handful Sports Bras

I spend a lot of time in sports bras because they are comfortable and motivate me to stay active. No matter what kind of bra lover you are, at least one sports bra should always be in your bag. They are essential women’s travel clothing items. While I have tried many times and found Handful the most supportive and reasonably priced, they make activewear products that empower women. All their pieces are supportive, stylish, and durable.

Handful Sports Bras

(Use code “TWP15″ for 15% off)

Icebreaker Siren Bra

icebreaker siren bra - womens travel clothes

Price: $50 | Fabric: 83% merino wool/12% nylon/5% elastane

The Icebreaker Siren Bra is a perfect lightweight travel bra. Like my underwear, I’ve found Icebreaker nails it with their undergarment material. It’s comfortable and has excellent performance. It’s best suited for low-impact activities, and granted, that all depends on your cup size and needs. However, I find it super comfy for daily life when you’re not running around. I wear this bra almost daily and am constantly impressed by its comfort.

Siren Bralette

Women’s Socks For Travel

Darn Tough Micro Hiker

Darn Tough Micro Hiker
hiking around the Amalfi Coast

Price: $24 | Fabric: Merino Wool/ Nylon/Lycra®

The Darn Tough Micro Hiker is a standout hiking sock thanks to a tight, durable weave, quality material blend, and perfect fit. Their Micro Hiker offers a nice mid cushion underfoot that feels comfortable but isn’t too much. A wool synthetic blend allows the socks to warm and cool temperatures well.

Fit is excellent, and I’ve experienced no slipping or bunching. Darn Tough socks are some of the most expensive but have a lifetime warranty and exceptional durability. Socks are a crucial travel essential, and I can’t imagine traveling with cheap cotton socks on a long day.

Darn Tough Micro Hiker Socks

Smartwool Run Targeted Socks

Smartwool Run Targeted Socks

Price: $18 | Fabric: Wool/Nylon/Elastane

Smartwool’s Run Targeted Socks are an excellent option for hot weather days. It’s a light, breathable sock that ensures dry feet on hot days. The wool blend in the socks utilizes more nylon, allowing for a thinner yet still durable sock. As a result, the Run Targeted manages moisture exceptionally.

Fit is comfortable and snug without slipping or bunching, which is essential if you have plans for long days on your feet. Smartwool uses its Indestructawool in critical wear areas for increased longevity. However, in our testing, no lightweight sock will last forever.

Smartwool Run Targeted

Women’s Travel Shoes

Allbirds Runners

Allbirds Runners in France

Allbirds have billed themselves as the most comfortable shoes in the world, made to fight odor, be worn without socks, and handle the demands of life exceptionally well. They do all of this while being some of the most eco-friendly shoes in the world. It is no small feet (pun intended)!

Allbirds started with the classic Wool Runner, a simple shoe with a comfy wool upper. Since then, they’ve expanded the line to include various materials and shoes, from slip-ons to trail runners. We love their Tree Breezers for warm weather.

Allbirds Sneakers

adidas Ultraboosts

adidas Ultraboosts in Cape Town
Hiking in Cape Town in the Arc’teryx Norvan LD3

adidas Ultraboosts make perfect travel shoes for women as stylish sneakers that are uber comfortable. They hit the target between a sneaker and running shoe with enough tech to fit either environment. The sleek design with maximalist colorways is the highlight, and they look great on the feet. With a wide range of colorways and models, finding a design that fits your style is easy.

The shoes are great for gym wear and light runs. However, avid runners and hikers will want to look elsewhere as the shoes are a bit clunky and heavy. I love my Arc’teryx Norvan LD3 and Salomon Speedcross if you’re after a high-performance running shoe that is great for outdoor adventures.

Adidas Ultraboost Sneakers


Blundstone BL550 in Sedona

Regarding cool temperatures, I love to wear our Blundstones. With the right boots, you’ll be ready to climb the Alps, stroll through The Louvre, or eat to your heart’s content in Italy. Boots are seasonal, and I’ll leave mine at home for a trip in the summer unless we’re heading to the Nordic countries.

Blundstone Chelsea Boots

Born Julianne Flats

Born Julianne Flats in Sorrento

A pair of black flats is always great to have in a suitcase. They’re stylish and comfortable. Best of all, flats take up minimal space in your luggage. For most travelers, it’s best to avoid heels as many destinations worldwide have uneven streets. You don’t want to break an ankle trying to look good.

Flats or loafers are a great option for a dress shoe that eats little room in your luggage, unlike a pair of heels. With flats, you have stylish shoes that allow you to blend in with trendy locals and are comfortable enough to wear all day. These simple flats from Born are super comfortable and great for events involving hours of standing. These are my go-to travel shoes when we travel for business and provide presentations.

Born Flats

Sanuk Sling Sandals

Cameron And Natasha At Karnak Temple in Egypt
Exploring Egypt in my Sanuks

I’m a sandal person and don’t believe any travel bag is complete until I throw in a pair. We spend 90% of our time in warm destinations in a couple of sandals. It’s a wardrobe staple and immensely comfortable. When creating a cute women’s travel outfit and ensuring my feet are comfortable, I opt for Sanuk Sling Sandals.

I have multiple pairs of yoga slings. Why? Because it feels like you are walking on a yoga mat all day! I wore these all over Egypt, Greece, Bali, and on an African safari, and I still have them. They are easy to wash and insanely stylish for such a lightweight, small travel item.

Sanuk Sling Sandals

Women’s Travel Accessories

Belt Bag

Belt Bag in Tbilisi
Running around Tbilisi with my belt bag from Lululemon!

Do yourself a favor and get yourself a Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag! I bought one a year ago and now go everywhere with it. Before, I was stuffing my phone in whatever pocket I had, or in my bra, or even worse – my husband’s pocket. I hated it. I couldn’t stash all my cards and makeup because I didn’t want to travel with a large purse.

And that’s where a travel belt bag came in. These small belt bags are perfect for going through the airport or venturing around a new city. There are many colors to choose from, and although they don’t look as stylish as a purse, they don’t look out of place. Plus, they are much more secure than a traditional purse, as the way they wrap around the torso would detract from any pickpockets.

Everywhere Belt Bag

Leaf Shave Safety Razor

Leaf Shave Safety Razor

Alright, I know this is not a clothing item, but I wanted to mention it as I love this travel razor and bring it with me on all my trips! Leaf Shave razors are an excellent option for the bathroom to help reduce waste. Never repurchase those cheap plastic razors; invest in a lifelong, earth-friendly product suitable for trips – or when you travel! Leaf Shave razors use recyclable steel razors that are compact and far more affordable than disposable razors.

Not only are the razors far more attractive in your bathroom, but they perform much better. They can achieve a far closer shave, which means less razor burn. The one downside is they are far easier to cause a knick, but with some care and practice, they’re easy to use.

Leaf Shave Razor

Ponytail Hat

Natasha High In The Alpine of Chamonix

I get asked about my ponytail hat all the time. It’s a staple in my travel bag as it packs up extraordinarily light and is sweat-resistant. I wear it on every hike when traveling, at the beach, or around town when the sun is intense and I want to cover my face. I wear my hair up a lot, and this hat is ideal for never having to readjust my hairstyle to fit a hat.

Ponytail Hat


Natasha Having A Glass Of Wine On Milos

A stylish pair of sunglasses is an excellent addition to any of these travel outfits for women. Everyone owns at least one pair of sunglasses. However, it’s best to ensure they have UV protection for the health of your eyes. I always travel with two pairs of sunglasses as we’re pretty active. A pair of Smith Optics for hiking and outdoor adventures and stylish sunglasses to wear at the beach or around town for the day.

As a sunglass snob, I love the classic styles of Persol and Rayban. There are no better fashion accessories that are critical to your eye health. I cannot imagine traveling anywhere without a pair of sunglasses. The ones above are from Persol.

Sunglass Recommendations

Apple Watch

Natasha Sitting Along The Cape Of Good Hope

Another travel item you may have seen in almost every one of these photos is my Apple Watch. I wear it just about every day of my existence. It’s safe to say it’s a part of me now.

Apple Watch in Greece

I use the Apple Watch to track all my daily steps and every activity I perform while traveling or at home. From snowboarding to kayaking and hiking, I use it to track my activity. It keeps me conscious of my lifestyle and movement.

Apple Watch

Jewelry Case

The Travel Jewelry Case

I don’t travel with all my best jewelry for obvious reasons, but that doesn’t mean I don’t travel with any jewelry. I love having necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings when I dress up on the road. A travel jewelry box is the best way to keep this jewelry safe and organized! It’s such a cheap travel accessory that I could not imagine traveling without.

Jewelry Case

Travel Toiletry Bag/Portable Makeup Organizer

lefkes, paros
Yes – that’s a Salty Crush dress

Lastly, it’s up to you ladies how you want to travel with all your makeup, brushes, and serums. I use a portable makeup organizer, which takes up about 1/8 of my suitcase but must have all my favorites. That being said, in my younger days, when I only had a backpack on my back and stayed in hostels, I traveled with a lot less makeup, one face lotion, and face wash, and my toiletry bag took up a lot less space. Now that we take photos and write on this blog for a living, I put more time into getting ready!

Makeup Bag

Happy Traveling, Ladies!

Clothing in Africa - travel clothes for women
I hope you enjoyed these recommendations for travel clothes for women!

Remember, these are just recommendations and what works for me when I travel. I have been traveling for over ten years and find many of these travel clothes for women staples in the suitcase. Of course, it is all up to you and the details of your exact trip!

Plan For Your Trip

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