The Best Travel Water Bottles to Carry Around the World

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Best Travel Water Bottles

It should be no surprise that having the best travel water bottle is important to us.  It’s easy to neglect your body when you’re on the road, but that doesn’t mean you need to forget something as basic as drinking plenty of fluids. If you haven’t read our tips on travel and health we suggest you do so now!

As with all things travel and in life there is no one size fits all travel water bottle.  Everyone moves around in different ways and has their own approach to travel.  That means what may be the best water bottle for hopping around the globe for us, may be terrible for another traveler.

One thing we are certain is that everyone and we mean everyone, should be carrying a water bottle with them to reduce plastic waste and stay hydrated.  We have two things on us at all times that’s our water bottle and our travel camera.

Why carry a travel water bottle?

We have talked about how plastic is destroying our planet many times on our site, and take notice when hotels make a push to reduce plastic water bottles and opt for water filtration systems instead. However, we can not solely rely on businesses to make the shift to reducing plastic use, we as the consumer have to as well. That means carrying a great travel water bottle and you should check out more eco-friendly products.

Besides saving the environment from plastic waste, staying hydrated is essential when traveling. There are a plethora of reasons that you should be carrying a water bottle when you travel, but we’ll stick to a few key points.

  • Traveling with a water bottle saves you money.
  • Not buying plastic water bottles helps save our environment, whether you’re on the road or not.
  • Water aids in keeping your joints lubricated and your muscles moving smoothly.
  • Drinking plenty of fluids helps fight the jetlag.
  • It is proven to give you an energy boost and strengthen your immune system.

Best Travel Water Bottles

Kor Delta Water Bottle

This slick water bottle has one of the designs that makes us slap our heads and go duh! The bottle has a flip top that ensures there are no accidental spills when sitting in your backpack. We love that! I can’t tell you how many times we’ve pulled a wet phone, book, or headphones out of a backpack because of a loose water bottle top.

The bottle is also the most affordable item on this list. Making it an easy choice for those on a quick jaunt over to Europe or around the US. I also love the convenience of the handle on the top of the Kor Delta water bottle.

Check the prices here!

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth

Hydro Flask water bottles are everywhere these days and for good reason. They’re an awesome product. The container has the ability to keep drinks hot or cold. The double wall aluminum construction does a great job at keeping products at a consistent temperature without added weight. We’re really big on snowboarding so on a cold day in mountains or on the slope a hot drink is really appreciated.

They come in a massive variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. However, the best seller is likely their best at 32 ounces with a wide mouth. The size feels perfect to stay hydrated and the wide mouth allows for more versatility, such as carrying some hot soup. We love multifunctional products when traveling so this makes for the perfect travel water bottle. The company is also dedicated to giving back and has made a series of grants in their Parks For All project.

Check the prices here!

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Lifestraw Go

This is the original water bottle we started our travels off with. If you’ve been following our blog for a while there is no doubt you’ve seen it sneakily hidden away in countless photos or on the sides of our backpacks. We love the design of the water bottle and have been proponents of it on our site for a while now. The bottle can hold 850ml and filters the water through a filter straw. With years of use, I have never been sick from bad water when using this water bottle.

It’s the filter that makes us love the Lifestraw Go. When traveling it is common to come across some questionable water supplies. In the past travelers were forced to purchase bottled water, but with a filter its possible to fill up right from the sink or river still.

There are also a few design flaws we’ve noticed. The top of the bottle leaks when not directly upright and we would love it much more if the bottle wasn’t plastic. We still love it and consider it to be one of the best travel water bottle on the market.

Check the prices here!

Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier

I love the design of this water bottle! Like the Lifestraw Go this bottle also features a filter. However, the filter design is entirely different than the Lifestraw.

The design is sleek and innovative. The futuristic bottle filters water similar to a french press. It’s genius. It allows for sediment to sit at the bottom and filters the water in one go. The result is a water bottle that has a wide mouth top and can filter our bacteria and heavy metals. It beats the Lifestraw go in every category for us, but the price.

It’s the perfect water bottle for those spending a significant amount of time in developing nations with questionable water supplies. We love filtered water bottles because they save space in our daypacks when we’re on a hike.

Take note, this is the most expensive water bottle on this list, and it may make consumers think twice about purchasing. However, as advid travelers who’ve spent more than our fair share of time in developing nations the Grayl Filtration Cup is our choice for the best travel water bottle.

Check the prices here!

Klean Kanteen

Carrying an insulated water bottle has its perks. The Klean Kanteen water bottle is a clear winner for us because of its ability to serve us a cup of warm coffee on the go. The dead simple design of the water bottle is great, there are no bells and whistles and nothing to go wrong or replace. They’re durable bottles with a reliable history of great customer satisfaction.

The bottle can keep drinks hot for six hours and cold for up to 24 hours. The bottle is lightweight so it won’t slow you down. It has a wide mouth that makes drinking, pouring, and filling up easy. I also like the all stainless steel design that is meant to last. The all metal construction ensures that this bottle won’t break and that makes it one of the best travel water bottles on the market.

Check the prices here!

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why the Vapur Eclipse makes a great travel water bottle. The bottle or bag has the ability to be rolled up and clipped together when not in use. The bag is great for those who love to pack light and only use a small carry-on backpack.

It’s probably the most basic “bottle” on this list. However, with its minimal footprint, it’s an easy addition to our best water bottles for travel list.

Check the prices here!

MOBOT Grace Water Bottle

I love to travel and I love to run so this water bottle is a match made in heaven. When updating this article for 2018 I stumbled across this unique bottle and ordered one immediately. If you’re big on fitness this water bottle will save you the hassle of packing a foam roller or just ditching one altogether when you travel. As it’s a new product we’ll have to see how it holds up long term, but so far it seems to be well constructed and built to last. People may give a strange look, but it is perfect for long-haul flights as you can roll out your feet while in the seat to keep the blood flowing.

Check the prices here!

Yeti Rambler

YETI revolutionized the market with their high-end coolers. Previously the thought of dropping $300+ on a cooler was laughable, but no longer due to their quality. The same could be said for their ever-expanding range of products. This now includes a vacuum water bottle. The construction is rock solid and the bottle will keep a drink cold for days or a hot beverage for long hours. Just like Hydro Flask, we like the large size and the wide mouth. However, between the two we’d go with Hydro Flask for their donations to the parks departments.

Check the prices here!

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