Long Haul Flight Essentials to Always Travel With

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Long Haul Flight Essentials

Let’s face it – long flights and international travel sucks! 

If you’re stuck on a plane for an extended period of time it could leave you tired, dehydrated, uncomfortable, and even hungry. There are things that you can do to cope with a long haul flight on the way to your next international destination. The long haul flight essentials listed below are sure to help you enjoy smooth sailing while in flight. Don’t fear the distance between the departure and arrival signs anymore, come to the airport prepared with these fundamental travel products. 

It’s time to fly smart.

There’s a number of things we like to use and wear in flight to make sure we’re comfortable. Our last flights took us 30+ hours to get from Ruaha National Park in Tanzania to New York, and then another 10 hours of layovers and flights to get to our homes. If we wore safari clothes to the airport we would have been in for a miserable experience. We not only had to cross the Indian Ocean to Dubai, but it was followed with a transatlantic flight to New York. This is why we each have a long haul flight outfit we rely on.

48+  hours later Tasha considers it one of her worst travel days.

That day would have been awful if we didn’t have the right items with us. What you take in your hand luggage for a long haul flight can make or break your trip. For your next trip we suggest throwing the following into your carry-on bag.

Long Haul Flight Essentials

Water Bottle

Dehydration is one of the most common challenges that frequent flyers traveling a long distance will face. It’s very easy to get dehydrated which compounds the effects of jet-lag. We both like to carry a great travel water bottle with us on flights. We suggest checking out the Klean Kanteen. A water bottle also helps reduce plastic waste instead of using the disposable plastic cups airlines like to use on their flights. If you need a refill simply ask the flight attendant to fill your water bottle back up. Another great flight tip is to pick an aisle seat that way you can make frequent bathroom trips.

Skin Care

When you’re on a long flight you’re subjected to stale air and stress. This has a negative impact on your skin. We both travel with face lotion to keep our skin fresh and hydrated. I like to take bathroom breaks wash my hands and apply some lotion to my face. You’d be surprised at how much a small bottle of lotion will make you feel. For men I like to carry this product by Rugged & Dapper. Tasha’s favorite face lotion for women on lengthy flights is this lotion by Foxbrim. Tasha also likes to travel with face wipes to clean the oil off of her face, I may be guilty of stealing one or two!


Almost all international flights have entertainment systems on board, but the headphones are often lackluster. It’s best to travel with a decent pair of noise canceling headphones to save your ears. They’re also great for entertainment with long layovers. These headphones by Sennheiser may not be the best in the pack, but they’re affordable and will sound great to the average ear.

Travel Pillow

A great travel pillow and blindfold will help you get some much needed shut eye. Most people travel in economy so a comfy pillow can go a long way. If you’re looking to find one we suggest reading our best travel pillow post. If we were to pick one travel pillow we’d suggest going with the J-Pillow. Do yourself a favor and grab a pillow so you can catch some shut eye mid-flight.

A Good Book

Not everyone feels the need to carry a book. Screens tend to put our brains out of whack when it comes to sleep so we like to read on flights before we try to grab some shut eye. If you’re looking for some books to read check out these books about Africa.

Another great option is to grab some magazines in the airport before your flight, or even give the in flight magazines a read.  It’s all about giving your eyes a break from the screen time.

Comfortable Clothes

What are our go to long haul flight outfits? Tasha suggests for women wearing some comfortable leggings, a light v-neck, trainers, cardigan, and light scarf. When it comes to what men wear on a long flight I suggest 501 jeans , v neck, Vans, and a sweater. Either way you look at it wearing comfortable clothes is essential on your long haul flight.

Oral Care

This is a principle item that we have to carry on any long flight. I always make sure there is dental floss, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and chapstick in my carry on backpack. Keeping your teeth and mouth cleans means you’ll stay comfortable. Bad oral health can lead to sores and chapped lips making anyone uncomfortable.


I love traveling with a power bank to make sure my phone never dies. The majority of the time I don’t need to use it on long flights as some of the nicer airlines provide entertainment systems with USB ports! We also make sure to find a charging point during layovers, but getting to a new city without your hotel reservations and map can be a major pain in the ass. I recommend purchasing this power bank because it’s a great value with solid reviews.

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