Best Women’s Travel Shoes: Treat Your Feet Right

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The Best Women's Travel Shoes for walking all day

Before we left on a one-way ticket to explore the world I spent months and months researching and trying on different women’s travel shoes that would go with my problematic feet. Shoes are single-handedly the most important clothing item to consider when packing for your travels. A good pair of travel shoes may not be the most exciting thing in a suitcase, but ensuring that your feet are comfortable can make for either a great day or a painful day.  We walk a lot when we travel. If I ask directions for some place and they say, “Oh, it’s just 3km down the road, or you can take the bus!” 

You can bet your butt I will not be taking that bus, I will be walking.

Walking is cheaper and lets you fully immerse yourself in destinations, and let’s face it, a lot us could stand to walk a little bit more. To do this I need the best shoes for walking all day. It may seem simple, but there are a lot of factors that go into a good pair of shoes for travel. These shoes are all picked with optimal comfort in mind, some may not be the most stylish women’s travel shoes, but they are some of the best shoes for walking all day.

Best Women's Travel ShoesThese are my favorite women’s travel shoes for walking all day

Merrell Moab Ventilator

These aren’t the poshest looking shoes in the world, but they certainly aren’t the ugliest either. After trying on close to 30 pairs of different shoes, the Moab Ventilator shoe is what I ultimately went with. The main reason being that these are hiking shoes. However, I can wear them around just like I would my Nike trainers and they don’t look ridiculous. These shoes are built tough, built to last, and are just in general good women’s travel shoes. I have probably put over 500 miles on them so far and I am 99% certain they will get me through an upcoming six months in Africa. They are well padded, extremely comfortable, and for about a $20 different you can get the Gortex version (waterproof). I also have wide feet and a slew of other foot problems and I can easily walk all day in these shoes through all different terrains. Seriously Moab Ventilator, you are some of the best women’s walking shoes.

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Salomon Ellipse GTX

Salomon makes some great products that I have come to really love. The Ellipse GTX are one of the top rated women’s travel shoes on the market. They have a trail runner design making them easy to go for a jog in. These shoes are comfortable and are extremely light, making them easy to pack into a bag while traveling. The shoes are waterproof and provide good traction. Traction doesn’t always sound important, but believe me, after a couple slips and tumbles. You’ll come to realize shoes with good traction are valuable.

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Aerosoles Women’s Solitaire Slip-On Loafer

The Aerosole is one of the best women’s shoes for travel in Europe. They are sleek, stylish, comfortable, and will look good on even the streets of Milan. They have suede memory foam insoles and rubber soles for traction. The best part? They slip on in a flash and the heel won’t bend because of it! From skirts to pants these shoes are stylish walking shoes for travel.

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I’m sorry, but Teva’s have to be the most comfortable women’s travel shoes on the planet. Sure, they may look a little nerdy and Taylor Swift may laugh at you. But who will be laughing when Tswift is flat on her face from falling while walking on a stone path? You, that’s who, because you will be wearing the best travel sandals there is (just kidding Tswift, no bad blood please). Seriously though Teva’s have long been regarded as a top rated women’s travel shoe and for good reason. They are comfortable, durable, and come in hundreds of different styles.

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Toms Classics

Casual, classic, and a top rated lightweight women’s travel shoes. Toms have been around for years and I’m sure they have been in every country in the world given how much I see them worn by other travelers. Toms are great for all types of vacations. Beach vacations, city vacations, and even romantic vacations prove that Toms can be worn. They weigh virtually nothing and pack up well. Besides all this the best part about Toms is that they are still a One for One company, meaning for every pair of shoes bought they will donate a pair of shoes.

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Crocs Sandals

I have been a fan of crocs for years (and yes, Cameron still makes fun of me for it). I find them to be one of the best travel sandals for walking while still looking cute. Yes, I said cute. Crocs actually make some pretty cute women’s travel shoes. Seriously, I have had a few pairs now and have even worn them to the clubs. Crocs are reasonably affordable, are comfortable for a day of light walking, and they are completely waterproof. AND my mom does all of her garden work in them (Hi Mom!).

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Ahnu Karma Shoes

Leather. Imported. Rubber sole, and yoga chic? Sign me up! These slip on shoes are pure comfort while maintaining stule.  They are great for all day wear as well as slipping in your purse if you’re going out at night. I want just about every color of the Ahnu Karma Shoe.

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Rainbow Flipflops

I’m a total flip flop person and don’t believe any travel bag is completely packed until you throw a pair of flip flops in. I’ve had Rainbow flip flops for almost eight years now. In those eight years, I have only had two pairs of Rainbow flip flops and I only had to replace the first pair because it was stolen on a bus in Thailand. In my opinion, these are the best brand of flip flops ever. The sandals are made with premium leather, nylon threads, and are triple glued for optimal durability. Perhaps what makes these so great is the high arch in the midsole, this allows me to wear the sandals all day.

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Best Shoes for Walking All Day

Merrell Rant

For a great, all-purpose travel shoe there is theMerrell Rant. This leather and canvas sneaker is one of the best shoes for walking all day. They are reasonably priced for a Merrell shoe and have been praised as the “most comfortable shoe ever.” They feature a cushioned sole with good support, but yet are stylish and light. The Rants are offered in a variety of different colors to suit every traveler’s style and I can’t stress how these shoes are 100% comfortable walking shoes for women.

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Clarks Nikki Classic Boot

Perfect to wear with leggings or skinny janes, while still screaming fashionable. These boots are made with a soft suede upper and twin back goring. These are slightly waterproof (I mean don’t go stick your whole foot in a lake,) and cover the ankle. I love these shoes because I am short and the little heel gives me a height boost!

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Cole Haan Ballet Flat

Flats are small and easy to pack up, so they make for great shoes to take while traveling. Cole Haan makes some darn comfy ballet flats for travel. These are made with leather and provide a synthetic sole, and are great for a night out on the town in a new city. Plainly speaking these shoes are excellent quality, have great sizing, and are simple, but beautiful shoes.

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What are you favorite women’s travel shoes? I am sure there are a few that could be added to this list.




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