29 Fun Singapore Facts To Share With Your Friends

fun singapore facts

Given its location in Southeast Asia and large world-class international airport, Singapore is a stop on many travelers’ itineraries. Before visiting, it’s best to educate yourself with a few fun Singapore facts – so you can impress Singaporeans. The skyscrapers, nightlife, cleanliness, and beautiful architecture make Singapore ideal for anyone to enjoy. Singapore is a …

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30 Ireland Fun Facts You Should Know

facts about ireland

Seeking some fun facts about Ireland? If you’re looking for information on one of the friendliest countries on earth, then look no further than this list of Ireland facts. Rolling green hills, castles, whiskey, rain, Guinness beer, and rugged coastline draws millions of visitors each year. The country’s small size and accessibility make it an …

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31 Fun Facts About Japan You Should Know

Kyoto, Japan

After some interesting facts about Japan? Japan is a land of amazing culture, delicious food, unique sights, and plenty of history, but did you know that the name “Japan” is believed to come from the Chinese characters “日本” (pronounced Nihon or Nippon), which means “origin of the sun” or “sun’s origin” reflecting Japan’s location to …

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36 Interesting & FUN Facts About Spain

Seeking some interesting facts about Spain? Did you know that Spain is the second-largest country in Europe, home to La Tomatina, the world’s largest tomato fight and the country also has the third-highest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites? Learning anything new yet? Well that’s just the tip of Spain facts. Spain is one of …

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34 FUN & Interesting Facts About Scotland

Scottish Highlands - Getting Active and Healthy

Are you looking for some fun facts about Scotland? Although it occupies a small part of the world and has more sheep than people, Scotland packs a lot of punch for everyone, so naturally, there are some pretty interesting Scottish facts. The country has a lot to offer: spectacular landscapes, lakes, amazing seafood, castles, wildlife, …

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31 FUN & Interesting Facts About Guatemala

fun facts about guatemala

What is something Guatemala is famous for? Well many things actually! Guatemala is one of the most interesting countries we have traveled to. With a rich history and culture, there are plenty of fun facts about Guatemala to learn. For instance, did you know Guatemala is home to one of the most colorful birds in …

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34 FUN & Interesting Facts About Costa Rica!

Travel in Costa Rica - Natasha Alden on Beach

In search of some interesting Costa Rica facts? Then you’ve come to the right place, as we share some awesome facts about Costa Rica. Costa Rica is an amazing country located in Central America, known for its stunning natural beauty and biodiversity. One fascinating fact about Costa Rica is that it is home to over …

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35 Fun & Interesting Facts About France You SHOULD Know!

France is globally famous for a few things; food, fashion, and art. However, there’s more “joie de vivre” to this cultural mecca than meets the eye and plenty of interesting France facts to learn. Dive into the surprising history and shocking customs to really learn what this beautiful European country is all about. Get to …

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37 Interesting & Fun Facts About AFRICA

Uganda Self Drive

Searching for some facts about Africa? I know it sounds cliche, but there is just nothing like Africa. There are so many beautiful countries, animals to see, unique cultures, and a variety of unique activities to partake in that it makes picking one place almost impossible. We spent a wonderful year traveling Africa and there is …

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31 FUN Facts About Austria That Will Blow Your Mind

Vorarlberg Mountains Ski Austria

Searching for a few fun facts about Austria? Austria is a country busting at the seams with alpine lakes, stunning mountains, modern and historic cities, charming villages, fresh air, and adventure sports. Needless to say, it’s easy to see the allure. This country has a ton of history and interesting facts to learn. Whether you’re traveling …

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