Kuramathi Maldives Review • Enjoying One of Best Dives Spots in the World

Kuramathi Sunset

Kuramathi Maldives is one of the largest resorts in the Maldives located on a gorgeous island. Don’t let the size of the resort deceive you as this is still some of the best of what the Maldives has to offer.

You’ll find luxurious rooms, champagne bars, pools, water activities, abundant marine life, and plenty of spots to hide away from it all. In between dives and snorkeling, we spent our days relaxing on the back deck of our overwater villa at Kuramathi. Check out what Kuramathi Maldives is all about for yourself!

Kuramathi Maldives Review



There are two options for transfers to Kuramathi – via seaplane or boat. The boat transfer is done on a large boat twice a day (depends on season) and is generally cheaper, but it’s done in groups so you could end up waiting until all flights have arrived in Male to depart for Kuramathi.

Boat transfers take a little over an hour on a comfortable speedboat. The second option would be to take a seaplane with TMA, the ride will take about 20 minutes from the airport.

We’re mixed on which is the better option as the planes can at times be hot and between checking in, loading, and unloading the plane can take just as long. To book the transfer you must consult Kuramathi directly as TMA does not offer individual bookings.

Kuramathi Islands

The Property

Kuramathi Island is one mile long and shares a name with the resort. It’s in the Rasdhoo atoll in the Northeast section of the Maldives and offers access to some amazing marine life and gorgeous beaches.

A particular highlight of the property is the spectacular sandbank that extends out from the islands end. Sunsets here are a must.

There is a wide selection of modern rooms spread across the islands ranging from double rooms, beach bungalows, water villas, and pool villas. All together it’s a resort that leaves you seeking a golf cart or buggy as walking the whole thing may take close to an hour!

Kuramathi From The Air

Kuramathi Island - Bird on Beach

The Rooms

All of the rooms at Kuramathi are modern and updated, especially the new overwater villas. We stayed in one of their deluxe water villas and had a fantastic time.

Kuramathi Over Water villas

The villa was larger than most apartments with a comfortable king bed, bar, couch, and a large bathroom. Features like an in wine cooler stocked with over 16 bottles of wine made sure we had no need to leave the room – just had to call in order for some room service. A bathtub located in the center of the bathroom provided views out to the Maldivian blue water.

All of the water villas have a large patio deck with lounge chairs to enjoy the sun in privacy. We spent most of our time on the back deck of our villa taking dips into the water via our private staircase. With decently deep water we may have taken a few jumps off the back deck before rinsing off in our outdoor shower.

I don’t know if we’d advise going fully nude on the back deck as you can still see much of the resort and your neighbors have access to the water as well. It’s possible to snorkel right from your villa so you may end up seeing some stray snorkelers every once in a while.

The Food

The food varies on your meal plan; however, every booking includes breakfast which is served at your correspondent restaurant. Most people will go with a full board meal plan and that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a buffet.

For buffet food, we found the ambiance and views better than your average buffet. The food was fresh and the menu actually changed every day while catering to an international audience. That being said we could have done with more options for vegetarians, a full salad bar, and more fresh fruit.

Two of our nights at Kuramathi we had meals at their ala carte restaurants – The Palm and Island BBQ. The Palm is a contemporary restaurant with seafood dishes with the particular specialty on various ragouts.

The island BBQ is pretty self-explanatory located near the reception where there is an Indian Restaurant, Coffee shop, and bar. They have a wide selection of grilled meats and seafood offering flambéed dishes tableside. I would highly recommend booking at least one dinner at one of Kuramathi’s ala carte restaurants! 

The Staff

The staff at Kuramathi are incredibly kind and helpful. Every excursion we had was met with prompt and courteous staff members from all over the world!

Kuramathi Resort

The Diving

We had no idea what to expect when we arrived in the morning for our first dive at Kuramathi with Rasdhoo Divers. However, when we met up with an experienced diver who proclaimed we were about to dive on her favorite site in the world it raised an eyebrow or two.

Maadivaru is a small ridge that sits at about 19 meters deep with strong currents and a nice edge that is often populated by sharks. We had no idea what to expect when we reached the ridge until we set anchors. For about a half hour we watched dozens of sharks, a fever of eagle rays, and a few thousand fish swim next to our faces. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary when the rays began doing acrobatics in the water while the sharks circled.

If you are dive certified a dive at this site is an absolute must. In fact, it probably draws in a number of repeat guests to Kuramathi along with their other phenomenal dive sites. The dive center here runs three dive trips a day and Maadivaru is always on the itinerary.


The Activities

If all you want to do is relax on the patio of your villa — go ahead. That’s likely part of the reason you traveled to the Maldives. However, there are still many activities for all to enjoy at Kuramathi. For starters, if you want to be off on your own you can rent a mask and some fins and snorkel around the resort.

We like to travel with our own fins, mask, and snorkel so we didn’t have to keep paying for rentals and it was an amazing decision. Plus the gear fits us and no one else has slobbered over the snorkel. If you’re really into snorkeling I can’t recommend bringing your own gear enough. It was a great decision as we’ve been working on our recreational free diving. Though it can be hassle while traveling through airports.

Other activities include group snorkeling, dolphin watching, kayaking, stand up paddling, kite surfing, and fishing.

Maafushivaru Maldives


Kuramathi is an easy choice for the right guest. If you’re keen on diving, water activities, or a wide selection of bars/restaurants Kuramathi is an easy choice. It’s a big resort with a lot to offer everyone.

All aspects of Kuramathi are modern and new, and the sandbar is the most amazing we’ve seen in our 15 days in the Maldives. However, if you’re looking for an intimate barefoot holiday you might want to look at a smaller property like Maafushivaru.

Check the rates!

Agoda Booking.com

Kuramathi Sunset Villas

Natasha Alden

What to Pack for Kuramathi

Travel Water Bottle

You’re sitting in the middle of the ocean so it’s best not to contribute to the problem buying plastic water bottles everywhere. We’ve shifted to using an insulated aluminum water bottle as it handles the hot sun well. However, we also love filtered water bottles in areas we’re uncertain of the water supply. Read more about favorite water bottle for travel in our post.

Check the prices here!

Reef Safe Sunscreen

Most hotels in the Maldives won’t provide this and will charge a premium to purchase so make sure to come from home. We suggest you wear eco-friendly sunscreen when going entering the ocean in order to protect marine life.

Check the prices here!

Smith Lowdown 2

With all of that sun, white sand, and reflection you need to protect your eyes in the Maldives. The Chromapop lens technology is like seeing the world with a fresh set of our eyes. They enhance contrast, reduce glare, and reflection for superb vision while driving, walking around town, or out on the water. We also love the style of the glasses for anyone who likes to live an active lifestyle.

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Cressi Scuba/Snorkel Set

The highlight of any trip to the Maldives is not the beaches, it’s the abundant marine life. If you make it all the way out to these coral atolls in the Indian Ocean it would almost be a crime not to seek out some of the marine life. We like to travel with our own gear as it saves us rental fees, but most importantly it’s new, fits our face, and no one has slobbered on the snorkel piece before.

If possible head to a local dive shop to try fins on yourself as making it fits right to your foot is important. That’s why we only recommend picking up a mask and snorkel, worst case scenario you can rent a pair of fins from the resort.

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Flip Flops

Flip-flops are never a bad idea at beach destinations and should be on every traveler’s Maldives packing list. My favorite brand is Rainbow Sandals as they last forever and are super comfortable once the leather forms to your foot.

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Sun hat

You aren’t going to get Instagram famous in the Maldives without a big floppy sunhat! Seriously, I think every girl I saw had a sunhat and I was jealous I didn’t have one. Don’t be me and just bring one for your trip.

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Dry bag

Dry bags are great if you’re going to spend time at the beach or find yourself out on a boat. They will protect your phone and any other electronics from the ocean, or more importantly if it starts to rain. We found them really important when we went out on our diving trips. See our favorites here.

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Camera Gear

Chances are you’ll want a camera for your trip to The Maldives. Our favorite pocket-sized point and shoot camera for quick trips are the Sony RX100V. It takes fantastic photos and video and is the size of your palm.

We bought this camera specifically for our trip to Hawaii earlier as year as we could easily add on underwater housing for an affordable price. It came in handy when we were snorkeling with sea turtles, black tipped reef sharks, mantas, and sting rays in the Maldives. Check out our other travel cameras here.

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Kindle Paperwhite

Check out some of the best sellers right now and pick up a copy. I like to read on days when I just feel like sunbathing and relaxing, which was every day in the Maldives. Cameron is pretty impatient so having a book to read on the beach provides some much needed an entertainment.  I’ve recently upgraded to the Kindle Paperwhite and absolutely love it. It’s small, has touchscreen functions, and a backlight so that I can read at night without a harsh glare.

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Kuramathi Maldives


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