50 Namibia Pictures That Will Make You Want to Visit

It’s almost impossible to take a bad photo in Namibia. The country may be sparsely populated, but it packs a whole lot of punch for Namibian photography.  Every day we found ourselves eager to explore a new corner of the country. Whether it was the tantalizing sunsets, the unique and sometimes bizarre wildlife, or the captivating people Namibia never left us bored.

To many Namibia is a land unheard of, but it is rising as the new “hot spot” for international travel. Even with it’s rising popularity one can even find themselves completely isolated in a far off land. We traveled overland in our Land Cruiser and at points felt we were on a foreign planet.

This is our Namibia photography collection of a November spent around Namibia. Hope you enjoy these Namibia pictures as much as we do.

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Amazing Namibia Pictures that Will Make You Want to Visit

Sunset over the Kalahari


Who can make the funniest face?

Funny Faces in Namibian Village

Zebra Party in the Desert

A Dazzle of Zebra

Lonely Namibian Roads


Meet One of the Smiley Namibian Bushmen

Bushman Namibia

Cape Cross Seal Colony

Cape Cross Seal Colony: Namibia Photo

Overlooking the Great Zambezi

Sunsets Namibia Photos

Hyena Bathing in Etosha National Park

Hyena in Etosha

Lesser Flamingos in Walvis Bay

Flamingos WAlvis Bay

Storm Over Etosha National Park

Rainstorm over Etosha

Watching the Mbunza Fish in the Okavango

Traditional Wear in Namibia

One Shy Hornbill

Hornbill in Namibia

Gymnastics in Deadvlei

Handstand in Deadvlei

Camping in Sossusvlei

Camping in Namibia

Sundowners never get old

Sundowner Time at Namashasha

Watching the women weave in the Caprivi Strip


Storm rolling in over the Okavango

At Hakusembe Lodge

Seal Love

Cape Fur Seals

Zebra Crossing

Zebra Crossing

Traditional medicine used by tribal members

Herbal Medicines in Namibia

A herd of elephants in the Chobe River

Elephants Bathing

Lion sleep time in Etosha

Lion in Etosha

Reliving the old ways of living in the Caprivi Strip

Traditional Namibia - Living Museum

The beautiful Secretary bird

Secretary Bird Namibia

The mighty Zambezi

Overhead view from Namushasha Lodge

Mum and pup fight at Cape Cross Seal Colony

Seal Colony in Namibia

Smiling is Contagious

People of Namibia

A dehorned rhino in Etosha

White Rhino Namibia

Dancing and smiling along the Caprivi Strip

Dancing Tribesman in Namibia

The smelliest place on earth

Cape Cross Seal Colony

Sunrise over Sossusvlei

sossuvlei Namibia

Faces of Namibia

People of Namibia

Sundowners over the desert

Sundowner time in Namibia

Gearing up for dinner in the NamibRand Nature Reserve

CAndlelight dinner in Namibia

White Mongoose eyeing us (and our food)

Yellow Mongoose Namibia

A walk through Deadvlei

Deadvlei Namibia Photos

Many tired hippos between Botswana and Namibia

Hippo Party on the Chobe River

Entering the abandoned town of Kolmanskop


Checking into the Canon Roadhouse near Fish River Canyon

Gondwana Fish River Canyon Roadhouse

The mysterious fairy circles in the NamibRand Desert

Fairy Circle in Namib Desert

Inside the abandoned mining town near Luderitz

Kolmanskop Namibia Doorway

Sunrise Views

waking up in Namibia 

A bushwalk through the desert

Following the Bushman through Namibia

Checking into Wolwedans Dune Lodge

In the NamibRand Desert

The iconic Boulders Camp

Boulders Camp Wolwedans

Long dog days in the Kalahari


Wild horse fight in Aus


The surreal orange sand that makes up the Namib Desert

Why Travel Africa Namib Desert

The wild horses of Garub checking out our car

Wild Horses Of Namibia

Sunset at Gondwana’s Canyon Village near Fish River Canyon

Gondwana Fish River Canyon Village Pool

The last of the Namib wild horses

Aus Horses in Namibia

Abandoned houses are always a sight to see

abandoned-houses namibia photography

Desert Dreams

Sunsets over the desert

Book A Safari in Namibia


Traditionally if you wanted to book a safari you’d have to go to a travel agent and have them book your safari for you. They made suggestions for camps and lodges then presented you with a large bill. Most of the industry still operates in this fashion.

However, Timbuktu is a new platform that allows you to select the lodges you’d like and see the pricing per day that way you can select the best itinerary for yourself. They will then contact the lodges and help you through booking your safari. With experts on staff, they can also provide suggestions and arrange the little details much like a travel agent.

Check Out Some Lodges in Namibia


Wolwedans Dune Lodge

Wolwedans Dunes Lodge features ten chalets mostly constructed out of wood instead of canvas tents. Each room opens up to the east, offering incredible views of the sunrise every morning. We slept with the canvas tents rolled up and could gaze at the stars all night. We felt at one with nature while still having an extremely comfortable sleep.

Wolwedans Dunes Lodge has a massive pool attached to the pharmacy (or the “bar”) and continues to spill into one grand lobby area. This is where Cameron and I spent most of our day – basking in the intense Namibian sun surrounded by cool water and a good book.

Chobe Water Villas

Chobe Water Villas sits on the wildlife-filled Chobe River.  It’s also the most modern accommodation we have seen in Africa. Walking into the main area transports you into a varying array of time zones and locations. The interior was decorated in chic white and gray décor and stark shapes.

Exploring the architecture and decoration of the hotel leads to sources of inspiration from around Namibia.  From the skeleton of a whale, to the seasonal rains that bring life.

Gondwana Canyon Village Namibia

Gondwana Canyon Village

The Gondwana Canyon Village was set up in the form of a small village lost in the desert. Turning off the main road you wind 3km down a sandy track before arriving at the main lodge a low stone building with a massive thatched roof.

We arrived early in the day eager to explore the area. After checking in we wasted no time and took advantage of the cloud coverage before the sun was in full swing.

Plan and Pack For Namibia?

things to do in Namibia
Things to do in Crete
Travel Insurance

We don’t travel without travel insurance and neither should you. You never know what can happen in a foreign country and it’s best to be prepared. World Nomads provides good short term coverage

SafetyWing is perfect for digital nomads. See our full review here!

Overland Tour in Africa

Traveling Africa on your own can be daunting to many travelers. However, there is no need to fear with overland tour companies who will show the ropes and a great time. You can check out some of them here to compare the different companies and possibly score a discount.

Grayl Waterbottle
Travel Water Bottle

Plastic pollution is a problem in Africa so it’s best not to contribute to the problem of buying plastic water bottles everywhere. The tap water in Tanzania is generally not safe to drink, but a water purifier, like the Grayl waterbottle, works well!

However, we also love filtered water bottles in areas we’re uncertain of the water supply. Read more about our favorite water bottle for travel in our post.

Travel in Zanzibar
Camera Gear

Chances are you’ll want a camera for your trip to Africa. Our favorite pocket-sized point and shoot camera for quick trips are the Sony RX100V. It takes fantastic photos and video and is the size of your palm. 

For more professional photographs we use our Fuji XT-3, and LOVE IT.

Safari Hat

A good hat is both stylish and functional. In peak dry season there is little to provide shade, UV rays are intense and can easily burn the unsuspecting traveler. Check out our full break down of the best safari hats here!

Safari Bag

great daypack for travel is a solid idea to throw your stuff in for game drives and bush flights. Or you could try out a safari backpack.

Safari Pants

Lightweight pants that are made from synthetic material are tremendous to have in your pack. It’s what we wear most days when traveling around Africa as they’re comfortable, antibacterial, and protect our legs from mosquitos (malaria).

We recommend neutral-colored pants as they’re great at hiding dirt and can match most shirt colors. What’s great is they’re useful beyond Africa as they are a travel staple and we pack a pair everywhere we travel.

Safari Shirt

You’ll want a safari shirt while on safari. They are lightweight and keep the bugs away. Plus they look ideal in photos and blend into the environment around you!

Africa Guidebook
Guide Book

Sometimes it’s nice just to have a real book in your hands when traveling. We recommend picking up a Lonely Planet to get you through the wireless nights. Are you going on safari? We always carry our Robert’s Southern Africa Bird Book and a good mammal guide.

Travel Africa

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