50 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Namibia

Namibia Photography

It’s almost impossible to take a bad photo in Namibia. The country may be sparsely populated, but it packs a whole lot of punch for Namibian photography.  Every day we found ourselves eager to explore a new corner of the country. Whether it was the tantalizing sunsets, the unique and sometimes bizarre wildlife, or the captivating people Namibia never left us bored.

To many Namibia is a land unheard of, but it is rising as the new “hot spot” for international travel. Even with it’s rising popularity one can even find themselves completely isolated in a far off land. We traveled overland in our Land Cruiser and at points felt we were on a foreign planet.

This is our Namibia photography collection of a November spent around Namibia.

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Namibia Photography

Sunset over the Kalahari


Who can make the funniest face?

Funny Faces in Namibian Village

Zebra Party in the Desert

A Dazzle of Zebra

Lonely Namibian Roads


Meet One of the Smiley Namibian Bushmen

Bushman Namibia

Cape Cross Seal Colony

Cape Cross Seal Colony: Namibia Photo

Overlooking the Great Zambezi

Sunsets Namibia Photos

Hyena Bathing in Etosha National Park

Hyena in Etosha

Lesser Flamingos in Walvis Bay

Flamingos WAlvis Bay

Storm Over Etosha National Park

Rainstorm over Etosha

Watching the Mbunza Fish in the Okavango

Traditional Wear in Namibia

One Shy Hornbill

Hornbill in Namibia

Gymnastics in Deadvlei

Handstand in Deadvlei

Camping in Sossusvlei

Camping in Namibia

Sundowners never get old

Sundowner Time at Namashasha

Watching the women weave in the Caprivi Strip


Storm rolling in over the Okavango

At Hakusembe Lodge

Seal Love

Cape Fur Seals

Zebra Crossing

Zebra Crossing

Traditional medicine used by tribal members

Herbal Medicines in Namibia

A herd of elephants in the Chobe River

Elephants Bathing

Lion sleep time in Etosha

Lion in Etosha

Reliving the old ways of living in the Caprivi Strip

Traditional Namibia - Living Museum

The beautiful Secretary bird

Secretary Bird Namibia

The mighty Zambezi

Overhead view from Namushasha Lodge

Mum and pup fight at Cape Cross Seal Colony

Seal Colony in Namibia

Smiling is Contagious

People of Namibia

A dehorned rhino in Etosha

White Rhino Namibia

Dancing and smiling along the Caprivi Strip

Dancing Tribesman in Namibia

The smelliest place on earth

Cape Cross Seal Colony

Sunrise over Sossusvlei

sossuvlei Namibia

Faces of Namibia

People of Namibia

Sundowners over the desert

Sundowner time in Namibia

Gearing up for dinner in the NamibRand Nature Reserve

CAndlelight dinner in Namibia

White Mongoose eyeing us (and our food)

Yellow Mongoose Namibia

A walk through Deadvlei

Deadvlei Namibia Photos

Many tired hippos between Botswana and Namibia

Hippo Party on the Chobe River

Entering the abandoned town of Kolmanskop


Checking into the Canon Roadhouse near Fish River Canyon

Gondwana Fish River Canyon Roadhouse

The mysterious fairy circles in the NamibRand Desert

Fairy Circle in Namib Desert

Inside the abandoned mining town near Luderitz

Kolmanskop Namibia Doorway

Sunrise Views

waking up in Namibia 

A bushwalk through the desert

Following the Bushman through Namibia

Checking into Wolwedans Dune Lodge

In the NamibRand Desert

The iconic Boulders Camp

Boulders Camp Wolwedans

Long dog days in the Kalahari


Wild horse fight in Aus


The surreal orange sand that makes up the Namib Desert

Why Travel Africa Namib Desert

The wild horses of Garub checking out our car

Wild Horses Of Namibia

Sunset at Gondwana’s Canyon Village near Fish River Canyon

Gondwana Fish River Canyon Village Pool

The last of the Namib wild horses

Aus Horses in Namibia

Abandoned houses are always a sight to see

abandoned-houses namibia photography

Desert Dreams

Sunsets over the desert

All photography shot with our DJI Phantom 3 Advanced, Go Pro Hero 4 Silver, Canon 5D, and Fujifilm X-T10. We use these products every day and highly recommend all of them.  They are some of the best travel cameras on the market. 

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