38 Eco-Friendly Products That Are Sustainable & GREEN!

Eco Friendly Home Products

I began looking for eco-friendly products while on the beaches of Greece surrounded by plastic waste. Then we traveled to truly remote destinations like Mozambique and Seychelles; however, the plastic hung around, and I knew the world had to become more familiar with green products. While the touristsf may have remained in Greece, the plastic …

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30 Eco Friendly Travel Tips to Reduce Your Footprint

The heat in Africa

We try our hardest to be more eco-friendly in our travels. As we learn more about our impact on our planet, it’s apparent we face almost certain peril if we fail to address climate change and preserve our natural planet. It’s why we often voice our opinion about more sustainable travel. While in our daily lives, we …

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Airbnb Issues & Problems: UNETHICAL or Cause for Concern?

As we all focus on more sustainable travel, some Airbnb ethical issues and Airbnb concerns have been brought to our attention. Let me preface by saying not all Airbnb rentals are a terrible choice! We’ve had some fantastic experiences over the years, met terrific hosts, and had unforgettable stays. We may even use the platform …

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Too Many Tourists? How We Can Help Beat Overtourism


“I want to inspire you to travel,” almost every blogger over the last ten years has probably written some form of that sentence. However, these days it seems the whole world is traveling so maybe this inspiration is not as relevant as it used to be. Almost every popular destination is dealing with too many tourists …

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29 Ethical Wildlife Tourism Experiences

Linyanti Concession - Botswana

We’re often asked about what ethical wildlife tourism experiences around the world we support. There are so many unethical operations exploiting animals for profit that it can confuse tourists. We never want to see anyone mistakenly end up in questionable wildlife encounters, so we spent some time researching and collecting our favorites. Over the years, …

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The Dark Side of Animal Tourism • 10 Unethical Animal Encounters to Avoid

Elephants in the Crater

In the last two years of our travels, we’ve found ourselves in many places famed for their wildlife like Africa and Asia. The travels on these two continents have been incredible; however, we’ve noticed a reoccurring theme of questionable animals encounters specifically designed for tourists. Recently it was promotions for elephant rides in Thailand, and …

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11 Eco Lodges in Africa That Are Worth the Travel Time

Kafue National Park, Zambia

Ecotourism in Africa is a big business. Each year safari operators, vendors, and lodges assess how they can continue to improve sustainability. It’s likely one of the few industries that value the environment. As the concern over global warming only increases it’s a relief to find an industry that strives to find eco-friendly solutions. Ecotourism …

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Gondwana Eco Camp • Eco-Tourism in South Africa Done Right

Ecotourism at Gondwana Game Reserve

We arrived at the Gondwana Game Reserve, eager and ready for our week at their new tented Gondwana Eco Camp to experience ecotourism in South Africa. We had only done one self-drive safari through Kruger National Park and were more than ready to see more giraffes, buffalo, and (maybe) even the elusive cheetah in South Africa. …

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