How Much Does A Trip To Ireland Cost? (2024)

What does a trip to Ireland cost? In this post, we break down the average costs involved in a trip to the Emerald Isle to help you budget. Ireland is one of the favorite places to travel despite the grim weather because it always delivers a healthy dose of charm.

It’s tough not to love Ireland for its rolling hills of green, forgotten Irish castles, whiskey, craggy coastline, and cozy pubs full of music. We’ve made four separate trips to the country over the last five years and have a pretty good idea of the average costs in Ireland.

That way when you climb the local mountain or book a day trip out to the Cliffs of Moher you know what to expect. For the most part, the country is very affordable as most experiences are centered around exploring the countryside or wandering around towns.

Heck one of the most cultural things to do in Ireland is to drink a Guinness at the local pub while listening to an Irish trad session, which sets you back €5 a pint. It’s one of our favorite places to travel as you get great value in Ireland!

Since all local costs will be in Euros that’s the currency that will use for all prices in this guide to traveling costs in Ireland. However, keep in mind that Northern Ireland is in the United Kingdom and uses the British Pound (GBP).

How Much Does A Trip to Ireland Cost?

Transport in Ireland

The first thing you should look at in your trip to Ireland cost is transport. Transportation around Ireland is affordable and simple to understand. Most visitors will likely use public transportation as it does an effective job of connecting the main cities and towns. Since distances are not vast in Ireland it’s pretty affordable to rely on the public transport system with a combination of buses and trains.

However, the most effective way to travel around Ireland is in a rental car. We suggest a car because it’s a great way to explore the countryside and typically offers good value for transportation costs.

Trains in Ireland

Trip to Ireland Cost

Ireland is a pretty small nation so train travel is limited, but all of the major destinations are connected via a rail line. We’re often surprised by how extensive the rail network is in Ireland. This is a great way to get around Ireland and makes for a pleasant journey as the Irish countryside passes by the train window. Tickets are affordable with the longest journey costing just around €25 one way. You can find all of the destinations by train on Irish Rail’s website here.

Fare Examples
RouteAvg. Price
Dublin > Cork€22 – €26
Dublin > Galway€18 – €22
Galway > Limerick€8
Belfast > Dublin€18 – €20

Rail Pass in Ireland

A great value to consider with the train system is one of the tourist tickets offered by Irish Rail. These tickets provide unlimited travel on the trains during a set amount of time. There are two different options for this ticket the four days of unlimited travel with the Trekker ticket and the Explorer Ticket that provides 5 days of unlimited travel over 15 consecutive days.

The Trekker ticket is great if you want to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. However, the Explorer is a tougher sell since most one-way tickets come out to around €20. To get your value out of the ticket you’ll need multiple long-distance trips in a single travel day.

Please keep in mind these tickets only work in the Republic of Ireland which does not include Northern Ireland if you have plans to visit Belfast. Also, these tickets can only be bought at ticket counters for Irish Rail.

Rail Pass Details
Pass TypeDaysPrice
Trekker4 Days Unlimited€110
Explorer5 Days Unlimited out of 15 Consecutive Days€160


Driving in Ireland

This is one of the most efficient and affordable ways to travel around Ireland with public transport. Ireland has an extensive network of modern buses with WiFi and restrooms that can get you from point Dublin to Dingle and everywhere in between. It’s great to check if a destination or town you’re trying to reach is not serviced by the train system.

The primary bus company is Bus Eireann that operates an extensive network not service by national government buses or trains. Bus Eireann operates several intercity networks too, so they’re prevalent throughout the country. Prices are affordable but operate on a dynamic pricing system so booking tickets in advance, especially in the summer, is the best way to get a deal.

Fare Examples
RouteAvg. Price
Dublin > Galway€15 – €20
Galway > Cork€18 – €20
Belfast > Dublin€10
Cork > Dublin€15

Car Rental

Rental Averages

These are average prices for summer rentals booked three-four months in advance out of Dublin. If you travel in the offseason rates are much lower with averages well under €100 a week!

Car TypeWeekly Rental Price
Economy€60 – €100
Standard€120 – €150
Full Size€150 – €300
Van€350 – €500
Total Cost of Rental Car
Road Trip to Ireland Cost

This is just an average guess of what the total cost of a car rental for a week would cost in summer. It’s based on previous trips in which we have rented a car in Ireland. It’s totally possible to go over or under these estimations.

It’s fairly affordable to drive a vehicle around Ireland as there is not an abundance of tolls roads aside from the highways to and from Dublin. Please note the M50 a ring road around the Dublin city center that requires you to pay online or at a service station.

Fuel on average is around a €1.46 per liter which translates to about €5.51 a gallon. It’s not cheap, but distances are not vast in Ireland so fuel goes a long way between stops. Overall, it’s our preferred method for exploring the countryside but keep in mind countryside roads are extremely narrow and driven on the left side of the road. If you’re not a confident driver it’s best to not rent a car, or you can read our tips on driving in Ireland here.

EstimationAvg. Cost


Aer Lingus Flights Trip to Ireland Cost

Never forget about flights when estimating your trip to Ireland cost. Flights aren’t that practical of a way to get around Ireland and there are only a handful of routes avaialble. The only real advantage would be if you plan to arrive via Dublin, but then want to fly to the region of Ireland you wish to explore like Kerry or Donnegal. These flights are generally aroud €50-€100.

All of this being said! RyanAir is the low-cost carrier of Europe and it is an Irish Airline based out of Dublin. So you have tremendous opportunities for low-cost flights from Dublin to other destinations in Europe.

When you book in advance you can generally get a good price on tickets. Though, one should always be wary of booking budget airlines. You’ll also have to pay for check bags that can often cost as much as the flight at around €30.

Cost of Accommodation

Ireland Cottage Trip to Ireland Cost

It’s important to think about accommodation in your trip to Ireland cost. There is some good value to be had in Ireland for accommodation. However, that occurs outside of the peak summer months of July and August. The summer has a high demand so booking must be done in many months in advance in the most popular destinations to score a deal in a desirable location.

Once you do go for bookings, you can find everything from a cozy bed and breakfast, hostels, standard hotels, lighthouses, resorts, guesthouses, castles, and everything in between. We love traveling Ireland for some of the unique accommodation options!

Trip to Ireland Cost

Accommodation options are largely dominated by small establishments which is the charm of Ireland so don’t expect 5-star resorts or many boutique hotels. That being said there are a few very high-end golf resorts and castle/estate hotels like the Ashford Castle that can deliver a luxurious holiday.

In Dublin due to Ireland’s lucrative tax law that has attracted many multinational corporations, the city sees a lot of business travelers. The business travelers combined with the demand from tourists creates a pretty high priced city year-round. The result is poor value and with no “wow” factor sights or things to do in Dublin, we’d rather spend our time outside of the city. That being said it is a pleasant city where you can definitely spend a few enjoyable few days.

Ireland is very popular in the summer months so to get the best value book in advance or travel in the shoulder season. This also means that in very popular destinations like Galway or Kerry prices can like Dublin be fairly high.

One of our favorite things in Ireland is to book with Airbnb. The platform hosts some really unique accommodation options if you do some searching. You can book things like windmills, crafter cottages, lighthouses, treehouses, converted wagons, or barns. Due to the extensive range prices vary greatly from €30 – €200 a night. For the most part, you can find a great deal!

Hotel Averages
StyleAvg. Price
Hostel€20 – €30
Budget Hotel€50 – €80
Airbnb€30 – €150
Mid Range €80 – €150
Guesthouse€50 – €100
Luxury€200 – €1,000+

Food Cost in Ireland

Dining Trip to Ireland Cost

We love eating in Ireland, it’s certainly not a foodie scene like France or Italy. Ireland does have some great comfort food and beautiful local products like farm-fresh vegetables, cheese, and meat. Since most of the dining comes from low key restaurants and pubs expect to pay anywhere from €10 – €30 for a meal. When you add a tasty pint of beer for €5 dining in Ireland is pretty affordable.

Irish food similar to English food has a bit of a bad rap, but the foodie scene is alive and well. There are a number of Michelin star restaurants and fine dining establishments that uplift Irish ingredients to a tremendous degree. We got to hang out with the chef of Anair in Galway where he shared they our strict in adherence to Irish ingredients to the point where no chocolate or even pepper can be found in their food! For fine dining in Ireland expect to pay €75 – €150 a person.

While the grocery stores in Ireland are of some of the best we’ve ever gotten in the world for quality, experience, and price. If you’re backpacking, on a budget, or a family don’t fret too much if you have access to a kitchen as you’ll be able to cook affordable meals. We’ve spent a week relaxing along the coast in a cottage and spent less than €100 for a week of food and two people. A real budget saver when determining what a trip to Ireland costs.


The great part about many guesthouses, hotels, and B&Bs in Ireland is they include breakfast for free. The standard Irish breakfast includes things like eggs, salmon, toast, mushrooms, sausage, tomato, and beans. If your lodging doesn’t include breakfast expect to pay around €10 for breakfast.


This varies a lot because a simple sandwich from the local grocery store or a packed lunch can be had for a couple of euros. However, if you’re having a meal out the pricing is about the same as dinner so expect to pay €10 to €20.

Daily Food Costs
Price PointCost
Budget€10 – €20
Average€30 – €50
High End€80 – €125

Cost of Activities in Ireland

Irish Countryside

Activities in Ireland, for the most part, are reasonably priced. However, it all depends on when and where. One of the best things to do in Ireland is to simply explore. Free activities can mean hiking in Ireland, music in a local pub, walking around Galway, exploring forgotten Irish castles or relaxing on a craggy beach.

Ireland has been catering to visitors for years now and there are lots of great tours and activities to enjoy in Ireland. Things like bike tours, kayak tours, star gazing, cultural experiences, or distillery tours. Generally, prices range from about €15 up to €100. There are also lots of day trips and tours to spots like the Cliffs of Moher or Giant’s Causeway.

Entry into major sites like many of the Castles in Ireland, the cliffs of Moher, or Giants Causeway cost anywhere from €5 to €15. Of course, you can book these as day trip tours and not worry about the individual prices as it’s included in the tour, but those trips generally cost €50+.

Of course, activities are really broad and prices vary greatly! For example, if you’re coming to Ireland to golf obviously you’ll have to pay a number of green fees. The most famous courses cost around €200 to €300 to tee off, but there are a number of public courses for around €30 around Ireland. Ireland also has some amazing diving, but again expect high costs on specialty activities like diving.

Popular Activities/Tours in Ireland
Cliffs of Moher Tour€55
Game of Thrones Tour€65
Ballybunion Green Fee (Old Course)€300
Dublin Music Pub Crawl€16
Coastal Kayaking€90
Dublin Dark Side Tour€12

Miscellaneous Expenses in Ireland

Flight to Ireland

Like with most travel, your flight to Ireland will be your number one expense. It’s best to book in advance if you know your travel dates. If you have flexibility with your schedule you stand a greater chance at scoring a deal. We like to use Google Flights and Skyscanner’s open search feature to find good deals to Ireland. This can drastically determine what a trip to Ireland costs.

Luggage for Ireland

You’ll need to decide if you want a backpack or suitcase for your Ireland trip. I personally like to travel with a hard shell suitcase for my clothes and use a carry-on backpack for my important electronics. See a few of our posts here for recommendations:


Get Travel Insurance

Protect yourself from theft, injury, illness, or the unexpected. Heymondo has great short-term travel insurance plans! (World Pursuit Readers get 5% off!)

How Much Does a Trip to Ireland Cost?

how much does a trip to Ireland cost

So how much spending money per day should you have in Ireland? Asides from the pre-trip expenses like airfare, luggage, and any Ireland packing list items you’ll want to buy I believe you can get by in Ireland for under €50 a day.

That’s if you’re staying in cheap accommodation, not drinking much alcohol, cooking your meals and eating paninis, and not partaking in costly activities. If you want to travel on a more modest and comfortable budget I would plan on spending €100 per day.

Total Two Week Trip to Ireland Cost (pp)
Backpacker€500 – €700
Basic€800 – 1,500
Mid Range€1,500 – 2,500
High End€3,000 – 6,000

How to Save Money on Your Trip to Ireland Costs

Two Currencies

Keep in mind that Ireland is actually two countries! The Republic of Ireland which takes up the majority of the island of Ireland and Northern Ireland part of the United Kingdom occupies the Northeast. The Republic of Ireland uses the Euro (€) and the United Kingdom uses the British Pound (£). You can learn more about travel in Ireland here.

Cook Your Own Food

If your accommodation has a kitchen then it’s best to make use of it. We save money this way when traveling around Ireland. Grocery stores in Ireland are amazing and well-stocked, and one can easily cook an amazing meal with delicious Italian red wine for cheap.

The grocery store provides great value especially on Italian food like pasta, prosciutto, and grapes. Don’t worry about eating local either as they’re often stocked with tons of beautiful Italians products; most Italians eat at home anyways!

Drink Tap Water

The tap water in Ireland is perfectly fine to drink, so best not to waste money or plastic on one-time use water bottles. Get yourself a travel water bottle and keep refilling it!

Travel During the Offseason

In my opinion, traveling in Ireland particularly shrines in the offseason. I don’t like crowds or high prices and that’s why I love traveling between September and May. We highlight the best time to visit Ireland in this post.

Ireland Travel Planning Resources

  • Packing Guide — Check out our Ireland Packing List to help pack your bags and ensure you don’t leave anything at home.
  • Rent a Car — We suggest most visitors consider renting a car for the best trip possible. Try Discover Car Hire to compare quotes from different rental agencies. Check the Price Here!
  • Protect Your Trip — We don’t travel without travel insurance, and neither should you. You never know what can happen while traveling, so it’s best to be prepared. HeyMondo provides excellent short-term and long-term travel insurance plans. 
  • Tours in Ireland — Check out our list of the best tours you can enjoy in Ireland!
  • Travel Adapter – Make sure you find a suitable adapter to keep your electronics charged. Otherwise, you may be paying for a cheap one once you land. Purchase one here.
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