What To Pack For Ireland • The Perfect Ireland Packing List

Are you wondering what to wear in Ireland? The Emerald Isle has drawn many tourists from all over the world to its shores for decades. Perhaps it is the ancestral pasts of so many American’s that draw people to Ireland. Or it could merely be the friendly locals who create such a welcoming atmosphere in a stunning country rich in heritage.

For many visitors to Ireland, it’s their first trip abroad. Ireland is idealistic and full of rolling green hills, castles, dramatic coastlines, and plenty of sheep. It’s a small country well known for being easy to travel and filled with warm locals. It’s safe and comfortable to visit, so it’s only natural that visitors may wonder what to pack for Ireland on their first trip.

The small island nation cast in the Atlantic is known for inclement weather. How else can you explain why the countryside is so green and lush? It also makes it difficult to determine what should go in the luggage and what should stay at home.

Don’t let any poor weather deter you though; there’s no bad weather in Ireland, just the wrong clothes. We’re here to help you out with what to wear in Ireland with our packing list.

What Should You Pack for Ireland?

Galway Harbor

There are several staple items that I would recommend everyone bring for their trip to Ireland. The island is well known for being wet so the weather will play a significant role in what you throw in your backpack or suitcase. The vast majority of Ireland is very down to earth, and simple wardrobe choices will feel right at home. There is always the odd exception like a night out to the Abbey Theatre in Dublin or an excellent meal in Galway.

We spend the majority of our time in Ireland wearing a sweater, jeans, and a pair of boots. Most travelers, ourselves included, will spend their time outside exploring Ireland’s countryside. It’s filled with old walking paths, castles, sheep, and quaint towns; it’s the perfect place to lose yourself.

Ireland is a beautiful place to spend your days, and it’s a place that has grown on us with every trip. Truth be told our first trip left us uninspired since then we’ve returned twice and each time fell more in love with Emerald Isle.

In this post, we’ll share with you some packing suggestions and what to wear in Ireland. You’ll have some pictures for outfit inspirations and recommendations to some of our favorite travel products. In the end, you should be able to build your packing list for Ireland. Then finally we’ll share some of our favorite tips for traveling in Ireland.

What to Wear in Ireland?

What to Pack for Ireland: Essential Items

Wool Sweater

Italy Packing List - Wool Sweater

If there is one article of clothing made for travel in Ireland, it’s the wool sweater. Sweaters can make a great travel outfit staple. They’re comfortable, stylish, and warm. It doesn’t matter the season either as most of Ireland is temperate and remains fresh year round. You can expect comfortable day time temperatures and chilly evenings in the summer.

I have several sweaters, but my favorites are from organic materials like wool or Alpaca. It’s even become my favorite travel souvenir, and I treasure my Scottish wool and Peruvian Alpaca sweaters. Ever since then, we’ve been living out of them in the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Ireland.

Ireland has some terrific wool and sweater producers, but it may take a bit of digging. In recent years we’ve found that the majority of tourist shops often sell cheap Chinese versions. Of course, you can still find a great sweater at home. I love this recycled one from Patagonia, one of our favorite outdoor brands.

T-Shirt or V Neck

best hiking shirt for men

A classic tee will never go out of style. We suggest sticking with solid colors like black, white, or grey. There’s also the option of a v neck for a more stylish look, but it all depends on personal preference.

A simple base layer like a t-shirt, v neck, or even a thermal is perfect to keep you warm and comfortable. Hiking on a sunny day in the countryside can be quite warm and we found ourselves shedding layers often.

Keep it simple when it comes to tees. No one needs a fancy designer tee as a base layer. Cameron prefers the grey as it’s super easy to stain the white ones. T-shirts are cheap, and we like to order a new pack before each trip as old shirts look slobbish.

Flannel Shirt

Flannel - Europe Packing List

Flannel shirts are fabulous mid layers for both men and women. They provide warmth and go well with vests. Most of Ireland is a very relaxed place and with a flannel or sweater, you’ll right at home sipping a Guinness in the local pub.


Patagonia Thermal - What to Pack for Europe

Underlayers are the closest layer to your body and maintain your body heat. When we reference thermals, this includes long sleeved thermals and underwear. I always wear quality baselayers when active in cold temperatures. It is a wee bit chilly in Ireland from about late September to April and thermals will undoubtedly help with your layering.

We’ve tried a few different brands but recently settled on Kora as our favorite pair of thermals. It may be best for us as we need something technical when we snowboard or climb mountains to wick away moisture from our bodies. Kora makes high-performance technical clothing out of quality Yak Wool from the Himalayas — warning they are high priced.

For base layers we recommend they fit snug are made from a non cotton material like nylon or wool. We’ve had a lot of baselayer, but our favorites are wool based layers from Helly Hansen, Smartwool, Black Diamond, and the yak wool from Kora.


A scarf is a travel staple and a great wardrobe choice for both women and men traveling in Ireland. They act as an accessory to your outfit, and they’re super comfortable giving you an added layer of warmth. Ireland is known for its windy days, so the scarf is terrific at protecting your neck.

Scarves are especially fabulous for travelers: They can spice up an outfit that you’ve already worn three days in a row and can be thrown into a bag or purse to pull out when the sun sets, and the weather gets chilly.

Rain Jacket

Arc’teryx Zeta SL Best Packable Rain Jacket

Right after you pack your wool sweater reach for a rain jacket, if we were taking bets we’d make a wager you’ll see some rain during your trip to Ireland, it doesn’t get that green without plenty of rain.

You’re going to need an Irish raincoat or jacket. No matter the season a rain jacket is always essential for traveling to Europe (and the rest of the world). We both have rain jackets made by Kathmandu and Patagonia. They are lightweight, durable, packable, waterproof, and windproof. Any rain jacket will do, but the top dollar ones will hold up and help in inclement weather.

Down Jacket

Patagonia Packable Down Jacket

There are only a few travel items I recommend everyone has and one of them is the down jacket. A down jacket is one of those staples and it’s tremendously versatile. We always recommend you always bring a great packable down jacket on just about any extended trip. With a destination like Ireland, it’s a great way to keep warm without eating up too much space in your luggage.

A Pair of Jeans

hawaii packing list

Jeans go with anything, and despite the notion, they are “American” casual the right pair is attractive. I see jeans everywhere I travel as well, and it’s definitely not just Americans wearing them. You’ll find plenty of Irish in well-cut jeans, but nothing baggy or ripped.

Hiking Pants

Africa Packing List - Pants

Technical pants like these are water resistant and dry quickly, not to mention they’re comfortable on long walks. Traditionally these pants were pretty ugly, but now times are changing, and pants are looking similar to chinos or khakis. If you plan to spend some time outside in the Irish countryside, I would suggest adding these to your Irish attire.

For women, Tasha likes a pair of hiking pants made by prAna that roll into capris. For men, prAna makes the Stretch Zion Pant, a tremendous pair of hiking pants for a reasonable price. Here are some other great travel pants for an international trip.


If you’re spending time in Dublin, I’d suggest you have some clothes that are appropriate for city exploring. A pair of chinos works on both sexes. It’s a classic look that when combined with a sweater that works well in Ireland. I always pack a couple of these pants in my bag!

Men should opt for more neutral colors like grey, blue, brown, or green, but you can break the trend with a deep red, white, or even pink. Women can never go wrong with white, yellow, beige, or light pastel colors.


All Birds Wool Runners Best Womens Travel Shoes

Hitting the sidewalk and letting the city or Irish town unfurl around you is one of the best ways to get familiar with a new destination. A comfortable pair of shoes for both men and women are essential when packing your bag for Ireland. However, I wouldn’t recommend packing those terrible clunky hiking shoes or athletic shoes, many tourists like to bring.

Europeans are not opposed to sneakers just trainers outside of the gym, so opting for a pair of casual sneakers is excellent. If you’re shopping for a new pair of travel shoes, likely, you’ve already come across Allbirds on the internet. They’ve billed themselves as the most comfortable shoes in the world, made to fight odor, be worn without socks, and generally handle the demands of travel exceptionally. Those are all some tall claims that all hold up to be true. Considering most of Ireland’s towns and cities are made to be walked around be prepared to spend a lot of time in them.

Leather Boots

These are great all year round as you can never go wrong with a pair of leather boots. Women can wear them with chinos and a blouse while men can pair them with just about anything from jeans, chinos, and even a suit.

It’s wet in Ireland, and you can expect a lot of boggy weather, so packing a pair of functional hiking boots for hikes is crucial for protecting your feet. Locals like to wear “Wellies” or Wellington Boots which are big rubber boots. We were happy in a decent pair of boots because we stayed off farms and bogs.

I’m a leather boot fiend and love a classic boot. If you’re looking for the best boots for Ireland check out an affordable option like Clark’s or Timberland for leather boots. However, if you want quality and boots to last a lifetime check out Chippewa, Danner, or Red Wings boots all manufactured by hand in the United States.

Wool Socks

Wool Socks - Morocco Packing List

We’ve learned to love our feet with a good pair of socks. You will want to keep your feet nice and dry while you walk around. Most importantly, wool socks stay fresh for several days as they have natural antimicrobial properties.

We travel with a couple of pairs of the Darn Tough Merino socks, and our feet have never felt cold or wet. As a bonus, they’re produced in Vermont!


best hiking sunglasses

Despite preconceived notions, Ireland does occasionally have sunny days. It’s crucial if you’re driving to in Ireland to have a pair of sunglasses. There are a lot of options for sunglasses, and everyone should own at least one pair. It’s best to make sure they do have UV protection for the health of your eyes.

We made our first investment in quality polarized sunglasses with a pair of SMITH Optics Lowdown 2. Truthfully, not everyone needs to invest $150 in a couple of sunglasses; however, we love ours and will never repurchase cheap ones. Of course, there are always more affordable options!


You’ll need something to stash your photography gear, hand sanitizers, papers, phones, and anything else that you need for a full day out when traveling. Saddleback Leather makes some of the best quality backpacks – hands down and fantastic for Ireland. They aren’t cheap by any means, but they are quality.

Saddleback Leather even ensures its products with a 100-year warranty. They only use sturdy materials on their bags, including full grain leather, pigskin lining, and marine grade polyester thread.

Travel Towel

Nomadix Travel Towel

We always recommend bringing a travel towel when you’re on the road, Ireland is no exception. If you plan on staying in hostels or more budget accommodation you’ll often need your towel, consider a towel an essential for your Ireland packing list.

The biggest complaint about travel towels is that they often feel nothing like the plush cotton towels at home and in hotels. However, with the PackTowl, you can forget about all of that because they set out to create a towel that mimics its cotton counterparts with the technical features of a travel towel.

Enjoying the Galway Oyster Festival
Enjoying the Galway Oyster Festival

Ireland Packing List for Women


If you want a stylish look that will keep you warm, I’d suggest picking up a peacoat. A peacoat is excellent for providing warmth and looking great. While we love our down jackets for their warmth and convenience, they aren’t the best looking things in the world, and you’d look pretty silly wearing one with a dress or suit.

Long Sleeve Cardigan

A cardigan is one of my favorite items to wear in Ireland. A cardigan has a great relaxed style and look plus it keeps you warm. They’re also light enough to eat up minimal room in the suitcase. I pack one during any season in Ireland as you can wear it with a coat in winter, and it’s rarely too warm in the summer.


While Ireland is casual people are still presentable in public. You’ll see most women will wear a nice dress shirt, blouse, or sweater on colder days. Should you get the rare warm summer day, they’ll bust out the summer dress.

Most women should shy away from graphic tees or short sleeve shirts instead use a light blouse for the day to day. It’s a perfect item to wear in the summer as the right blouse is super cool and comfortable.


Rompers are probably one of my favorite travel outfits because they’re stylish, comfortable, and practical. You really can’t go wrong here, and I’d suggest throwing at least one or two rompers in your suitcase for Ireland. They’re great for a night out on the town in Dublin and surprisingly great for Irish attire.


Make sure to pack a nice dress for nights out. It’s a travel staple and takes up almost no room in your suitcase.

Black Flats

A pair of black flats is always great to have in a suitcase. They’re stylish comfortable, and they take up minimal space in your luggage. My tip, stay away from heels, many European towns have cobblestone streets and you don’t want to break an ankle trying to look good. Just let the locals impress you with their skills of walking in heels.

Sports Bras

I absolutely love Handful’s leggings and their sports bras are no different. They fit incredibly well and have removable pads, can be worn multiple ways, and are smooth, non-chafing, and quick drying. Seriously, they are the best sports bras I’ve ever owned!

Planning a trip to Iceland

Men’s Ireland Packing List

Dress Shirt

Dress Shirt - Italy Packing List

I’d look pretty ridiculous wearing a T-shirt or a flannel out to a nice meal in Dublin. Men should pack at least one or two dress shirts for a trip to Ireland. I like to stick with a classic color like blue or white that will never go out of style. If not in a casual sweater I find most Irish men can be found in a beautiful dress shirt often with a tie after work it’s a classic look with the cuffs rolled up.

I recently ordered a new selection of shirts and ties from the Tie Bar, and so far, I’ve loved my clothes. All stylish, excellent quality, and affordable. Plus their online website makes it easy to order a new wardrobe with suggestions for what matches and inspirations for outfits.


A henley is a great clothing choice for Ireland. It’s lightweight yet provides some warmth from the wind and it’s more appropriate than a long sleeve graphic shirt or technical clothing.

Technical Shirt

best hiking shirt for men

A technical long sleeve shirt looks great and is typically well constructed. You should look for a beautiful blend of synthetic materials that allow for quick drying. A long sleeve shirt like this allows for greater comfort moving from chilly mornings into warm days. It’s a great travel shirt as it avoids wrinkles, resists stains, and looks better than a relaxed tee.


It’s a great shoe to have in the summer as the right pair can you can wear with a low cut sock that shows ankle for a more relaxed look. It’s perfect for a night out while you listen to live music or you can go with those leather boots I love.


What To Pack Italy - Suit

You won’t look out of place in Dublin with a suit and for that matter the greater Europe. Whether standing at a cafe bar, sipping cocktails in Copenhagen, or sitting down for a fantastic meal in Dublin, or catching a show at the Paris Opera, there is no denying it’s best in a suit. Check out these options from Perry Ellis. Okay, this one isn’t for everyone!

Irish Countryside

Electronics To Pack For Ireland

Travel Adaptor

You will need an adaptor for your electronics on your packing list for Ireland. We always keep one handy in our carry-on bags; that way we can charge electronics on arrival or at the airport.

You’ll need the British “Type G” three prong adaptor for the United Kingdom. However, most of Europe uses the Type C, F, and E adaptor. Check out the one I have, which is good for all of Europe.


A high-quality camera is an important packing item for Ireland if you want some great shots while on your vacation We travel with a bunch of cameras, but the one we universally recommend is the RX 100.

They make several models at different price points, but it’s a simple to use point-and-shoot camera that anyone can operate. It also takes superb images with a 20mp resolution and full manual controls.

Kindle Paperwhite

While I love having a perfect book when I sometimes travel, it’s just not practical because of the weight. I’ve recently switched to a Kindle Paperwhite which is small and compact, plus it has a backlight for reading at night without a harsh glare.

 Portable Charger

I love traveling with a power bank to make sure my phone never dies. The majority of the time I don’t need to use it on long flights as some of the nicer airlines provide entertainment systems with USB ports! We also make sure to find a charging point during layovers, but getting to a new city without your hotel reservations and map can be a major pain in the ass.

Galway, Ireland

Ireland Packing List Accessories

Ireland Guidebook

We spend enough time attached to our phones in everyday life and planning our trips. Once we reach a destination like Ireland, we put the phone away and pick up a guidebook to help with our trip.

Travel Pillow

We’ve suffered through enough red-eye flights never to forget to pack a travel pillow for international flights. My favorite travel pillow is the Cabeau Evolution Pillow, but we break down more of our favorite travel pillows here.

Packing Cubes

best packing cubes

Packing cubes are great for any backpack or suitcase. They keep all of your clothes and toiletries organized. I’ve had these Eagle Creek cubes for three years now and think they were worth the investment to stay organized and create space in my luggage.

Passport Holder

For the women, I suggest traveling with a anti-theft purse that is black and stylish to hold belongings. Cameron has an excellent passport wallet that holds his passport and credit cards, so he never leaves it anywhere.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

It’s always a good idea to keep your toiletries organized and separated from your clothes. So we love always travel with a toilety bag; however, Greek bathrooms can be cramped and small. If you are limited on counter space a great option is to buy a hanging toiletry bag. This style of bag tends to a have better organization system with a variety of sections for storage than the traditional option.

You Need This To Travel in Ireland!

Travel Insurance

Planning a trip to Ireland

We never travel without travel insurance with World Nomads.  Natasha is a bit of a worry wart and would rather stay safe than sorry. World Nomads offers incredible flexible and great plans!

You never know if the worse could happen while you’re abroad, and often your insurance plan at home will not cover medical emergencies abroad. Having the peace of mind that we have a good backup plan helps us sleep at night.

What Not to Wear in Ireland?

Festivals in Ireland

Fanny Pack

This shouldn’t need to be said, but please do not wear a fanny pack it’s 2019.

Skimpy Clothing

Although Ireland is rapidly changing to be one of the most progressive countries in the world, it still has its Catholic roots, Irish Catholicism is still very much abundant in the country, and people generally dress conservatively, we’d suggest doing the same.

Athletic Wear

We touched on this earlier, but athletic clothes are meant for the gym or being active. Walking around in a pair of athletic shorts, tank top, or running shoes is frowned upon by most Irish. Don’t get me wrong, you can wear what you want when it’s hot out, but it’s an easy target for being a tourist.


For the most part, you’ll find shorts on very few Irish, as in almost none. That being said attitudes are changing and with global warming I’m sure they’ll warm up to the idea, pun intended.

White Athletic Socks

Europeans do not wear white socks. Try to wear patterns, black socks, or to match your socks to your pants.

What’s the Weather Like in Ireland?

Ireland Travel Tips

What to wear in Ireland during the spring?

The springtime can be one of the best seasons to visit Ireland as temperatures are mild and range from 7°C (45°F) to 13 °C (55°F). It’s a good time to catch some sun, but showers are still frequent. As always you don’t want to be caught without a rain jacket.

What to wear in Ireland during the summer?

As should be expected this is the warmest time of year in Ireland. You can expect long summer days as Ireland. Temperatures range on average from 12°C (54°F) to 19°C (66 °F). It’s always a good idea to have some warm weather clothing for outdoor activities during this time.

What to wear in Ireland during the fall?

Autumn weather is probably the most varied time of year in Ireland and can go from mild and sunny to cold and rainy in a matter of hours. On average temperatures range from 8°C (46°F) to 14°C (57°F).

What to wear in Ireland during the winter?

Ireland’s weather doesn’t vary all that much since the Atlantic surrounds it. In the winter time, the average temperature high floats around 5°C (41°F) just above freezing. Snow does fall, but it’s mild in most of the low-lying areas of Ireland.

Quick Ireland Tips

Cliffs of Moher Ireland
  • ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank You’ in Gaelic: “Dia dhuit” and “Go raibh maith agat”
  • Currency: Euro – (EUR) – €
  • Visa: The Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland are separate countries on the island of Ireland. The Republic of Ireland known as ‘Ireland’ grants 90-day visas. Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom also grants 90 days.
  • Weather: Expect lots of weather! Ireland is known for having rapid shifts in and lots of rain – it’s only the only reason a country like Ireland remains so green and fertile. See our full packing list here.
  • When is the best time to visit Ireland? Ireland is a fantastic country to visit year round. Though you’ll find crowds during the summer. My favorite time to visit Ireland is in September when the weather is cool and the crowds are low. Plus it’s when the famous Galway Oyster Festival happens!

A Few Tips For Your Ireland Trip

When is the Best Time to Visit Ireland?

In my opinion, the best times to visit Ireland are April, May, and September – but it all depends on what you want! June-August is high season, but it is also summer in Ireland, and the cities are buzzing with locals and tourists alike. It’s also the best chance for sunny weather in Ireland.

However, my favorite time to travel to Ireland is during the fall months. It’s during September when you get the last of summer and beautiful products in the season the cherry on top is that tourism is slowing down.

How much does a pint cost?

If you have traveled to Ireland, you are probably going to want to get at least one pint of Guinness in the pub. A pint of Guinness should cost no more than €5, and if it does, you are more than likely in a tourist pub that is ripping you off.

We do, however, recommend visiting the Guinness Store House. At €17 a ticket it may be the most expensive Guinness you’ll ever pay for, but the whole experience and tour is well worth it when you are visiting Dublin. You can pick up priority access tickets here and skip the line!

Chase your family ancestry!

I think we were asked at least ten times what we made us plan a trip to Ireland. Were we chasing our ancestry? Did we have relatives in Ireland? Do we have Irish blood? Truth is we just came for the beautiful countryside, history, and friendly locals.  (And I really love PS I Love You).

So, we always had to tell our new friends that we weren’t Irish and neither of us had Irish ancestors – at least not that we knew. The reason we were asked so much is that there are a lot of tourists in Ireland – specifically a lot of American tourists like us who are tracking down their ancestors.

Between 1820 and 1930, 4.5 million Irish immigrated to America. At one point they made up over 1/3 of the immigrants in the country. So, that means there are a lot of Irish Americans floating around today, and many of them want to chase their heritage!

You don’t NEED a car

I’ve traveled to Ireland twice now. The first time I was backpacking Europe and took public buses everywhere. The bus and train system in Ireland is efficient, affordable, and reliable, with most of the transport options featuring free WiFi. On our most recent trip, we rented a car to get around the island, which is also affordable and reliable.

Having a car is always the more comfortable and more convenient option, but if you are just one person, the cost of the rental and fuel may break your budget. I would suggest checking Ireland’s bus timetables to make sure you can get where you want to go by public transport. If you are a group of two or more, consider renting a car.

Just note that in both Ireland and Northern Ireland drivers drive on the left side of the road and you should know how to drive a manual car as automatics are expensive.

Speed limits are in kilometers per hour in Ireland and miles per hour in Northern Ireland – confusing.  We were able to get a car from Dublin airport for two weeks for €150, and we paid €1.20/liter for fuel. You can drive the vehicle in and out of Northern Ireland as much as you like without border checks.

Protect Your Valuables

Ireland is incredibly safe, and we’ve never had even hint of insecurity in all our time while traveling around Ireland. Dublin is an incredibly popular tourist hub in Europe, and those hubs often attract pickpockets. These thieves like to operate in busy environments and crowds, so they have an excuse to be in close contact.

To protect your valuables, we recommend wearing clothes that help protect your items. When walking around cities, it’s a habit of mine to wear jeans with the wallet in my front pocket. It makes it incredibly difficult for a pickpocket to attempt. Then when wearing a jacket, I always store my phone and valuables in the inner breast pocket, ideally one with a zipper.

When it comes to theft while traveling, it’s all about minimizing opportunity — more than likely you’ll never experience any problems.

What To Wear in Ireland Summary

The World Pursuit

It’s best not to forget things like medications, toiletries, and any other personal items that you yourself might need when you travel. However, this is a general Ireland packing list for all to go off of.

Remember that Ireland isn’t the end of the world, and if you forget something it’s likely you’ll be able to find it when you get there.

Enjoy your trip! Sláinte! 

Travel in Ireland

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