How Much Does A Trip To Scotland Cost?

What does a trip to Scotland cost? This post breaks down the average costs of a trip to Scotland to help you budget. Scotland is one of our favorite places to travel despite the grim weather most of the year. Thanks to its spectacular natural landscapes, rich history, proud culture, and welcoming locals.

Seriously, the Scottish are some of the most welcoming, colorful, and proud people we have come across in our travels. The Scots have us continuing to want to return to Scotland even after multiple trips.

You’re bound to have a fantastic trip to Scotland — just try to avoid the midges in the summer. Travel costs in Scotland fluctuate, and it’s possible to have an affordable trip to Scotland. Let’s get into how much a trip to Scotland costs.

What’s a Trip to Scotland Cost?

Transport in Scotland

What Does a Trip to Scotland Cost?

It’s pretty straight forward to get around Scotland. You have a nice network of public transportation options including a fairly extensive train line that is well connected with local buses. The public transport options for that matter are also pretty affordable with train lines rarely costing more than £20.

However, the most effective way to travel around Scotland is in a rental car. We suggest a car because it’s a great way to explore the highlands and typically offers good value for transportation costs, especially if you are more than one person splitting the car cost. You’ll also have the advantage of making use of more affordable accommodation options like Airbnb or less desirable locations.

Trains in Scotland

Scotland Train Cost To Travel Scotland

Scotrail makes it pretty easy to travel around Scotland, connecting most major towns and cities. You can use the stops along with the rail network as hubs to then reach any small town with a bus. It excludes the Northwest, one of Scotland’s most wild and most beautiful regions to explore. It is possible to take buses as train travel is more expensive than the bus network, but it’s usually more comfortable.

For many, the trains may actually be a highlight as Scotland is home to several world-famous scenic rail journeys. The most notable train journey is The Jacobite train on the Glenfinnan Viaduct made famous in the Harry Potter film series.

ScotRail’s network connects with the rest of Great Britain so it’s even possible to catch a train from Edinburgh to London. Tickets are reasonable with the longest journey on a standard fare costing around £30 one way. You can find all of the destinations by train on ScotRail’s website here. Please keep in mind these are all tickets that are booked in advance if you buy tickets the day of you’ll likely find much higher prices.

Fare Examples
RouteAvg. Price
Edinburgh > Glasgow£10 – £15
London > Edinburgh£35 – £60
Glasgow > Fort Wiliam£10 – £30
Stirling > Inverness£12 – £30

Scenic Rail Journeys in Scotland

Trip To Scotland Cost Rail Line

There are several scenic rail journeys in Scotland where you can watch the beauty of the countryside pass by. Travel across imposing mountains and bogs, deep lakes, and wild coastline. Six scenic train lines are well-loved for the landscapes they transport passengers across.

Fare Examples
RouteAvg. Price
West Highland Line (Return)£60 – £80
Kyle Line (Return)£25 – £40
Far North Line (Return)£30 – £40
Borders Railway (Return)£15 – £20

Rail Pass in Scotland

Train tickets can really start to add to the cost of a trip to Scotland. If you plan to make the most of the train travel in Scotland, leave some flexibility in your schedule as you can hop on trains at the last minute. There are several options for different passes, but the Spirit of Scotland pass is the most extensive.

Rail Pass Details
Travel DaysPeriod of TimePrice
4 Days of Unlimited Travel8 Consecutive Days£149
8 Days of Unlimited Travel15 Consecutive Days£189

Car Rental

Driving on the NC500

While the UK has one of the densest rail networks anywhere in the world, we think there’s no better way to explore Scotland than by road. This is especially true if you’re planning on heading to those parts of the country – including its many island groups, the Scottish Highlands, and the North Coast 500 route – that the railways simply don’t reach.

And while organized tours certainly have their place, we love the freedom and opportunities that self-drives offer. Rental car

Rental Averages

These are average prices for summer rentals booked three-four months in advance out of Edinburgh. If you travel in the offseason, rates are much lower, with averages well under £100 a week. The real problem is in the summer as car rentals can become scarce if not booked well enough in advance. Do yourself a favor and book your rental car as soon as you have your trip in mind, you can always cancel later. We like to compare rental car prices on Discover Car Hire.

Car TypeWeekly Rental Price
Standard£100 – £180
Full Size£200 – £300
Van£200 – £500

Total Cost of Rental Car

This is just an average guess of what the total cost of a car rental for a week would cost in summer. It’s based on previous trips in which we have rented a car in Scotland. It’s totally possible to go over or under these estimations.

Fuel on average is around £1.30- £1.80 per liter. It’s not cheap, but distances are not vast in Scotland so fuel goes a long way between stops.

Overall, it’s our preferred method for exploring the countryside but keep in mind countryside roads are extremely narrow and driven on the left side of the road. If you’re not a confident driver, it’s best to not rent a car, or you can read our tips on driving in Scotland here.

EstimationAvg. Cost
Low£170 – £250
Median£250 – £400
High£400 – £600


Orkney Island

Flights aren’t that practical of a way to get around Scotland and there are only a handful of routes avaialble. The only real advantage would be if you plan to explore the outer isles like the Orkney Isles or the Outer Hedbrides.

When you book in advance you can generally get a good price on tickets. Though, one should always be wary of booking budget airlines and traveling with bags. You’ll also have to pay for check bags that can often cost as much as the flight at around £100.

Cost of Accommodation in Scotland

Invervshin Hotel

When figuring out what a trip to Scotland costs you must factor in your tup of accommodation. There is some good value to be had in Scotland for accommodation. However, that occurs outside of the peak summer months of July and August. The summer has a high demand so booking must be done in many months in advance in the most popular destinations to score a deal in a desirable location.

Once you go for bookings, you can find everything from a cozy bed and breakfast to hostels, standard hotels, lighthouses, resorts, guesthouses, castles, and everything in between. We love traveling Scotland for some of the unique accommodation options! This is where sites like Airbnb come in handy. (Read our tips on Airbnb)

North Coast 500 Accommodation
Our accommodation in John O Groats

Accommodation options are largely dominated by small establishments, which is the charm of Scotland so don’t expect 5-star resorts or many boutique hotels. That being said there are a few very high-end golf resorts and castle/estate hotels that can deliver a luxurious holiday.

Where to stay on the North Coast 500

Edinburgh is a bit of anomaly when it comes to prices as the demand in the city remains high, especially in the summer months. The most demanding time is during the month of August when the city plays host to The Fringe Festival. The city is more or less guaranteed to be sold out during this time and prices will be through the roof.

Old Town Chambers
Our Hotel in Edinburgh

Lastly, if you have plans to stay on the Isle of Skye, be prepared to book well in advance due to the limited options and crazy demand. In summer months, it’s even common for police to set up a roadblock ensuring visitors have a reservation for the night.

If you’re on a budget and want to explore the highlands, it’s legal to wild camp in Scotland. So you could spend several nights exploring the natural wonders of Scotland and not spend any money other than camp food. We’ll assume this not what most people expect out of a trip to Scotland

A guesthouse we stayed at in the highlands

One of our favorite things in Scotland is to book with Airbnb. The platform hosts some really unique accommodation options if you do some searching. You can book things like windmills, crafter cottages, lighthouses, treehouses, converted wagons, or barns. Due to the extensive range prices vary greatly from £30 – £200 a night. For the most part, you can find a decent value.

Hotel Averages
StyleAvg. Price
Hostel£20 – £30
Budget Hotel£50 – £80
Airbnb£30 – £150
Mid Range £80 – £150
Guesthouse£50 – £100
Luxury£200 – £1,000+

Food Cost in Scotland


Fish and Chips Trip To Scotland Cost

We love eating in Scotland, it’s certainly not a foodie scene like France or Italy. Scotland does have some great comfort food and beautiful local products like farm-fresh vegetables, salmon, cheese, whiskey, seafood, and pasture-raised meat.

Since most of the dining comes from low key restaurants and pubs expect to pay anywhere from £8 – £25 for a meal. When you add a tasty pint of beer for £4 dining in Scotland is pretty affordable.

Trout & Scallop at 21212

Scottish food is similar to English food has a bit of a bad rap, but the foodie scene is alive and well. There are a number of Michelin star restaurants and fine dining establishments that uplift Scottish ingredients to a tremendous degree. We got to eat at two Michelin star restaurants in Scotland. For fine dining in Scotland expect to pay £60 – £125 a person.

If you’re backpacking, on a budget, or a family don’t fret too much if you have access to a kitchen as you’ll be able to cook affordable meals. We’ve spent a week relaxing along the coast in a cottage and spent less than £100 for a week of food and two people. A real budget saver when determining what a trip to Scotland costs.


Milk Bar Edinburgh

The great part about many guesthouses, hotels, and B&Bs in Scotland is they include breakfast for free. The standard Irish breakfast includes things like eggs, salmon, toast, mushrooms, sausage, tomato, and beans. If your lodging doesn’t include breakfast expect to pay around £5-10 for breakfast.


Coffee time on the NC500

This varies a lot because a simple sandwich from the local grocery store or a packed lunch can be had for a couple of euros. However, if you’re having a meal out the pricing is about the same as dinner so expect to pay £10 to £20.

Daily Food Costs
Price PointCost
Budget£10 – £20
Average£30 – £50
High End£80 – £125

Cost of Activities in Scotland

hiking in scotland

Activities in Scotland, for the most part, are reasonably priced. However, it all depends on when and where. One of the best things to do in Scotland is to simply explore. Free activities can mean hiking in Scotland, exploring forgotten Scottish castles, walking through a quaint town, picnicking by a gorgeous loch or relaxing on a craggy beach.

In Scotland, you have the “right to roam,” which provides all the freedom to access nature and not be considered trespassers. This is because so much of the land in Scotland is privately owned by very few individuals.

The only request is to mind the sheep and close the gates after yourself. However, it’s common for Scots to cross private property on long walks or to access hikes in the highlands. This is our favorite thing to do in Scotland as it’s totally free and an important aspect of their culture.

Scottish Highlands - Getting Active and Healthy

Scotland has been catering to visitors for years now and there are lots of great tours and activities to enjoy in Scotland. Things like bike tours, kayak tours, star gazing, cultural experiences, and distillery tours. Generally, prices range from about £10 up to £100.


Whisky distillery tours are obviously very popular, and if you’re of legal drinking age, we’d recommend trying at least once. However, do keep in mind Scotland has a zero-tolerance law for drinking and driving. A typical tour costs £5 – £10, including a few drams of whisky to sample. Many also include the option to sample finer whiskys that will obviously impact the price.

Of course, activities are really broad, and prices vary greatly! For example, if you’re coming to Scotland to golf, obviously, you’ll have to pay several green fees. The most famous courses cost around £200 to tee off, but there are many public courses for around £20-30 around Scotland. Golf has historically been a people’s game in Scotland, and many historic public golf links are affordable. Scotland also has some amazing diving, but expect high costs on specialty activities like diving again.

Popular Activities/Tours in ScotlandPrice
Highlands Tour From Edinburgh£47
Edinburgh Castle Tour£34
Orkney Islands Tour From Inverness£78
Lochness Cruise£35
St. Andrews Green Fees£195
Kinghorn Green Fees£12

Miscellaneous Expenses in Scotland

Flight to Scotland

Like with most travel, your flight to Scotland will be your number one expense. It’s best to book in advance if you know your travel dates. If you have flexibility with your schedule, you stand a greater chance of scoring a deal. We like to use Google Flights and Skyscanner’s open search feature to find good deals in Scotland. This can drastically determine what a trip to Scotland costs.

Luggage for Scotland

You’ll need to decide if you want a backpack or suitcase for your Scotland trip. I personally like to travel with a hard shell suitcase for my clothes and use a carry-on backpack for my important electronics.

See a few of our posts here for recommendations:

Our Recommendation For Travel Insurance

Things to do in Nara

We don’t travel without travel insurance, and neither should you. You never know what can happen in a foreign country, and it’s best to be prepared. HeyMondo offers excellent short and long-term travel insurance policies.

How Much Does a Trip to Scotland Cost?

So how much spending money per day should you have in Scotland? Asides from the pre-trip expenses like airfare, luggage, and any Scotland packing list items you’ll want to buy I believe you can get by in Scotland for around £50 a day if you try hard.

That’s if you’re staying in cheap accommodation, not drinking much alcohol, cooking your meals and eating paninis, and not partaking in costly activities. If you want to travel on a more modest and comfortable budget, I will plan on spending £100 per day per person.

I should also add these costs are based on double occupancy for hotel rooms (except hostels), a solo traveler will have a higher per-person cost than a couple or close friends. Outside of the high season will get you the best rates, expect rates to be high in the summer.

Total Two-Week Trip to Scotland Cost per person
Backpacker£600 – £800
Basic£800 – £1,500
Mid Range£1,500 – £2,500
High End£3,000 – £6,000

Money-Saving Tips For Scotland

Cook Your Own Food

If your accommodation has a kitchen, it’s best to use it. We save money this way when traveling around Scotland. Grocery stores in Scotland are amazing and well-stocked, and one can easily cook an amazing meal with delicious wine for cheap.

Drink Tap Water

The tap water in Scotland is perfectly fine to drink, so best not to waste money or plastic on one-time-use water bottles. Get yourself a travel water bottle and keep refilling it!

Travel During the Offseason

I think traveling in Scotland, particularly shrines, in the offseason. I don’t like crowds or high prices, so I love traveling between September and May. We highlight the best time to visit Scotland in this post.

Plan For Your Trip

Travel in Scotland

Hopefully this guide helped you determine how much a trip to Scotland will cost you. For more Scotland travel – read on!

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