What is a Riad? Here are the Six Most Beautiful Riads in Morocco

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What is a riad?

What is a Riad?

Throughout our whole six week trip in Morocco, we always stayed in a riad. What is a riad you ask? A traditional Moroccan riad is essentially a rectangle house with an interior courtyard. There are typically different rooms on each of the four sides, and most riads are at least two stories high. The middle often has a courtyard with a garden and serves as the “lounge” and eating place for guests. The courtyard in the middle is typically open from the top and is the houses only source of natural light. Often on the top of the riad is a roof for lounging outside and often have a pool.

Riads are definitely a part of traveling to Morocco, and no visit to the country is complete without staying in one. Riads can be found in virtually every city. Riads are usually found in the medinas of Morocco and for us, they offered a complete escape from the madness going on outside. Once you step into these mentioned riads you will feel like heaven.

The Best Riads in Morocco

The Best Riads in Marrakech

Riad Kniza Marrakech

From the food to the staff, to the entertainment the vibe at Riad Kniza is one that will enchant any visitor. Riad Kniza is located in the heart of the old Marrakech medina and dates all the way back to the 18th century. Rooms are spacious and built from traditional artisan materials. Marrakech is the entrance into Morocco for many people and a stay at Riad Kniza will give you a glimpse into the old beauty of the country. Staying here will definitely answer your question what is a riad. 

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Royal Mansour

To truly feel like Arabian royalty then a stay at Royal Mansour is a must. Once you walk through these doors you can forget about the loud noises, smell, and chaotic streets of Marrakech. Pure relaxing and bliss is awaiting you at this jaw-dropping riad fit for a king. The food here is consistently reported as excellent and spa services are also available. Each room here comes with a personal little garden and balcony with a roof top pool on top overlooking Marrakech.

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Best Riads in Essaouira

Riad Chbanate 

A charming and romantic riad located in the seaside city of Essaouira. Visitors will instantly be welcomed in with a warm cup of Moroccan mint tea upon arrival. Once finished all guest will be shown to their rooms which feature beautiful bathrooms with oversized showers and comfortable bed. Riad Chbanate even features its own hammam where guest can relax. If you haven’t tried a traditional hammam yet this is a must for a rejuvenating feeling body.

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Best Riads in Fes

Karawan Riad

Look no further than Karawan Riad for the crown jewel of Fes.  Each room here is tastefully decorated with gold and brown trim. The food here is an eccentric mix of Moroccan and international cuisine accompanied with great service. After a day in the Fes medina, you will want somewhere calming to lay your head and Karawan Riad is just the place to call home.

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Le Jardin Des Biehn

In the very heart of the Fes Medina is the charming Le Jardin Des Biehn. Here you’ll be able to relax among the flowers, fruits, and olive trees surrounding the riad. Here you’ll find many things to do like relax in the hammam, read a book at the Fez Cafe or learn the art of Moroccan cuisine with a cooking course.  The rooms here vary in size and design so you’ll be able to get just what you want!

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The Best Riad in Casablanca

Riad Jnane Sherazade

Not only one of the best riads in all of Casablanca but also all of Morocco. Riad Jnane Sherazade is a luxurious blend between  Moroccan and French influence. Fresh local ingredients make up the dishes at the restaurant here, and in true fashion, you’ll be able to find yourself at a hammam. There is also a smoking room and tennis courts and golf course nearby!

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