10 Amazing Africa Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Africa is a continent filled with beautiful people, breathtaking landscapes, and unique wildlife. Despite all that it has to offer, there is a lack of information about travel on the continent. Many are lead to believe that it cannot be done and that there is nothing worth traveling for in Africa and that’s where Africa travel blogs come in.

However, for some travel enthusiasts, Africa is a dream destination filled with soul, wildlife, adventure, landscapes, and charisma. These travelers all share their passion for travel through video, photographs, informative guides, and stories. It’s all in an effort to lift the veil on Africa and share the beauty that awaits fellow travelers. We realized recently that despite regularly following and using several blogs for information when we traveled around Africa, we realized there was no complete list.

Now that we’re back at home we had some time to think about what our favorites, and who the best is for travel in Africa. These African travel blogs are people who have shared their information with the world and produced some great content at the same time.

We choose to focus on impact, quality, variety, and experience when talking about the best Africa travel blogs.

All of the blogs are active and continue to push out new information about Africa and travel in general. If you have ever dreamed of going to Africa, but don’t know where to start here are 10 great Africa travel blogs to follow.

Top 10 Africa Travel Blogs

The World Pursuit – Best African Safari Travel Blog

Baobabs in Ruaha National Park

Yep, that’s us! I had to include The World Pursuit as one of the best resources for planning a safari. I don’t think there’s are any bloggers out there who have spent more time on safari than us. We have a wealth of information on our blog including guides to almost every major national park in Southern and East Africa.

We have both spent at least a year of our lives traveling all around Africa independently, with just about four of those months on safari in the bush in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Botswana. We also focused on filming much of our African adventure, so make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for a more visual sense of what Africa is all about.

Helen In Wonderlust – Best For Africa Solo Female Travel

Helen in Wonderlust

Helen’s knowledge for traveling Africa, mainly as a solo female backpacker, is extensive. We ran across her blog years before we got to Africa and I always remembered how informational so many of her posts were. She has some really great budget guides for traveling around East Africa that I would recommend to anyone wanting to do the solo travel thing. I loved her take on solo female travel in Africa. She now is running her own tours across the continent. So, if you’re not quite ready to tackle it on your own let her help you!

Safari Junkie – Best For General Backpacking

Safari Junkie

Safari Junkie is one of our favorite blogs for general travel information in places that many don’t think about. Burkina Faso, Ivory, Senegal, Gambia? Yep, Nina has you covered for all that! Over the last five years, she has traveled to some seriously hard to get to spots and lived in Tanzania while working with a safari company. She shares real life experiences and knowledge from her travels around the continent.

Maroc Mamma – Best For Morocco

Maroc Mama

When we spent six weeks traveling in Morocco I couldn’t get enough of Maroc Mama. Amanda is an American expat living with her husband and children in Marrakech. She has one of the best travel blogs on Morocco with a ton of useful information. She also runs her own Moroccan food tour company so if you’re looking for any Moroccan inspired dishes to make you can certainly find them on her website!

Johnny Africa – Best For Expats in Africa

Johnny Africa

We found Johnny’s blog when we were researching safety advice in around South Africa. Johnny Africa is an American Canadian expat that moved to South Africa to live and work in Jo-Burg. He gives excellent advice and interesting stories about his time there. Besides living and working in South Africa he has also traveled to other places around the continent including Madagascar, a country we both long to travel around!

Brendan’s Adventures – Best For West Africa

Brendans Adventures

Brendan’s Adventures is one of the best African travel blogs for information on West Africa. Brendan is a travel photographer that has traveled all across the world. Some of his earlier adventures have brought him throughout West, East, and Southern Africa. He has some fabulous info on travel in west Africa that can be very hard to find.

Wild Junket – Best for Traveling Africa on a Budget

Wild Junket

In case you haven’t heard, it’s really difficult to find up to date information on West Africa travel. However, Nellie does so effortlessly on her blog where she details her experiences in countries like Benin, Cape Verde, and Gambia. She shares real and unique travel experiences while shedding light on less visited destinations in the world!

If you’re not already, go check out and follow these amazing Africa travel blogs. I’m certain they will get you dreaming of Africa!

Want to see more of Africa? 

Any great Africa travel blogs you guys recommend I add to the list?

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