25 BEST Corfu Beaches To Relax On

Corfu is one of the Greek Islands located in the Ionian Sea, off the northwestern coast of the Greece mainland. The climate on this island is the Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot, sunny summers, meaning there are some amazing Corfu beaches to enjoy. May through September tends to make up for the busy season. Corfu is well-known for its many striking beaches; it’s a top-rated destination for tourists from all over Europe and the rest of the world. 

While Corfu may not have the same busy tourist reputation as islands like Mykonos, Santorini, or Crete, its proximity to the mainland makes it a popular choice for travelers and locals, and it has just as much charm as the busiest Greek islands.

Due to the influx of travelers, most of Corfu’s best beaches are organized with umbrellas, loungers, and tables, along with amenities like resorts, restaurants, shops, cafés, and taverns. However, plenty of small ones are away from it all too!

There are hundreds of beaches on Corfu, but we’ve narrowed it down to the best so that you’ll have all the intel when you arrive on the island for your getaway. So catch up on our Greece packing list, throw on your bathing suit and sunscreen and let’s go!

Where are the Best Beaches in Corfu?

best beaches in corfu

We spent two weeks on Corfu, and every day we were out trying to find the very best beaches that Corfu had to offer. We went to the north, south, east, and west and found the prettiest beaches in the northern part of the island.

Truly, these Corfu beaches set these beaches apart from the others we have found on the Greek islands. Our personal favorites were the ones around Paleokastritsa. So much that even when we were staying near the southern part of the island, we were driving over an hour to the north to relax on these beaches.

Best Beaches in Northwestern Corfu


best beaches in corfu
Paleokastritsa / Best Corfu Beaches

This is arguably the best beach on Corfu and one of the most well-known. Paleokastritsa is located on the western coastline of Corfu and has several beaches, namely Agios Spiridon, Spiros Beach, and Agia Triada.

The village of Paleokastritsa is extremely picturesque, almost looking like something from the Italian Riviera. Traveling here is one of the best things to do in Corfu, and you can get great photos of Corfu around here too!

The village has a large resort overlooking the main harbor from where boats take off regularly. The main beach is small but beautiful with its golden sand and clear water. It might be a small beach, but it’s got lots of taverns and bars in the area, so it tends to attract lots of visitors despite the small size of the village.

After visiting the beautiful beaches, don’t miss the nearby Monastery, It is open to visitors, and there are lots of Byzantine artifacts.

Liapades beach

best beaches in corfu
Liapades Beach  / Best Corfu Beaches
best beaches in corfu
Liapades Beach  / Best Corfu Beaches

A great beach to head to in Paleokastritsa. This small beach is about 100 meters long and mostly pebbled. There are plenty of lounge chairs to rent as well as canoes and motorboats to rent. There’s a taxi boat stand here as well to take you to the nearby beaches. You can see La Grotta from Liapades beach too!

Glyko Beach

best beaches in corfu
Glyko Beach  / Best Corfu Beaches

Glyko is a tiny and secluded beach right next to Rovinia Beach. The beach is only accessible by foot or by boat. You can also swim from Rovinia Beach if you are a strong swimmer.

To walk here is the same as Rovinia Beach, although you will take the right path down.

Limni Beach

Limni Beach  / Best Corfu Beaches

Limni Beach is a stunning and interesting beach about 2 km away from Liapades. This Corfu beach has a fascinating shape as it’s literally a strip of land in between water. So essentially, this is a “double beach” where you can access the water from two sides.

You’ll have to hike down over 300 meters to reach Limni Beach, or you can rent a boat for the day in Paleokastritsa (this is what we did) and can swim right to the beach!

Chomi Beach

best beaches in corfu
Chomi Beach from the boat / Best Corfu Beaches

Chomi Beach, also known as Paradise Beach, is a beautiful bay only accessible by boat. Chomi is known for its impressive sea cliffs and sea caves. What I love about this beach is how quiet it stays since it’s only accessible by boat.

You can rent a boat in Liapades or Paleokastritsa for the day and anchor here, or you can hire out a water taxi to take you here.

La Grotta Beach Bar

best beaches in corfu
So much fun at La Grotta / Best Corfu Beaches

While this isn’t exactly your typical beach in Corfu, it’s an awesome beach bar that everyone should visit at least once on their visit to the island. Located near Paleokastritsa, La Grotta is one of the coolest beach bars in all of Europe.

Head here for delicious drinks, cheap food, great music, a hip bar, and of course the swimming. Literally built into the side of a cliff, this beach bar has a diving board with direct access into the clue blue Mediterranean waters.

There’s a great swimming area, and when you are not in the water, the atmosphere is a fun place to hang out at. This place can get pretty lively, and there is limited seating!

Rovinia Beach

best beaches in corfu
Rovinia Beach / Best Corfu Beaches

Rovinia Beach, also near Paleokastritsa, is one of my favorite beaches in Corfu. It’s a trek down to this little bar, but it is well worth it once you are there. You can access Rovinia Beach by boat, but it’s also popular to park and walk down.

Follow the Google Maps location for Rovinia, but if you don’t have a high clearance vehicle parking higher up the path will save your Greece rental car. Trust me; the road turns to absolute crap the nearer to the beach you get. Once you cannot drive any further, follow the path towards the beach.

There’s a volleyball court here and fantastic swimming opportunities. Bring all the snacks and water you need; once on this Corfu beach, there isn’t much around, and you won’t want to make an effort to leave.

Best Beaches in Northern Corfu

Agios Georgios

Agios Georgios / Best Corfu Beaches

Near the famous Porto Timoni is this fabulous sandy beach. It’s not the most beautiful beach in Corfu by any means, but it is a long sandy beach perfect for setting-up your own lounger and swimming.

There are many tavernas and beach shops nearby, and it’s an awesome Corfu beach to take the whole family given its easy access and amenities.

Loggas Beach

Loggas Beach / Best Beaches in Corfu

On the island’s northwestern tip is a hidden treasure – Loggas Beach. Although it’s not a strenuous hike to get there, it’s only accessible via a series of stone steps carved into the rock face before you can access the beach. The stairs are at the top of the car park above. White and soft, the sand is backed by these beautiful reddish-white cliffs and fringed by beautiful clear warm water.

While this beach is scenic, the available sand area is quite narrow between the waterline and the cliffs, and because of changing tides, you may not have more than a few hours to spend here. However, if you can time it right, this is a fantastic spot to watch the sunset. The views from the top are just as beautiful, and if you have time to spare, there are bars and restaurants along the upper cliff, one even has a glass-bottom walkway that juts out over the water.

Kanali Tou Erota

Cliff Jumping at Kanali Tou Erota  / Best Beaches in Corfu

Not exactly a Corfu beach, but a popular cliff-jumping spot in Corfu. Head here for some epic time in the sun jumping from high above into the water. The jump is about 5 meters, but it can get higher the more daredevil you get into you.

While the cliff jumping was super fun, I found the climb out a little difficult, especially for short people, as it requires a series of handholds on wet rock. To avoid the climb out, strong swimmers can swim around the cliffs to the left and swim through a sea cave to access the beach and get out of the water that way. Don’t forget to have lunch at D’ Amour Beach when you’re done!

Cape Drastis

Cape Drastis Lookout

Cape Drastis is perhaps the wildest place in Corfu. At the northernmost point is this beautiful sight, shaped by cliffs and tiny sea caves with a few sandy strips between them.

The best way to visit Cape Drastis is by car, and to walk and see it from above, you’ll have to hike a short distance to the main viewpoint over the cliffs. This gives you amazing views from up above, but you won’t really reach the beach from above as the cliffs are straight drop off down to the sea. To reach the sandy beaches, it’s best to visit by boat (on a calm day).

Almyros Beach

Almyros Beach

If ever there was a beach that went on seemingly forever, it would probably be Almyros Beach. This jewel of a beach lines Corfu’s northern coastline, and it stretches for over seven kilometers.

This is a fantastic beach for families, especially since the sand is extremely soft and the waters remain shallow for a long distance before any dropoff. They are perfect for swimming at any age.

The beach is a quieter option from the nearby Arachavi Beach, which is a resort hotspot but not lacking any of the necessary amenities like loungers and umbrella rentals. This is also a clothing-optional beach so that you may come across nudists! 

Bataria Beach

Bataria Beach / Best Corfu Beaches

Located less than 40 kilometers south of Corfu town, Bataria Beach is a beautiful gem just begging to be explored. Near the port of Kassiopi sits this quiet little cove, with pebbly rocky sand and some of the clearest water of any of the beaches on Corfu.

The water gets deep quickly but is sheltered from wind and undercurrents, and it’s a great spot for snorkeling and swimming.

Although it is close to the village, it isn’t overrun with visitors and retains its quietness, making it a good option if you want a relaxing beach day. There are still facilities and rentals nearby, so you’ll have what you need to enjoy your day. In addition, Kassiopi’s main street, just a short walk away, has many taverns and bars when dinner time rolls around.

Agios Stefanos Beach

Agios Stefanos Beach

Agios Stefanos is a fishing port where many boats are moored, but it’s also home to a lovely and inviting beach frequented by many locals and travelers alike. The surrounding cliffs and hillsides are verdant and bursting with greenery, which, paired with the turquoise waters and white gold sand, makes for a very inviting picture.

There are well-trafficked diving spots nearby, and the small pebbly beach is great for swimming. There are also many traditional Greek taverns, bars, restaurants, and shops nearby. While this is a great spot to visit, the town runs primarily on fishing exports and remains a tranquil area. It’s accessible via roadway, and it’s located 35 kilometers from Corfu town.

Apotripiti Beach

Apotripiti Beach

Apotripiti beach is located along Corfu’s northern coastline to the west. The beach is located in Sidari, a small community with a few other beaches (Kana tou Erota and Paralia Sidari, to name two of the more popular ones). Apotripiti Beach is west of both these beaches, sheltered from the rest of the coastline by massive cliffs that help keep the water calm. It’s a small beach, and space is limited, so best to arrive early to secure a spot for the day.

The beach isn’t organized, but umbrella rentals are close by. There’s also no bar or café, but the main road is just a few minutes away, which has tons of options for food and drink. It’s quite enclosed, but there is a bit of a view out to sea where you can see a freestanding cliff topped with trees and greenery.

Porto Timoni

Porto Timoni / The Most Famous Corfu Beach

I’m ending this list of best beaches in northern Corfu with probably the most famous on the island. Porto Timoni is another double beach that is the most beautiful in Corfu. It’s nеаr Afiοnаs villаgе, and you’ll have to hike down to reach the beach, but it’s well worth it!

The hike down is steep, and it’s recommended to wear trainers instead of flip-flops for the trek. Expect the walk to take you about 30-35 minutes one way, which is best to start from the town of Afionas. If you don’t want to walk, you can hire a boat from one of the nearby resorts.

This beach is wonderful, and there’s a viewpoint on the hike down for photos. Keep in mind there are no facilities at Porto Timoni, so you’ll want to bring everything you need with you.

Best Beaches Near Corfu Town

Dassia Beach

Dassia Beach

Dassia Beach is located on Corfu’s northeastern coastline. It is so far north that it offers beautiful views of both the Greek mainland and the Albanian coast.

This beach is somewhat in two parts – one half is smooth and sandy while the other end is more on the pebbly side. Despite this, it boasts incredibly clear water and a stunning, unobstructed panoramic view thanks to flat terrain with no dunes.

The sand is lined with bars and tavern shacks, so you can sip your cocktail as the sun sets, all without ever leaving the sand. There are also parasols or loungers available to rent for only €5, and there are equipment rentals nearby for all manner of watersports. You can rent boats to travel to other beaches or walk further down the shoreline to find smaller bays for more privacy.

Mirtiotissa Beach

Mirtiotissa Beach / Best Corfu Beaches

Mirtiotissa Beach is found on Corfu’s western coastline. It’s a small, lesser-known beach, so it doesn’t get as busy, and this has maintained its laid-back vibes over the years. It has become a designated nudist beach over the years in that it is clothing optional, but many still opt to leave their swimwear on.

There are usually locals renting parasols for cheap and also selling ice-cold soft drinks, water, beer, and wine. It’s renowned for the soft sand and crystalline waters which also make it a good swimming spot. It’s a bit tricky to reach and there’s not much by way of parking in the immediate area, so a bit of a trek is required before you reach the sand. 

Agios Gordios

This beach is one of the most popular and most-visited beaches on Corfu. It’s not hard to see why – the surrounding town is lush and green with red and yellow buildings dotting the coastline.

To reach the beach, visitors pass through olive groves and vineyards until the turquoise sea comes into view. The beach is nestled within a cove formed by massive tree-topped cliffs, and in the distance sits a huge rock formation in the sea, Ortholithi. 

The Corfu beach is well-attended and organized, and because of its close proximity to bars, taverns, cafés, and shops, this is a very popular place all day long, with lots of families and small children taking up residence on the sandy banks. If you don’t mind a little background noise, this beach is absolutely worth a day trip for its stunning location and beautiful scenery.

Ipsos Beach

Ipsos Beach

Just 15 kilometers from Corfu town, Ipsos is a rapidly developing resort town quickly becoming one of the more popular places to stay on Corfu. The surrounding area is very lush and green, and the long beach stretches on for over a kilometer inside a bay.

The water here is very calm and warm, making perfect swimming conditions. Watersports are also popular here and there are rental facilities for both sporting equipment and the usual umbrella and lounge chairs. The beach offers perfect views of Mount Pantokrator, the highest mountain on the island. 

This beach isn’t the epitome of peace and quiet thanks to the bustling main road behind the beach. It’s full of taverns, restaurants, markets, and gift shops, so even though this area isn’t a quiet getaway, there’s lots to do which can make for a fun day, especially with the family.

Glyfada Beach

Glyfada Beach / Best Corfu Beaches

This is one of the best beaches on Corfu and easily one of the most popular. For good reason, too – its waters are so clear they’ve won awards, and the beautiful soft sand (pebbly in some areas) is backdropped by tree-covered cliffs and massive rock formations. 

While this isn’t a party beach, it definitely caters to a younger crowd and tends to stay busy well into the evening. Due to this, it’s noisy and not suited to those looking for a peaceful beach day. Umbrellas, beach loungers, and watersport equipment are available nearby, along with tons of shops and taverns serving fresh seafood. Glyfada beach is also only 30 minutes from the island’s airport, so it can be the first stop when you arrive on Corfu.

Best Beaches in East Corfu

Agni Beach

Agni Beach in East Corfu

We searched for a quiet and quaint beach that felt more like “Greece” than many other popular Corfu beaches and landed on Agni Beach. It’s a bit of a mission to get here, but it’s well worth it for the seclusion in a quiet bay on the east side of the island.

Agni Beach is super quiet in comparison to other beaches in Corfu. There isn’t much for lounging besides at the few tavernas that set up free sunbeds for their customers. So I would recommend coming here for lunch at one of the few tavernas (Toula’s is the most famous), and afterward hang out on their sunbeds.

Swimming here is peaceful and calm. It’s also a popular spot to rent a small boat in Corfu and drive to the other small bays in the area (like Paralia Kalami nearby).

Best Beaches in Southern Corfu

Arkoudilas Beach

Arkoudilas Beach

Arkoudilas Beach is located on the far south of Corfu, right at its tip. It’s somewhat remote, accessible by car down a rugged dirt road. There isn’t much in terms of facilities nearby, as the closest town, Kavos is three kilometers away.

However, this only adds to the peaceful feeling, and it tends to stay quieter than other beaches on the island. In the summer months, there are small beach huts renting out parasols and loungers and selling drinks. 

The sand stretches for over a kilometer, and it is backed by large cliff faces. The water is warm and clear, but the ground drops off quickly, and there is a strong undercurrent, so if you do swim, do so with caution. Above the nearby Cape Asprokavos, you can visit the clifftop ruins of an ancient monastery which also give amazing views over the sea and Paxos island across the water.

Issos Beach

Issos Beach

Issos Beach is in an idyllic area and makes it one of the best beaches on Corfu. It’s located on the island’s southwestern coastline and has the most beautiful deep golden sand and a strong wind current that makes it a great spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Due to the strong winds and sometimes choppy water conditions, there is a lifeguard on duty here, which is always a reassuring thing when you have children with you.

The beach has the usual umbrella and lounger rentals and a watersports center for rentals. The beach is also backed by a huge lake, Korission Lake, and an ecologically important forested wetland area that offers great hiking, which is a good way to start your day before finishing up at the beach.

Other notable Corfu beaches

  • Myrtiotissa Beach (nudist-friendly)
  • Kavos Beach
  • Arillas Beach
  • Konto Gialos Beach

Best Corfu Beaches Map

What is the Best Way to Get Around to These Corfu Beaches?

Enjoying the water and amazing Corfu beaches!

One of my top Greece travel tips is to rent a car to get around the islands. Corfu is one of the largest islands in Greece and getting around the island takes serious time. The best way to get to all these beautiful beaches in Corfu is with a rental car.

We rented our car with Alamo and picked it right up at the Corfu airport for a few weeks. We paid €30 per day in the summertime, but rates may go up or down depending on when you are visiting Corfu.

Search and Compare Prices for Rental Cars

Renting a Boat on Corfu

One of the best ways to get to some of these Corfu beaches mentioned is with a boat. We rented a boat for one day in Paleokastritsa to get to some of the northeastern beaches mentioned and it was such a fun day out. We rented our boat with Triton Marine Tours, a family run business for about €100 for the full day plus €20 for fuel.

You can also rent boats in Liapades and at Agni Beach. Pay attention to reviews for companies. There are literally a hundred boat rental companies, but some of them run very shady business practices.

We aimed to go with a company with near-perfect reviews and were extremely happy with the Triton Marine Tours team. They even came and saved us when our anchor got stuck!

I only have a few days – which of these Corfu Beaches are the Best?

Strolling around Corfu after the beach

Well the BEST beach on Corfu is subjective, but if you are looking for the most beautiful to visit because you only have a few days, I can give you two words of advice – head north.

The northern part of Corfu easily has the most beautiful beaches, particularly around Paleokastritsa. I particularly loved Rovinia Beach the most and found that Kanali Tou Erota had the most fun cliff diving spot.

What to Pack for the Best Beaches in Corfu

Renting a boat on Corfu is one of the best things to do!

Many of the Corfu beaches I mentioned have no facilities around. This is especially true for some of the northern beaches where are you enjoying a small cove. This means it’s important to pack all your beach essentials with you.

Included sunblock, a sunhat, sunglasses, and lots of water. We traveled around with our Stanley Quencer Tumbler as it kept our drinks extra cool. It gets hot in Corfu and if there’s one thing I loved having it was an insulated water bottle so our drinks stayed cool rather than baking in a hot plastic bottle.


I hope you enjoyed this guide on the best beaches in Corfu! Hopefully you found it useful. Here are a few relevant articles for more travel around Greece!

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  • Weather: The weather in Greece is a Mediterranean climate. This means winters are mild and rainy, while summers are warm and dry with plenty of sunshine throughout the year.
  • What to Pack: Warm weather clothes and a swimsuit, don’t forget a good pair of clothes to go and a jacket for cool nights. Read about what to wear in Greece.
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